Emma & Chloé Coupon: First Box for $1!

Emma & Chloé is running a great sale for one week only! If you've been thinking about trying this great jewelry subscription, now is the perfect time to sign up.

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Emma & Chloé sends hand-picked jewelry from up-and-coming French designers for $35 per month. Now through July 31st you can get your first box for $1 with a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription using coupon code MYFIRSTBOX!

Check out my Emma & Chloé reviews here to see what the box is like.

Snack Habit Sample Box Review and Coupon

I am passionate about snacks. I love snacks and I try to have some on hand at all times, whether I'm at home or at work. Snack Habit is a business snack delivery service that sends healthy snack boxes full of 120 goodies!

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

Snack Habit sends a box of 120 total snacks, with 10 of each variety. Their sample box that I am reviewing has three of each snack instead of the normal 10.

When you sign up you'll list your delivery and snack preferences. If you don't list any preferences or dietary restrictions you'll receive the default snack picks for the month on Snack Habit's delivery timeline. For the next month, default snacks will be rotated and you can choose to receive again any that you really enjoyed.

Boxes are $199 per month, but keep in mind that this is geared towards businesses and delivers a total of 120 snacks in each box. Snacks include granola bars, chips, jerky, trail mix, and more.

I really was in heaven when I first opened this box! As I went through all of the snacks I kept saying, "ooh, I love these!" There was a good mix of snacks with lots of different varieties represented. I only took photos of one of each snack, but there were three of everything in the box. I'll start with my favorite, the chips:
  • Garden Veggie Straws in Sea Salt
  • PopChips in Sea Salt
  • Terra Original
  • Pirate's Booty Aged White Cheddar
  • Quaker Breakfast Flats in Cranberry Almond
  • Betty Crocker Butterscotch Oatmeal Bar
  • Stretch Island Organic Fruit (three different flavors)
  • Angie's Boom Chicka Pop in Cocoa Kettle Corn
  • Snyder's of Hanover Sourdough Nibblers
  • Corn Nuts BBQ
  • Kellogg's Fruity Snacks (two flavors)
  • Planters Salted Peanuts
As you can see, there's something for everybody in this box! I liked that they had a bunch of different sweet and salty snacks. Some of my favorites were in there, including Terra Chips and the Kellogg's Fruity Snacks. I think this box would be a hit at my office and is definitely a better option than going to the vending machine.
Bottom Line: This is only a small sample of the 1,000 possible snacks that Snack Habit sends! Also a reminder that if you subscribe, you'll receive 10 of each of the 12 snacks for a total of 120, much more than what is shown here in the sample box. If you're a business owner and want to treat your staff to healthy snacks, I think this box is a great option.

Earhoox Review and Coupon

I'm always listening to podcasts or music at work, at the gym, and on-the-go. I have an iPhone and iPad and I like the EarPods that come with them, but I have had issues with them falling out, especially when I'm at the gym. Earhoox are a neat little accessory that easily solves that problem!

*Disclaimer: This product was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

The Earhoox custom design is made specifically for Apple EarPods and AirPods headphones. They attach easily and provide a secure and comfortable fit that really stays in place. They've sold over 150,000 pairs in five years across 84 countries!

Each set of Earhoox comes with two sizes, large and small, to ensure that you'll get the perfect fit for your years. They are available in white, black, and blue and cost $9.99 per set.

I wasn't quite sure how to attach these to my EarPods right away and it took me a minute to realize that there was an insert with instructions nestled inside the packaging. I'm not great with instructions that are only pictures and arrows (I'm a word person) but I figured the assembly out after a few tries.

I  have only tried these with EarPods and not AirPods, but the Earhoox FAQ page promises that they do not block any of the sensors on AirPods. They need to removed for charging the AirPods, but otherwise will not interrupt any type of functionality.

I attached the white Earhoox to my EarPods because I wanted them to blend in. I used the smaller size and they fit perfectly into my ear and were very comfortable. The silicone design is nice and bendy but stays in place really well. These didn't budge when I went on a jog.
  • Visit Earhoox to purchase
    • Use coupon code EARHOOX30 for 30% off! Expires July 31, 2017.
Bottom Line: Earhoox are a unique little attachment for your Apple headphones and I think they work really well. If you're annoyed with the buds not staying in place, this is a perfect affordable solution!

July Emma & Chloé Review and Coupon

I've been working on building up my jewelry collection and Emma & Chloé makes it easy! They send beautiful pieces every month, and July's has a subtle summer theme.

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A quick note about the box's condition: it arrived to me in perfect condition; however, my rabbit got to it before I took the photos so that's why there's a small mark near the bottom left corner.

Emma & Chloé costs $35 per month for a piece of handmade jewelry from an up-and-coming French designer. All of the pieces are valued at up to $200 and are available in silver or gold options. The pieces are handmade with brass and plated with gold or dip-coated in a silver bath.

When you first subscribe you'll be able to request either silver, gold, or both types of pieces and you can change your preference at any time. You'll also receive 20% off everything in their online shop as a subscriber.

