February Handmade Happy Mail Review and Giveaway

I love getting things in the mail which is part of what makes being a box blogger so fun. But even better than a package is a handwritten card from a friend. Handmade Happy Mail is a subscription that sends gorgeous cards for all occasions, making it easy to show someone you care!

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

Handmade Happy Mail believes that the secret to making memories is by celebrating them now with handmade cards. They want their subscribers to have the perfect greeting card at hand for any occasion so they send five exquisitely designed cards to your door, including one holiday card, two general sentiment cards (thank you, etc.), and two birthday cards. They also include five first-class stamps so you can mail your cards right away!

The box costs only $24.99 per month or a three-month pre-pay for $69. Shipping is free to the U.S. I think this is a great deal, and I think you will too once you see how absolutely beautiful the cards are!

The cards come packaged in a plastic overwrap to protect them during shipping. The box itself is on the smaller side and is personalized with your name and address. I removed my address in the first photo for privacy reasons, but you get the idea.

I love the packaging of the box. I really appreciate when the packaging is clearly well thought out and done with care. Everything about the box and the way it's put together is really cute and adds to the overall charm.

But on to the most important part -- the cards! I found myself removing them from the plastic packaging ever-so-carefully because I didn't want to damage them. The designs are just beyond amazing and I was so impressed by them. I wasn't expecting them to have pop-up elements, either, but I really like that detail. I don't know if you can tell from the photo above, but each card has parts that are raised from the paper. These cards would easily cost you $5 each or more in a traditional store.

At first I thought the card in the bottom right hand corner was damaged because it says "Sending l_ve," but the balloon travels down the string to become the O in love! Such a cute and creative detail.

This Valentine's Day card is my favorite of the bunch. It fits perfectly with the theme for February, which is Loving Care. The little birds are so cute and I just love the overall design and composition of this card.
Bottom Line: I just can't say enough how gorgeous these handmade cards are! I think they are so much better quality than anything I've seen in stores and I can't wait to send them to my friends and family. Handmade Happy Mail is an excellent value and I fully recommend them!

Handmade Happy Mail has generously offered a three-month subscription to one of my readers! Enter to win using the Rafflecopter below. This sweepstakes is open to U.S. residents aged 18+ and ends at 12 AM EST on january 27, 2017.

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Unbound Valentine's Day Gift Guide and Coupon

I've worked with Unbound in the past and I'm always happy to feature their shop. They're an adult shop that's for women, by women and they have high quality products to meet all your needs. I've partnered with them to bring you my favorite products for Valentine's Day!

*Disclaimer: Post contains affiliate links.

Click on the image above to view my gift guide, with 12 of my favorite products from the Unbound shop. I like that they have organic and natural products from brands like Good Clean Love, plus pretty little lingerie items that you can spoil yourself with. I hope you find something that you like!
  • Use coupon code DANIELLEVDAY15 for 15% off your purchase (except subscriptions). This coupon is good through the end of February.
  • Enter to win a $200 Unbound gift card here

GLOW for a cause Wish Body Butter Review

It's always fun to pamper yourself, but it's even better when you can give back while doing so, yeah? GLOW For a Cause makes this easy with their wonderful line of skin care and body care products!

*Disclaimer: This product was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

GLOW for a cause was founded by an artist, teacher, and skincare productista named Johanna Querry Smith. They use the finest and purest ingredients available to craft pampering products that also give back to their non-profit partners. 5% of all sales is donated to these partners, which include:
  • Cowgirls vs. Cancer - provides retreat scholarships for women with breast cancer to experience healing with horses and yoga in Montana
  • Boston Firefighter's Burn Foundation - comprised of Boston firefighters who volunteer their time to provide emotional and financial support to burn victims and their families
  • The Red Sox Foundation - provides tutoring, mentoring, enrichment programs, and college scholarships to academically-talented but economically disadvantaged students through their Red Sox Scholars Program
  • MaxFund Animal Adoption Center - a true no-kill animal shelter in Colorado that gives injured, abandoned, and abused animals a second chance at life
  • The Gathering Place - the only drop-in center in Denver for women, children, and transgender people who are experience homelessness or poverty
  • Berni's Journey - a cinematic quest that serves as a mirror to reflect on universal themes of happiness, hope, and living authentically.
As you can see, their partners span a wide breadth of causes, so you can feel great knowing that your purchase is helping a lot of people!

