June Beauty Box 5 Review

Happy first day of summer! The June Beauty Box 5 is aptly themed "Made in the Shade" and features products perfect for warmer weather.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

Beauty Box 5 is a beauty subscription that sends everything from color cosmetics, to hair care, to skin care, and more! They always have a great variety of samples and the box only costs $12 per month. Shipping is free to the U.S. and $3 to Canada.

This month's box had four full-sized items in it! I've found that Beauty Box 5 usually sends a decent amount of full-sized products.
  • Pur-Lisse Blue Lotus Treatment Sheet Mask ($8, full-sized) - I know sheet masks are all the rage but I just don't use them. I can't sit still for 20 minutes with it on my face, so I usually end up swapping these. This one improves skin texture, delivers antioxidants, and leaves you with a healthier complexion.
  • Versaspa Gradual Tanning Face Moisturizer ($4.38 for .25 oz) - This daily moisturizer blurs fine lines and gradually creates a beautiful tan. I don't use self-tanning products because I tan pretty well by just going outside (with SPF, of course), plus I'm always afraid things like this will give me uneven color.
  • Prestige Brow and Lash Brush ($3.25, full-sized) - This brush has bristles to tame unruly brows and a sturdier side for evening out eyelashes.
  • Manna Kadar Radiance Bronzer and Highlighter ($24, full-sized) - I like the convenience of this; usually I have to take my big bronzer and highlighter compacts separately but this makes it much easier. I like both shades and will be putting this to good use.
  • Sweep Oval Contour and Highlighting Brush ($15, full-sized) - This is a really interesting looking brush. It's supposed to make blending and shading really easy, but I'll have to play around with it because I'm not used to the shape.
Bottom Line: The total approximate retail value of this month's Beauty Box 5 is $54.63! Even though all of the items weren't a hit for me, I still think this is a good mix of summer products.

June Play! by Sephora Review

June marks my second month of being a Play! by Sephora subscriber and I'm still crazy excited about this box! This may be my new favorite subscription overall...

*Disclaimer: This box was purchased by See, Shop, Love!

Play! by Sephora is a new-ish beauty box that costs $10 a month with free shipping. Tax is $.80 more if you live in New York state like me, and probably for California, too.

If you're familiar with the subscription box world then I'm sure you already know this, but for those who don't, this box has a wait list. Enter your email here and keep your fingers crossed that you'll get an email saying a slot has opened up for you. I was on the wait list for months before I got that email. You can also check back from time to time and just enter your email to see if an opening has been created.

As you can probably guess, all of the products are beauty samples of items you can purchase full-sized versions of at Sephora. I'm a VIB and am always looking to spend too much money in that store, so this box is a win-win for both me and Sephora (probably more for Sephora). Like I said, this is only my second box, but so far I've been very impressed by the quality of items they send out. If you're more into high end brands, then you really can't beat this box at only $10.

This month's theme was The Minimalists, and all of the products were tailored around a low-maintenance look for summer.
  • Tocca Florence - I like Tocca's perfumes as a whole, but this scent isn't for me. It has notes of bergamot, violet petals, and blonde wood. It's too floral for me but is perfect for summer and someone who likes florals.
  • benefit They're Real! Mascara - I love this mascara! It actually works really well for me and I like the shape of the brush (it has a sphere at the end to help you reach all of your lashes). I already have a full-sized tube, though, so I posted this for swap.
  • Bumble & Bumble Don't Blow It - I'm obsessed with B&B products and this one is new to me. It's a creme that's meant to be added to fine or medium hair when air drying. Now I know why I haven't ever heard of this before--I have thick AF hair and never air dry it. I'm still willing to give this a try, though.
  • Bare Minerals bareSkin Bronzer - This is a liquid bronzer that can be worn alone or over foundation. I've never used a liquid bronzer before so I'm curious to try this out. I don't have the special brush that Bare Minerals makes for their liquid products but I'll just use my fingers and my mini beautyblender instead.
  • Tarte TarteGuard 30 Broad Spectrum SPF 30 - I didn't know Tarte made sunscreens so I'm so glad this was in the box! I've been looking for a lightweight SPF to use on my face and I think this will be perfect.
  • Becca Backlight Priming Filter - Ooh, I love this! I don't own any Becca products but I've been hearing a lot of buzz about them recently. I used this last night and it made my skin look so luminous and wonderful. It's a primer, but it's special in that it helps blur imperfections and give your skin a soft-focus look.
This month's box was really good! Even though the perfume wasn't my style, I still liked everything and found some new products to try and fall in love with and burn more money on! I didn't use my Play! pass last month but I think I will this month because I have to restock on some things (you get 50 extra Beauty Insider points with any purchase when you use it) and I'd like to get a tutorial on how to use the Bare Minerals and Becca products. I think I'm using them fine, but any helpful hints can't hurt!