The July box features a bracelet from Nilaï. Each month you'll receive your piece in an Emma & Chloé branded drawstring bag for storage, a monthly gazette, and a smaller card with a certificate of authenticity. I love Emma & Chloé's packaging and presentation; everything is so beautiful!

The gazette is a nice touch as well and is fun to page through. There's an interview with the artisan, information about the piece, and other fun articles about styling and other pieces available in the store.

The Summer Cauri Bangle by Nilaï is the perfect piece for July! The design features small cauri shells on either end. The bracelet is adjustable, and I love that it is small and delicate (my favorite type of jewelry).

The inspiration behind the bracelet came from Nilaï's travels in the Maldives. The cauri shell holds special symbolism there and is thought to bring wealth, luck, and travel. Nilaï adds a touch of exoticism to all of her jewelry, which is perfectly on display with this piece!

This is not a piece that I would normally consider for myself, but that's what I love about Emma & Chloé. As soon as I tried it on I loved it, so I'm glad they sent something that was outside of my normal comfort zone! I normally don't wear bracelets because I don't like how they shift around so much on my wrist, but this one stays put really well and isn't a distraction because I can tighten it to fit my wrist snugly.
Bottom Line: The July Emma & Chloé piece is so pretty. I love the simple design and the meaning behind it. This will fit in perfectly with my other bracelets!

Hasbro Gaming Crate Review and Coupon

The Hasbro Gaming Crate just launched and the first crate will ship in August! This new subscription promises "Game Night Delivered!" with three brand new games for families and adult game nights.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

Hasbro Gaming Crate is a quarterly subscription (ships every three months) and sends an exclusive collection of three games curated by Hasbro gaming experts. Boxes are $49.99 every three months plus shipping. Crates currently ship to the U.S., Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and APO/FPO boxes. You can also skip a month or cancel your subscription at any time.

The Crate is available in two options:

  • Family Crate: Family friendly games for the whole household
  • Party Crate: Games curated specifically for adults

When I input my address into the checkout page it added $15.87 for shipping, so I am assuming the shipping cost will depend on your address.

This is a review for the very first Family Crate, which will be shipping in August of this year. Each Crate also has a theme, and this one is "Family Staycation."

I loved playing board games as a kid and I have great memories of laughing and playing them with my parents and brothers! I think the Hasbro Gaming Crate is such a fun and unique subscription and a great way to get your family and friends back into playing board games!

The box was well packaged with all of the games in plastic wrapping over their individual boxes and little squiggly pieces of paper for padding. There was an informational card inside and a packet of mini staycation challenges (pictured above) from other Hasbro games.

The featured game for this Crate is Mask of the Pharoah. It's for ages 10+ with two or more players. It's a collaborative virtual reality game with an included VR mask. Players will find themselves in a mysterious world of pyramids in Ancient Egypt, and the objective is to reconstruct a maze based on the clues and descriptions given by the person wearing the VR mask. I bet this game would be a hit with kids because it perfectly integrates digital devices with a good old board game.

Since the true companion app doesn't launch until August with the shipment of the Crates, Hasbro sent me an invitation to download a beta version of the app. I installed it but unfortunately could not get it to launch because it kept giving me an error message saying Hasbro wasn't a verified account with Apple or something like that, so the app wouldn't open.

Here are all of the pieces included in the game. As you can see, the maze board and player pieces are all in punch-out sheets. The mask also needs to be assembled and I have to admit that I could not figure out how to put it together! I tried for a good 10 minutes before I just gave up. There are pictorial instructions in the instruction booklet but I'm not great with that type of instructions (i.e., ones without words) so I couldn't get everything to line up right. Maybe an adult with better visual learning skills would be able to put it together faster than me!

The next game is Leo Goes to the Barber for ages 6+ and two or more players. In this game, players will guide Leo through the jungle to get to his hair cut appointment on time. Players work together and use matching and memory skills to move Leo forward to the barbershop.

All of the pieces for this game were also included in punch-out sheets. The memory pieces have animals and colors on one side and jungle on the other. There's also a clock piece and Leo cards.

The last game is a card game called Tricky Wishes. It's for ages 8+ and three or more players. To win the game, you have to find three kinds of wishes: one superpower, one gift, and one world harmony. Players take turns swapping and shuffling the cards to collect the highest-scoring set.

I think Tricky Wishes is my favorite game of the three. I always liked card games like this as a kid and even now still as an adult. The illustrations are really great, too.

I haven't bought any board games in years, but based off of a cursory search on Walmart's website for other Hasbro games, they range in price from $12-$30. Not including shipping, the $49.99 price for this Crate equals about $17 per game. To be completely honest, I think the games are fun and really cute for families and kids, but I found the quality of the actual boards and pieces lacking. I was surprised to find that the boards for Mask of the Pharoah and Leo Goes to the Barber were made entirely of punch-out cards. I remember getting board games with actual big boards that you'd fold out and move the little pieces around. That being said, the pieces are sturdy and well-made, it just seemed a bit odd to me. But again, I haven't bought any games in a while so maybe that is how they're all made now?

