October Vegan Cuts Snack Box Review

Vegan Cuts is an awesome subscription service that offers two types of boxes: snacks and beauty.  I received their October Snack Box to review, and it's a great one!

I loooove snacks.  I'm not a vegan, but I like getting vegan and vegetarian boxes because they usually contain brands that have products and practices that I can really stand by, such as Non-GMO Project-verified and USDA organic items.  The Vegan Cuts Snack Box has all that and more, and for only $19.95 a month they'll send you 7-10 of these great foods!  Shipping is free within the U.S., $8 to Canada, and $15 to any other international countries.

October's box is themed "No Tricks, All Treats" and contained nine snacks.  When I opened the box the first thing I noticed was the Rosemary Truffle popcorn and I got so excited (I love truffle-flavored things), and it only got better as I continued to look through the assortment!

  • Pop Art Rosemary Truffle Gourmet Popcorn - If you've never cooked with truffle oil, I highly urge you to.  It's a bit on the expensive side, but it's so worth it.  This popcorn had a light rosemary truffle flavor, and I wish it was stronger.  Overall, though, it's a healthier snack that's fiber-filled and very yummy.
  • Flamous Organic Sprouted Multigrain Zatar Chips - These chips are 100% organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free.  They're thicker, kind of like tortilla chips (but so much better), and have a hint of spicy flavor.  I absolutely loved them and I think they would pair great with guacamole.
  • Coconut Organics Coconut Chips - I could have gotten one of two flavors, and I got Dark Chocolate (the other being Toasted Coconut Chips).  I haven't tried these yet because I'm not the biggest coconut fan, but the fact that they're chocolate flavored and chips might change my mind!  They're certified USDA organic and made with 100% raw cacao coconut sugar.
  • Numi Organic Tea - The flavors I received are Chocolate Spice (black tea) and Chocolate Rooibos (herbal teasan).  Both sound amazing, but I'm especially excited to try the Chocolate Spice tea.  I've had Numi teas before and they're a great brand.
  • Tasty Organic Smoothie Fruit Snacks - These were my favorite snack in the box!  They're organic, non-GMO gummies with no gelatin, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.  I try to steer clear of gelatin because it grosses me out, so these are a great alternative.  The flavors were amazing.
  • MRM Veggie Elite Performance Protein - I usually drink a glass of chocolate milk for protein after I strength train, but obviously a vegan would not be drinking milk, so this is a great alternative.  The flavor is Chocolate Mocha and I'm interested to see how it stacks up to my milk.
  • TCHO Chocolate - I always see TCHO chocolate squares at the grocery store but I've never bought one because they're kind of pricey, so I was excited to get to try one!  I'm not sure what the flavor is, but the ingredients listed dark chocolate and vanilla, so I think it was just a basic dark chocolate.  Nonetheless, it was delicious.  All TCHO chocolates are organic and Beyond Fair Trade-certified.
  • Luv You PB&J - This item isn't on the informational card that came with the box and I'm disappointed because I want to know more about it!  At first I didn't know what it was, so I opened it to find that it looked like a protein bar of some sort.  It tasted so good, just like a PB&J sandwich, and was shaped like a heart!  I want to buy more of these, I'm going to have to do a search for them.
  • Zevia - Zevia is a zero-calorie soda that's naturally sweetened with stevia.  I don't normally like stevia, but I'm willing to give this a try.  I got a can of ginger ale and it's a little bit dented, but that doesn't dissuade me from wanting to try it.  I'll just have to be careful when I open it.
Bottom Line: I loved this box of treats!  I think Vegan Cuts does a great job of selecting a fun, healthy, and delicious variety of vegan snacks that anyone would enjoy.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent for review purposes.

New Memebox Makeup Launching Soon!

Today Memebox announced that they're launching their very own makeup product that will be available starting October 23rd! They've been listening to what we the customers have been saying, and they've taken our feedback into account and will be releasing products that are trendsetting, unique, and affordable.

You can be the first in line to get your hands on this mystery product, which they're projected to launch at 12pm PST on October 23rd.  To qualify for early access, you must sign up at this page.

In the meantime, you can use my affiliate coupon code YS00 for $5 off of any order in the Memeshop.  Since it's an affiliate code, you have to purchase something via my affiliate link.