Bottom Line: My second Play! by Sephora box was wonderful and I can't wait to see what's in store for next month!

HASK Kalahari Melon Oil Color Protection Hair Care Collection Review

I am big fan of HASK's hair products. I've never tried a line from them that I haven't enjoyed, and when I found out about the HASK Kalahari Melon Oil Color Protection set I had to try it!

*Disclaimer: These products were sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

I have highlighted hair and I want to protect and keep the color for as long as I can, since good highlights are quite an investment! HASK uses kalahari melon oil to protect color-treated hair from damage and fading caused by washing and heat styling (both of which I do daily).

I received a set with the Kalahari Melon Oil Color Protection Shampoo, Conditioner, Deep Conditioner, and Shine Treatment. All of the products are free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, alcohol, and artificial colors. They also smell divine!

Kalahari melon oil counteracts dryout and fading in colored hair. The shampoo contains a Color Shield Complex made up of cranberry and sunflower oils to delicately cleanse and maintain long-lasting, vibrant color. The conditioner does this and also detangles. The Deep Conditioner (which I ripped when I opened the box with a box cutter, hence the tape in the photo above) is an ultra-restorative treatment mask. The Shine Treatment oil can be used on wet or dry hair to provide a radiant glow without greasy residue.

I absolutely love the HASK Kalahari Melon Oil line and I'm so glad I found it! My favorite thing about the shampoo is that it actually lathers really well. Usually sulfate-free shampoos don't lather well, and while lather isn't indicative of a better clean, I just prefer it because I find it easier to spread the product throughout my scalp. After using all four products my hair is so, so soft and smooth and smells amazing. I also like that all of the products are really affordable.
Bottom Line: If you're looking for a high-quality, affordable color care set I highly recommend the HASK Kalahari Melon Oil line! I will definitely be purchasing more of all of these products once I run out!

May Unbound Delta Box Review

The Unbound Box is a fabulous subscription that discreetly sends high-end adult products right to your door. I received their May Delta box to review.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review. Post contains affiliate links.

Since this review is for adult products, I'm going to place the rest of the post underneath the cut (the packaging of one of the items contains slightly-NSFW images).

May Coco and Peri Review and Coupon!

If you love jewelry then you must check out Coco and Peri! They're a jewelry subscription that sends pieces that are just absolutely gorgeous and handpicked to match your style!

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

Coco and Peri sends three pieces of jewelry for a flat rate of $34 per month. Each piece is curated and from an independent designer. Shipping is free, but currently they only ship to U.S. addresses and AFO and FPO addresses.

When you sign up for Coco and Peri you'll fill out a short style survey that will help them match pieces to your preferences. I went through the entire sign up process so that I could give you a totally honest report on what I thought of the service. I always like filling out surveys because I prefer boxes that actually take the time to learn my style. The survey asks things like if your ears are pierced, what your ring size is, and what types of jewelry you prefer. You can change your answers at any time.

The box itself is small and not very tall, but it doesn't need to be very large considering that the contents are pieces of jewelry. The packaging was really pretty and I loved the polka dots!

I received a necklace, a ring, and a pair of earrings and I absolutely love all of them! The only type I said I didn't like on the survey was bracelets, and I was hoping I'd get a necklace, ring, and earrings.

The card that comes in the box doesn't have any information about the pieces themselves, so I'm not sure who the artist/brand is that made these or their retail values, but it didn't really bother me. If that's something you prefer to know, though, it's worth noting.

The necklace is perfect for me. I love gold and also dainty necklaces, so they hit the nail on the head with this one! I love the V charm. I can wear this to work or out and about, and it's just enough to spice up any outfit. The earrings are crystal studs and I like them because they're a little larger than what I normally wear. I don't have a pair like these, and I think I'll wear them to my brother's wedding in a few weeks. My favorite piece is the beautiful rose gold ring! It's such an interesting design and unlike anything I've ever had before.