I received the Wish Body Butter to review and I cannot rave enough about it! The cream is rich and thick, the way I like a body butter to be. My favorite part is the scent, though; it smells absolutely amazing! The Wish scent has notes of sparkling light florals, white tea, and bergamot. It's a great mix of sweet with a little bit of floral and I can't get enough of it.

The Body Butter is free from parabens, phthalates, gluten, and is cruelty-free and made in the USA. It has moisturizing oils of coconut, jojoba, sunflower, and Vitamin E to protect the skin. I love this for winter because there's just something so luxurious about using a nice, creamy body butter in the cold winter months. Less moisture in the air means much dryer skin, and using this after the shower is like wrapping yourself in a soft blanket. I know that may sound like an odd simile, but I just feel like I'm adding another layer of warmth and protection when I use this!

GLOW for a cause has many other Body Butters available in different scents, plus perfumes, candles, facial moisturizers, and clay scrubs.
Bottom Line: I love the GLOW for a cause Wish Body Butter, especially because it's from a company that gives back to several non-profit organizations. If you're looking for an affordable way to pamper yourself, you must check them out!

January BookCase.Club Review and Coupon

I'm always excited to tear into my BookCase.Club box! They've chosen excellent books in all the past boxes and have plenty of great themes to choose from.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

BookCase.Club is an affordable way to satiate your inner book lover! They send two hand-picked books every month for only $9.99, and cheaper options per box if you sign up for three-, six-, and 12-month options.

There are eight different cases to choose from:

  • Thrill Seeker - mystery/thriller
  • Strange Worlds - sci-fi/fantasy
  • Teenage Dreams - young adult novels
  • Read To Me - four children's picture books
  • Blind Date - paranormal romance
  • Booking for Love - romance
  • Quarterly Cook Books - two cook books every three months
  • Quarterly Military History - two military history books every three months

This is a review of the Strange Worlds case. I love this case because they really do send books with some strange worlds in them! As you can see, everything is packaged neatly and your books are safely guarded by recyclable paper. Usually the boxes contain one hardcover and one paperback, but this month I received two hardcover books. I don't have a preference between the two, but I know a lot of people prefer hardcovers, so this was a nice treat.

An even better treat, though, was that one of the books is a signed first edition! I immediately recognized Chuck Palaniuk's name when I opened the box, as he's most well-known for writing Fight Club. I've actually never read it (or seen the movie), but I know he's a popular author so I was excited to receive this novel, Beautiful You. Even better that it's signed! Here's the synopsis from Amazon:

Penny Harrigan is a low-level associate in a big Manhattan law firm. She has an apartment, but no love life. When C. Linus Maxwell, a mega-billionaire and international playboy, invites her to dinner and then whisks her off to a hotel in Paris, where he brings her to undreamed-of heights of sexual gratification for days on end, Penny is, well, pleased. However, when Penny discovers she is a test subject for a line of female sex toys so effective that women by the millions are lining up outside the stores to buy it on opening day, she understands the gravity the situation. A billion husbands are about to be replaced. What is Maxwell really up to? Erotically enabled world domination? Penny sets out to discover his motivations, and with a little help, stop him before it is too late.

I have to admit that I do judge a book by its cover sometimes, and this one has an absolutely gorgeous one! The Thinking Woman's Guide To Real Magic by Emily Croy Barker is a fantasy novel that looks like it'll be as great as its cover:

During a miserable weekend at a friend’s wedding, eager to forget about her disastrous breakup and stalled dissertation, Nora Fischer wanders off and somehow finds herself in another realm. There, she meets glamorous Ilissa—who introduces Nora to a decadent new world—and her gorgeous son Raclin. But when the elegant veneer of this dreamland shatters, Nora finds herself in a fairy tale gone incredibly wrong. And the only way she can survive is by learning real magic herself.

Bottom Line: I'm honestly not sure which book I'm going to read first! Beautiful You certainly sounds risque, but given that it's a Palaniuk novel I'm sure there's more to it than needless erotica. The Thinking Woman's Guide To Real Magic seems like a novel that would instantly suck me in. Maybe I'll read them both at the same time!