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October Birchbox Review

Each month during sample selection time, Birchbox has also given subscribers the opportunity to pick a special curated box.  Usually I just choose a specific sample I want, but this time around I wasn't really interested in what they were offering.  I did, however, like the looks of the curated Laggies box.

I had no idea what Laggies was before receiving this box, but I guess it's a movie with Keira Knightley that's coming out on the 24th.  I think it's a romantic comedy?  I have no interest in the movie, but the items featured in the box were all relevant to my interests and needs, so I decided to forego being surprised and chose it.  I always peek on the 10th to see what I'm getting anyway, so it was no big deal for me to know all of the items ahead of time.

I had actually used three out of the five products previously (the lotion, scrub, and hair treatment), but the reason why I chose the box was because I really liked all three of them and wanted more samples.

  • TOCCA Crema de Mano in Bianca - I had previously gotten a TOCCA handcream in the scent "Cleopatra" from Birchbox and I liked it, so I wanted to see what this scent was like.  It has notes of green tea and lemon and is nice and citrus-y.  I can never have too many sample hand creams; I love keeping one in my purse, one at my desk, and having spares for travel.
  • Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator - I really liked this exfoliator the last time I got on in a Birchbox so I was excited that it was going to be in this box.  It's actually one of the best scrubs I've ever used--it's gentle and has lots of microbeads that leave my skin feeling smooth.
  • ModelCo POWERLASH High Impact Black Mascara - This is the only product I didn't really care for, and that's only because I don't get too excited for mascaras in general (I also have a ton of them, so more aren't needed right now).  I put it up for swap.
  • Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle - I absolutely love Beauty Protector's products!  They smell amazing and work really well.  I had also gotten this in a previous Birchbox, and I used it then and will again now as a heat protectant.
  • Sage + Fasten Eau de Parfum in Onward - This is the only perfume sample I've ever gotten from Birchbox that was in a rollerball applicator, and I like it a lot.  Unfortunately the writing on the packaging got scratched/rubbed off so I can't read it at all (this happened to Rebecca at Hello Pretty Bird, too), but it doesn't bother me so much because I love the scent itself.  It has notes of grapefruit, green apple, and lemon.
Bottom Line: The Laggies Birchbox was a great pick for me.  Even though it featured repeat products, they were all at the top of my list of favorites, so I'm glad to have more!  I'll probably let Birchbox pick my samples next month, though.

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Memebox Special #17 K-Style Review and Coupon

Whether you're a new reader to my blog or an older follower, I'm sure you have heard of Memebox (pronounced "mi-mi-box").  They're constantly coming out with new boxes that boast the best in Korean beauty, and since each box is a one-time purchase (not a subscription), you don't ever have to worry about recurring charges.

There are two main types of boxes, the standard Memebox and the Superbox.  Memeboxes contain four to seven full-sized products and deluxe samples, and Superboxes contain full-sized products only.  Both are often centered around a theme, and the box that I'm reviewing here is Memebox Special #17: K-Style.

The box is packed with seven individual products, all of which are full-sized (even though this is not considered a Superbox)!  All of the items are aimed at helping you achieve the effortless looks of Korean celebrities.