I also added a credit card to my account when I signed up so that I could experience what the cancellation process is like. It's super simple: you just have to go to your account page and click on a link that says "cancel." You can then reactivate your account at any time.
  • Visit Coco and Peri to subscribe!
    • Use coupon code SSSJUN16 to get an extra piece in your first box! The code is good until June 30, 2016.
  • Connect with them on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest
Bottom Line: Coco and Peri sent me some absolutely beautiful pieces and, based on their style gallery on their website, they have a lot more that perfectly fit my style! I think this is a great box and I highly recommend it to any jewelry lover!

New Jewelry Subscription: Jewelreveal with Giveaway!

Jewelreveal is a brand new subscription that's launching tomorrow, June 1st! They sent me a box to review and I am so impressed. This box is looking to be a really good one; keep reading to find out what it's all about!

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

Jewelreveal sends premium jewelry that fits your style, and every subscriber has the chance to win a surprise piece worth up to $5,000! When you sign up you'll fill out a quick survey about your preferences, and you'll receive a box with 2-3 beautiful pieces and a reveal code. The reveal code can then be entered on the Jewelreveal website to see if you've won another piece of jewelry!

They have four subscription options and ship to U.S. and Canadian addresses. Shipping is free to the U.S. and $7 to Canada. Here are the price points:
  • One Month: $39.95/month
  • Three Months: $33.95/month
  • Six Months: $29.95/month
  • 12 Months: $24.95/month

The box arrived bubble wrapped inside of another box. At first I didn't realize what it was because the outer box was just a plain white standard box, but I loved the packaging once I removed the bubble wrap. I'm glad that they bubble wrap them, though, because it adds extra security and padding for the jewelry.

I received three pieces, each inside of a little bag, along with an informational card describing each item. I didn't win an extra piece of jewelry, but the retail value of my items was $128, as listed on the info card.

At first I thought I received four separate pieces, but the two necklaces are actually one layered necklace that clips together.

The first thing I noticed was that both necklaces were very tangled, as you can see in the photo above. I wanted to be sure to take a picture of them as they arrived so you could see what I meant. It took a while to untangle both of them and I had to use a safety pin to get them entirely untangled. I would have preferred if they were secured to and/or wrapped around some kind of backing to avoid them getting tangled.

Here's an overview of what I got:
  • Gold Tone Necklace ($60) - This is a cute and delicate little necklace and it's perfect for me.  There are actually two strands that clip together for a layered look. I love layered necklaces so these are a home run for me!
  • Gold Tone Bangle ($48) - I'm not really a bracelet wearer but I still really like this because it's simple and pretty. It has a matte-like finish and is nice and lightweight.
  • Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings ($20) - I actually needed new studs for my brother's wedding in three weeks, so these came at the perfect time! This is my favorite type of earring to wear.
As you can see, I received all gold pieces. But that's a good thing! I will wear silver jewelry but gold is definitely my preference, which I noted when I filled out the survey before receiving a box.
Bottom Line: I am really impressed with Jewelreveal! I think it's a good value at $39.95 per month and the quality of the jewelry they sent is excellent. Every piece is one I would absolutely wear, so they matched up pieces to my preferences very well. My only minor complaint was that the necklaces were tangled, but aside from that everything in this box was lovely!

Jewelreveal has offered one box for one of my readers to win! Enter using the giveaway widget below.

See, Shop, Love! giveaway

April Freedom Japanese Market Review

If you love Japanese snacks then you have to try Freedom Japanese Market! They send snacks straight from Japan to your door every month. Not Japanese snacks sourced from Japan and shipped from an address in the U.S., these are curated and sent to you from Japan.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

Freedom Japanese Market was founded by the husband and wife team of Ken and Sanae, and their kids Juliet and Kevin work as their official taste testers! The boxes are always packed with Japanese snacks as well as an Origami of the Month! This one is so cute--it's a daruma doll, which is a round, traditional Japanese toy that is often seen as a good luck talisman.

They have three pricing options:
  • Puchi Pack ($12.99/month) - This is a mini version of the original subscription box that contains five to eight snacks.
  • Original Subscription Pack ($24.99/month) - Each box contains 12 to 16 full-sized and sample snacks.
  • Family Pack ($45.99/month) - This has double the snacks of the original subscription.
Each subscription option has free worldwide shipping! You can also purchase one-time sample packs for $15, $27, and $50, respectively if you don't want to commit to a renewing subscription.