December The Music Box Review and Coupon

If you like discovering new music then you should definitely check out The Music Box! They're the #1 music-related subscription box and they have three affordable options that bring new artists to your door every month.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

The Music Box sends carefully-selected music from their Featured Artists, and a portion of their proceeds will be used to sponsor these artists. They have three box options, all with free shipping:
  • The Envelope - $5 per month (retail value $15) for an exclusive monthly compilation CD with various artists and genres. This is also available digitally as an e-mail including a download of the CD.
  • The Box - $12 per month (retail value $20+) for two CDs and extra swag such as tickets, stickers, download cards, candy, and more!
  • The Bundle - $15 per month (retail value $35) for both The Envelope and The Box.
They also have a new Rock Vinyl Box for $36.95 and free shipping (ships to U.S. only) with a 12" vinyl, 7" vinyl, three CDs, and a band t-shirt.

The Music Box is available for the following genres:
  • Pop/Rock
  • Pop/Punk
  • Alternative/Indie
  • Rock
  • Hard Rock/Metal
  • Surprise (all genres)

I have to admit that I'm not a huge music person; I mostly listen to show tunes! But I do appreciate good artists and songwriters, and I think The Music Box is a great way to discover new music. This review is for The Bundle and I believe I received the Pop/Rock one, based on the Featured Artists.

As promised, The Bundle contained two CDs and a bunch of fun swag. There were three cards for digital downloads, two stickers, and a keychain. I think this is a great value for only $12!

The Featured Artists for December were Retro Youth and Nick Urb. The info card that came with the box lists both of their Facebook pages, and Retro Youth is under the rock genre and Nick Urb is folk/acoustic/pop. I listened to both CDs and I have to say, I did enjoy both!

Nick Urb's Until the End of Days is a little more my style, as I tend to gravitate more towards the chill acoustic side of rock. The songs are relaxing and are something one might expect to hear in a coffee shop--there's definitely a chill vibe. I really like it!

Retro Youth is from the UK and their debut album, B.R.A.V.E. was also included. Their style is definitely pop/rock, with driving drumbeats and guitar. Like I said, I'm not familiar with a lot of artists from this genre, but they kind of remind me of The Killers mixed with a more alternative vibe, if that makes sense?

The Bundle also contained three cards with free digital downloads for Jerry Dale Harris, Dylan Lloyd, and Panic in Eden. I took a closeup photo of Jerry Dale Harris's card because it was signed which was a nice touch! With these digital downloads you're getting three extra albums on top of the 2 CDs that came with the box,

I downloaded Jerry Dale Harris's album Modus Operandi and I really like it. His style is rock/folk and is recommended for fans of artists like Ed Sheeran.

I haven't downloaded the Panic in Eden or Dylan Lloyd albums yet, but I sampled both on their websites. Panic in Eden has a classic rock vibe, kind of reminds me of Led Zep, with a southern rock twist, too. Dylan Lloyd is listed as pop/cool pop on his Facebook page and I think that's an accurate description. His music reminds me of Usher.
Bottom Line: I think The Music Box is a great way to discover new music and it's really affordable. I like that they use some of their proceeds to support their featured artists. If you like discover new, independent artists then you have to give this box a try!

January Degustabox Review and 50% Off First Box

I think of Degustabox as my grocery goodies box. They always send great snacks and products that I might not normally pick up at the store but are a welcome addition to my pantry nonetheless!

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review. Post contains affiliate links.

Degustabox is easily my favorite food subscription for a lot of reasons. First and most importantly, they always send delicious full-sized items! They're also incredibly affordable at only $19.99 per month with free shipping to the U.S. If you live in the UK, check out their UK box here.

Each month you'll get at least 10 full-sized foods that run the gamut from candy and chips to sauces and drinks. I've gotten a ton of new items in past boxes that are now regular favorites. You can also earn points by reviewing each item and/or referring friends, and once you earn 100 points you can trade them in for a free box!