  • Shara Shara Feminine Single Blusher ($7) - I love the packaging of this blush, it's so cute!  I never use powder puff applicators, but the bow on this one is still just too adorable.  I really like the shade of this blush, too.  It was randomly selected from "CR01 Soft Coral" and "OR01 Warm Apricot," and I got Soft Coral.  I think Warm Apricot would have been nice as well, but this one will compliment my skintone nicely.
  • Bbia Pigment ($5 for 1.8 g) - I received the shade "02 Sour," which is a nice rose gold/bronze color.  It's a loose pigment that almost looks like glitter, but when you actually open it up and look inside you can see that it's more the texture of a loose eyeshadow.
  • A'PIEU Full of Nature Mascara ($3 for 4.3 g) - This mascara contains a setting wax formula that works to lengthen lashes.  It contains various grain, berry, and flower extracts to help maintain healthy lashes, too.
  • Secret Key Sweet Glam Tint Glow ($24 for 3.5 g) - The informational card calls this "Secret Key," but on the packaging it says "Secret Kiss," so I'm not really sure what the actual brand name is (but I would lean more towards it probably being Secret Kiss).  The shade name isn't listed in English on the packaging, but the choices were "01 Baby Pink," "02 Juicy Orange," and "03 Fuschia Purple," so from that I can guess that I got Juicy Orange.  Normally an orange lip color would scare me, but this one is really buildable so it is less intimidating.
  • awesome Aqua Radiance CC Cream ($29 for 30 mL) - I've gotten a few CC and BB creams from Memebox and I really want to find one that works for me, but unfortunately I'll have to add this one to the pile of ones that don't.  I'm Korean but am also way more tan than the average Korean woman, so these are often too light for my skin.  Regardless, this one balances skin tone, treats fine lines and wrinkles, and maintains moisture balance.
  • RiRe Luxe Auto Gel Eyeliner ($14 each) - The two shades are "Champagne" and "Choco Brown" (swatches later on in the post).  I usually use black eyeliner, but I like getting different colors because they're fun to experiment with.  The Choco Brown is nice because it's a bit less dramatic for work, and the Champagne is nice and light so it works well on the inner corners and waterline.  Unfortunately both of these were slightly damaged upon receipt (photo below), but I was able to just pop them back into place.

The liner part of the RiRe Luxe Auto Gel Liners got stuck in the cap, but I was able to remove it and slide it back down into where it's supposed to be.  Both of these are quite waterproof and glide on smoothly.
Bottom Line: Memebox Special #17 has a great assortment of cosmetics to help you achieve the latest K-Style looks!  My favorite is the Sweet Glam Tint Glow.

*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Memebox. Post contains affiliate links.

See more photos of the items after the "Read More."

Memebox "Everyone Is A Winner" Giveaway!

I'm really excited to announce my first giveaway with Memebox!  Everyone is a winner because every person who signs up is guaranteed at least three Meme Points to use in the Memebox shop (one point is equal to one dollar to spend).

There will be three winners total:
  • One first-prize winner will win 30 Meme Points
  • Two second-prize winners will receive 7 Meme Points each
If you are a winner, you will win one of the prizes above and will also be able to keep the three Memepoints you earn just for entering.

Here are the requirements:
  • You MUST sign up for an account with Memebox and include complete shipping details.  You can do so by clicking here.
  • You must also sign up for the newsletter, otherwise Memebox will not be able to send notifications to the winners!
  • This giveaway is for new customers only and duplicate accounts are not permitted.  Memebox reserves the right to reject any participant that had an account with Memebox prior to the giveaway (they will have other events and chances to win points for our current loyal customers!).
This giveaway begins today, October 13th, and ends on October 20th.  Winners will be notified by Memebox by the 24th.  Enter below using the Rafflecopter form.

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October Beauty Box 5 Review

Beauty Box 5 is a subscription service that sends five full-sized products and luxury samples each month for only $12.  They ship to both the U.S. and Canada (shipping is an extra $3 to Canada).  What I really like about their boxes is that they include a good variety of items, including lots of great makeup but also beauty tools and more!

October's theme is "effortless allure," and the products inside were selected to help usher in "glamorous simplicity" with the fall.  I am always impressed at how Beauty Box 5 sends different types of products to sample, so you won't get a box that's predominantly skincare, or hair care, or something like that.  I prefer to get color cosmetics in my boxes, and this one had those plus a tool that I wouldn't have ever thought to buy but actually ended up being my favorite item in the box!