This is a review of the Original Subscription Pack box.
  • Ramen Baba - This is an instant ramen that you can eat right out of the package, no water required. I've never seen this before; all the ramen I've had prior was dry and needed to be boiled.
  • Karappa - These are curry flavored corn puff snacks. The packaging is adorable!
  • Cheese Bit - I think I'm most excited to try these. They're crispy cheddar cheese flavored crackers.
  • Umaibo Premium - The informational print out says that this is a "delightful combination of mozzerella and camembert" cheeses, but I'm not sure if that means it's like a string cheese or something else with those flavors.
  • Train Chocolate (bonus item) - This is a cute little train-shaped box with chocolates inside.
  • Frog Egg - This isn't a real egg, but a little gummy candy.
  • Chocolate Coin - This one is pretty self-explanatory; it's a chocolate shaped like a 10 yen coin.
  • Lemon Cheesecake Pocky - Pocky is so good and I've never had this flavor before. If you've never had Pocky, they're these wafer sticks dipped in flavored cream.
  • Chocolate Pie - This has a crispy pie crust and sweet chocolate filling.
  • DIY Dodotto TsubuPyon - I always see DIY candy kits in boxes like these and I think they're so fun. This has flavored powders that you mix with water to create sweet and sour jellies.
  • Pachi-Pachi Panic! - These are similar to Pop Rocks and are a mix of sweet milk ramune and sour strawberry flavors.
  • Dracula Gum - I could see this being really popular with kids, especially around Halloween. It's a cola flavored gum that turns your mouth red, so definitely not for everyday chewing (unless you're okay with having a red mouth throughout your day, ha!).
  • Kit-Kat - Japan has tons of unique flavored Kit-Kats, and this one is green tea flavored. I've had these before and they're delicious.
  • Ume Mints - These are sour plum flavored mints, which I think is interesting. I guess they're basically like flavored Tic Tacs.
The April Freedom Japanese Market box was full of great snacks! I love that they send things that aren't readily available in the U.S. Although some of these snacks may seem familiar (especially Pocky), there are often foreign-made versions for sale in the States that are different than the kinds available directly in Japan.
Bottom Line: I think Freedom Japanese Market is a fun and affordable way to treat yourself to authentic Japanese snacks! They always have a great variety of things to try.

May The Bride Box Review

The Bride Box is a subscription that delivers exactly what you think it does: beautiful products for brides! It's definitely tailored towards a specific audience, but I still think that their box is a lot of fun.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

The Bride Box sends bridal gifts and goodies every month and has three payment options, with free shipping to the U.S.:

  • Monthly: $35 per month
  • Six months: $195 every six months (saves $15)
  • 12 months: $375 every 12 months (saves $45)
The Bride Box works closely with brands, artists, and designers who create various gifts curated just for the box!

The box is beautifully packaged and I love the blue color. My brother is getting married in three weeks and I'm in the wedding party and their colors are blue and white, too! Also, I thought the "You're Engaged!" writing on the top of the box was a cute detail.

My first impression of the items inside is that they are definitely crafty and I instantly thought of Etsy because of the handmade feel of everything. I also immediately thought that everything was super cute!

  • Bachette I Said Yes Tank - I love the glitter writing on this! I am not engaged, not even in a relationship, but some day if I ever am engaged I will definitely wear this around! It's adorable. It's a size large, but it's a smaller large and it fit me pretty well.
  • Moko & Company Cheers Tote - This tote fits a standard-sized wine bottle and the information card recommends using it to gift a bottle to your bridal party. I will definitely use this to gift wine to someone in the future.
  • Sizzle Cone Designs Wedding Vow-Libs - This is such a cute idea! One side has prompts for you to fill in (adjective, body part, etc), and then after you pick your random words the other side has the story to fill them in to.
  • Painted Confetti Love Never Fails Sign - This is my favorite item in the box. It could be placed out during the reception as a decoration and then hung up in your home. I currently have it on the little table I have in my entrance way (see photo below).
  • Thank You Card - This isn't listed on the informational card, but it's a pretty card that says "Thank you from the bride and groom" on the inside. 
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Bottom Line: I think The Bride Box would be a great gift for any bride or newly engaged woman! The items in May's box were a lot of fun and I think any bride would be excited to wear them around and use them.
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