January's box featured 10 items plus one bonus for people who filled out a survey for Degustabox last month, Here's what was inside:
  • One & Done Seasoning - This is the bonus item that was sent to some of the survey respondents from last month. The packaging says it's "the new salt and pepper" and it's made with salt, spices, dehydrated garlic and onion, and paprika, plus a few others. I'm going to use it as a rub for chicken.
  • Jolly Time Healthy Pop - Five cups of this microwave popcorn is only 100 calories, so it's a great snack without a ton of guilt. It's 100% whole grain, gluten-free, and non-GMO. I love popcorn as a snack and I might take a few bags to munch on at work.
  • Live Smart Kids Bars - Each box had one of four flavors and I received Berry Good. It's nut-free, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. The bar is a brown crisp rice base with raisins and cranberries and will be a good breakfast on-the-go.
  • Welch's Fruit n' Yogurt Snacks in Strawberry - I could easily eat this entire box in one sitting! These are little fruit snacks made with real strawberry that's covered in yogurt. They're so good and are also available in blueberry and cherry.
  • Cello Whisps - These are an award-winning snack made with 100% parmesan cheese baked into little crisps. I ate one on its own and, although I love parmesan cheese, it was a bit too strong for me to eat more than one as a snack. But I could definitely see myself using these as a garnish on salads and pastas.
  • McDonnells Indian Korma Curry Sauce - This sauce is a creamy coconut-flavored curry sauce created with a unique spice blend. I like using sauces like these with chicken in the slow cooker, which is exactly what I'll use this for.
  • Hungry Jack Complete Pumpkin Spice Pancake and Waffle Mix - I wish I had a waffle maker so I could make pumpkin spice waffles, but pancakes will be just as good! All you need to do to make these is add water to the mix so it's an easy breakfast.
  • ALO Refresh in Cucumber and Cantaloupe - This is an aloe vera beverage blended with cucumber and cantaloupe. It's non-GMO and made with straight-from-the-leaf aloe vera juice. I've had this drink before in the original variety and I liked it. If the aloe vera sounds weird to you I suggest still giving it a try because I found it to be a sweet and satisfying juice.
  • Go Organically Fruit Snacks - These are so good! They don't taste as artificial as some other fruit snacks I've tried, which makes sense because they're made with USDA-certified organic fruit. They're also non-GMO, gluten-free, and preservative-free.
  • Prince of Peace Ginger Honey Crystals - Ginger tea is my favorite type of tea, not only for the taste but also for the way it settles my stomach after I've eaten a bit too much (which I do often during this time of year). These are individual sachets of ginger and honey crystals that you can dissolve into water for a quick cup.
  • Entenmann's Little Bites in Party Cake - These brought me back to my childhood and school lunches. They're yummy little cakes with birthday cake sprinkles inside and were super moist and delicious.
Bottom Line: This was another lovely box from Degustabox! I already dug into a lot of the snacks and will definitely use the others. My favorites this month were the Go Organically fruit snacks and the Welch's Fruit n Yogurt.
  • Visit Degustabox to subscribe
    • Use this link for 50% off your first box -- only $9.99 with free shipping!

Taste and Curiosity Korea Box Review, Coupon, and Giveaway!

Earlier this month I tried my first ever Taste and Curiosity box and I was super impressed by all of the great snacks inside. Today I'm excited to share the Korea box with you and offer two of them to my readers in a giveaway!

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

Taste and Curiosity sends themed boxes with international snacks from all over. They currently have three boxes available and plan to expand to other countries very soon. Not only do they send high quality snacks, but they also aim to inspire others to chase their dreams. Each box contains a magnet with an inspirational quotation on it to remind you to go for it!

I was extra excited to try the Korea box because I was born in Busan, a southern coastal city in South Korea. The Taste and Curiosity box is called "The Seoul Set," as Seoul is the capital of South Korea. The box is on sale right now for $17 (normally $19), and shipping on all boxes is free to the U.S. This is not a renewing subscription at the moment: each box is an individual purchase.

Here are the other boxes that are currently available:
  • Japan Box: $19 (read my review of it here)
  • China/Taiwan Box: on sale for $17, normally $19
You can also buy all three boxes as the Asia Tour pack for $49.