  • ChapStick Hydration Lock ($2.99) - I had gotten a lip balm from the ChapStick Hydration Lock line in a different box, but this one is actually not the exact same.  This line has two different varieties, and the one in this box is a day/night combo for skin protection and moisturizing.  ChapStick is not my favorite brand when it comes to lip balms, but this is a great idea for a product nonetheless.
  • Extend Your Beauty Cosmetic Tool ($5.49) - I love this!  It's a little spatula you can use to scoop out those last remaining bits of makeup that would otherwise go to waste.  I'll actually probably use this most on my myriad of lip balms; I hate when you get to the bottom of it and you can't push it up anymore, but there still is a little bit of product left to use.  I don't like to waste anything, so this will help me extend the life of my makeup!
  • Nanacoco Nail Polish ($3.95) - I've never used this brand before, but I am in love with the color!  Blues are my favorites, and shimmery blues are my favorite favorite.  This shade is called "Mermaid Lake," and it's a nice turquoise shimmer.  I think people usually associate bright blues with summer, but I like to wear them in the winter, too, because they remind me of icy weather.
  • Bellapierre Cosmetics Cheek and Lip Stain in Pink (~$11.40) - I like using cheek stains instead of powder blushes because they have better staying power, and this one is a really flattering shade of pink.  It's harder to tell because of the glare in the photo above, but it's a vibrant rose pink that I think would be flattering on everyone.
  • LashEm Picture Perfect Instant Wrinkle Reducer ($~1,34) - I don't have any issues with wrinkles currently, so this is the product I have the least use for in the box.  Beauty Box 5 was already anticipating this, though, and the informational card states that even if you don't have wrinkles, this can still be used as a primer regardless.
Bottom Line: October's box is a fun one!  I love the nail polish and the Extend Your Beauty spatula the most, but all of the products included are great.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent for review purposes.

Memebox City Girl: Seoulites + Coupon Code!

New Memebox alert!  City Girl: Seoulites is the theme of Superbox #75, and it promises to be packed with the most "buzzed-about beauty innovations" that the most fashionable girls in Seoul (South Korea's capital city) are raving about!

The box costs $23, but you can get $5 off by using my affiliate coupon!  This code will only work if you purchase via my affiliate link (hence the name), which you can do so by clicking here, or any other link in this post.  The City Girl: Seoulites box is only one of many great options Memebox has to offer, and the code can be used on any purchase.
  • My affiliate coupon code is YS00 
What box(es) are you going to buy?

Apothecary Extracts 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil Review

I, unfortunately, suffer from dandruff.  I have since I was a kid.  Having an itchy scalp is pretty uncomfortable, and can also be embarrassing.  When I learned that tea tree oil could help combat the itchiness I was eager to try it out.  I've been using the oil for a while, but I had never tried any from Apothecary Extracts.  Theirs is a 100% pure Australian tea tree oil, and it comes in a generous 4 oz bottle that will last anyone quite a while.

The oil is a product of Australia, but it is bottled in the USA.  It contains only melaleuca alternifolia, or tea tree oil, and is free of preservatives, artificial colors, fragrances, parabens, minteral oils, chemical solvents, and petroleum.  That being said, it does have the natural scent of tea tree oil, which is a bit difficult for me to describe.  I guess I'd say that it most closely resembles the scent of peppermint oil, but with more herbal notes.

Apothecary Extracts was founded in 2013 when their team was tired of not knowing what was in their essential oils.  Many vendors dilute them or use unsafe extraction processes that contaminate the final product, and the people behind Apothecary Extracts wanted to change this.  Testing what is in essential oils is an expensive process, but they perform these tests because they believe in producing products of the highest quality.  Their tea tree oil is a great example of this commitment and I am so glad I was able to try it!

As I said previously, I use tea tree oil to combat itchy scalp.  I applied a two or three drops to my fingertips after washing my hair and then massaged the oil into my scalp, and it really does work!  Not only does it feel amazing (it makes my skin feel all tingly when I apply it), but after just a week of using this the itch is pretty much non-existent.  Since a little goes a long way, this bottle will definitely last me a long time.  Also, the bottle has a stopper hole for the opening, so you don't have to worry about dispensing more than you need or wasting product.

Tea tree oil was traditionally used by aboriginal Australians to treat everything from common colds to abrasions.  The Bundjalung Aborigines would crush up the leaves of the tea tree and inhale them to treat respiratory ailments, and more commonly would soak the leaves and use them to treat skin conditions.  It's a potent antibacterial, and is still used today in many of the same ways.  It can help with acne, eczema, and other skin conditions, as well as dental care and household cleaning.

  • Purchase a bottle of Apothecary Extract's Tea Tree Oil through Amazon.  Each order also comes with a free eBook, "50+ Uses for Tea Tree Oil" that contains recipes for a bunch of different things you can make with your tea tree oil!
Bottom Line: Tea tree oil is an incredibly versatile product, and I feel confident using Apothecary Extract's oil because it's 100% natural and effective!

*Disclaimer: This post is powered by BrandBacker.  I received this product for review purposes.