The Korea Box has 10 full-sized snacks and I love every single one of them! Here's what's inside:
  • Ottogi Ppshu Ppshu Ramen Snack - This looks like a regular ramen packet but it's actually meant to be eaten dry, not cooked as a soup. The flavor is Spicy Rice Cake and you're supposed to smash it up (hence the illustration on the package) and then add the seasoning and eat it right out of the bag. Sounds like fun!
  • Seasoned Seaweed - I love seaweed snacks. These are lightly salted and are simply dried pieces of seaweed. If you've never tried it I encourage you to give it a go, I think they're delicious and a great light snack.
  • Lotte Happy Promise Creamy Custard Cake - This is a soft cake with a creamy filling and goes great with coffee, in my opinion.
  • Orion Choco Pie - This is probably my favorite snack in the box. It's a classic Korean treat and tastes so great. It's also a political icon according to the info card, but I couldn't access the Taste and Curiosity blog to read more.
  • Butter Waffle Crisp - These reminded me of Italian pizzelle cookies, but they're a little bit thicker. They're exactly what they sound like: buttery waffle-shaped cookies that were delicious!
  • Couque D'asse in White Crem and Vienna Coffee - These are the Korean adaptation of European wafer cookies and I could eat them forever. The outer cookie shell is super light and fluffy, if that makes sense, and the cream inside is just enough to give it a pop of flavor.
  • Margaret Choco Cookie - These made me smile because my mom's name is Margaret. They're a soft cookie that looks almost like a chocolate chip cookie and has a chocolate cream inside. 
  • Ace Sand Yogurt Biscuit - These biscuits are made up of two buttery crackers with a thin yogurt flavored filling. If you like a salty/sweet combo you'll really like these.
  • Peach Water Jelly - This kind of reminds me of a Go-Gurt, but less viscous. It's a peach flavored jelly that you slurp right out of the package.
  • Maxim Mocha Gold Coffee Mix - This is an instant coffee packet from a well-known brand in Korea. I guess instant coffee is big over there, and this is great for on-the-go.
You can also see the magnet at the top of this photo. The quotation reads "Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground." - Theodore Roosevelt.

Pictured above, clockwise from top left, are the Lotte Creamy Custard Cake, Butter Waffle Crisp, Couque D'asse in White Cream, Ace Sand Yogurt Biscuit, and Margaret Choco Cookie.
Bottom Line: I love the Taste and Curiosity Korea box! It was really fun to sample some snacks that are popular in my native country and I thought all of them were really yummy.

Taste and Curiosity has generously offered a Korea box to two of my readers to win! Enter using the Rafflecopter below. This sweepstakes is open to U.S. residents aged 18+ only and runs from December 31, 2016 to 12 AM EST on January 7, 2017. See Rafflecopter for full terms and conditions.

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Blippo Kawaii Shop Review and Giveaway!

I am a sucker for all things kawaii and the Blippo Kawaii Shop is my favorite one-stop shop! They have a huge selection of all things cute, from plushies to stationery to purses, and more. I can always find tons of things that I want at their store.

*Disclaimer: These items were sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

Blippo kindly sent me a few items to review and I think they're a great representation of how adorable everything in their shop is! They have a good range of prices, too, so no matter what your budget you can definitely find some things to treat yourself with. They have brands like Hello Kitty, Pusheen, Disney Tsum Tsum, Rilakkuma, and a ton more.

Blippo's items ship from China but they have free shipping to the U.S. My package took about a week and a half to get to me, which is average for items from China. It may have been a little delayed because of the holiday, too. I still think that is a pretty fast shipment considering it's free and is coming from overseas.

My favorite item is the Kabaya Panda Chocolate Cookies (pictured top right in the photo above)! I've had them before and they're really yummy. The cookie part is a light buttery cookie and they're topped with chocolate shaped like a panda's face. They're almost too cute to eat, but they're too delicious not to eat.

I love stickers and these Puffy Animal Dessert Stickers are perfect for me! They combine two of my favorite things: food and cute animals. I especially love the little cupcake bears. When I write letters or do sample swaps I like to decorate the envelopes with stickers like these, so they'll definitely be put to good use.

I've been using the Alpaca Tin Case as a change purse, but it could fit other things like a lip balm, or it would also be a good case for earbuds. The shell is hard and durable and the zipper goes all the way around and is more soft, and there's also a little handle for easy carrying. It comes in three styles, and the one I have is style #2. I like the text on it, too; it says "The beautiful things."

This Hello Kitty Ribbon Pencil Sharpener is adorable! It's large enough to sharpen multiple pencils with, and once it's full you can just pop the top off to throw the pencil shavings away. It's so much more fun than a standard boring pencil sharpener.

Blippo was kind enough to provide some super cute items for one of my readers to win, too! The prize pack includes a Squishy Oreo Keychain, Ghost Family Ink Pen, and Animal Friend Puffy Stickers, as pictured above. Enter using the Rafflecopter form below; Blippo will be shipping you the prize directly.

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