Bottom Line: The Hasbro Gaming Crate is a bit on the pricey side after you include shipping, but I think it's a fun way to bring board games into the home. I like that they have two options, one for families and one for adult game nights, and that each Crate has three exclusive games. I guess the fact that they are exclusive also adds to their value over other games you'd find in stores. If you're a board game fan, I think this Crate is a great option!

Emma & Chloé Fly to Paris Giveaway and Coupon

Emma & Chloé is running an amazing promotion and giveaway! Read on for the details.

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Emma & Chloé sends hand picked jewelry from up-and-coming French designers for only $35 per month. Use coupon code FLYTOPARIS for $15 off any subscription and you'll be entered to win a free flight for two to Paris plus a shopping spree! This offer is good for this week only, until July 22nd.

Sports Crate Shipping Update for July

I just received the following email regarding shipping for the July Sports Crate and all Crates going forward:

So it looks like July Crates won't be shipping until July 31st. This is a bit of a bummer because I was looking forward to getting my Crate at the end of this week, but I'm glad that Sports Crate is providing up-front communication this time around. I hope that they are able to iron out all of their issues so that Crates will be delivered on time going forward. I do appreciate that they're taking our feedback seriously and are trying to communicate better than last month.

July Tea Runners Review

I love a good loose leaf tea, and Tea Runners is a newly-launched tea subscription that delivers the finest loose leaf teas right to your door! I sampled their July box and was very impressed.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

Tea Runners launched this past February and they already have more than 900 happy subscribers. Each month you'll receive a curated collection of four of the world's finest loose leaf teas, along with tasting notes and brewing instructions. Each box will have enough tea to make 30-50 cups. Their teas are sourced from small batch producers and many are top place finishers at the Global Tea Championship Awards. Boxes may contain black, green, oolong, yellow, white, pu-erh, rooibos, and herbal teas.

Tea Runners is so popular that they currently have a wait list to join, but you can sign up on their website to reserve your spot in line. They will likely have space for 75 new members at the end of July.

Boxes are $25 per month for four loose leaf teas, which comes out to about 56 cents per cup. You can also prepay for three months ($67.50, or $22.50 per month) or six months ($127.50, or $21.25 per month). Shipping to U.S. and Canada is free and international shipping is $12. You can also skip a month or cancel any time.

The first thing I noticed about Tea Runners was the unique packaging. As you can see from the last two photos, the teas ship in a beautifully-designed thin cardboard box.

The teas are neatly packaged inside with a tissue paper wrapper. They're individually packaged in bright gold packets with lots of information about each tea on the outer label. The info card also lists information about each tea.

  • Mystic Mint from Rishi Tea - I've had this tea before and I love it. Mint tea is probably my favorite type of tea, and I drink it often to help soothe my stomach. This has a blend of peppermint, cardamom, and licorice root and sweet notes of basil with a slight hint of clove. It's a caffeine free organic herbal tea. I really like that Tea Runners includes steep times, serving sizes, and water temperature on the labels to ensure you brew the best cup of tea. This tea has a slightly sweet flavor and was very soothing.
  • Black Gold Biluochun from Tea Runners - This is a pure black tea with a medium-high caffeine level. The leaves were harvested last spring in the Simao district of Yunnan, China. It has a smooth, sturdy flavor with notes of chocolate and flowers. I love the way the leaves smell, they're definitely strong and bold, and I think I will try this one iced.
  • Organic Bliss by American Tea Room - This is a green and white tea blend with dragon fruit and pomegranate. The fruitiness is balanced with a grassy lemon tartness. It also has organic kiwi and raspberry pieces with a bit of sugar added. It has a lovely, fruity aroma and would be a good starter tea for anyone who isn't as experienced with fuller teas like black teas. It's very refreshing and great for summer!
  • Dragon Claw Oolong by Tea Runners - This is a pure oolong tea (which, I recently learned, is pronounced "WOO-long") from the ilam region of Nepal. The tea leaves resemble claws unfurling, hence the name. The cup steeps to a beautiful amber color with a nutty, toasted finish and sweet tartness of apricot. I'm not as experienced with oolong teas so I'm excited to try this one.

Pictured clockwise, from top left: Mystic Mint, Dragon Claw Oolong, Black Gold Biluochun, and Organic Bliss.
Bottom Line: I'm very impressed with the July Tea Runners box and I can see why they have a waitlist! The teas they sent are all wonderful and I can't wait to try them all. I like that they send a variety of tea types and their packaging is absolutely beautiful.

July Daily Goodie Box Review

I'd recommend making an account on Daily Goodie Box to everyone! This box is entirely free and is always full of great products. Keep reading to see what they sent for July.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

Daily Goodie Box is not a monthly subscription box, but they do send out boxes every month. The way it works is you can create a profile on their website and interact with them on social media to increase your chances of receiving a box. Boxes are sent out based on availability so creating an account doesn't guarantee you'll receive one, but they do offer plenty of chances to get one (especially on their Facebook page, link at the end of this post).

The boxes really are 100% free and I've found that they send high quality products from a variety of brands. These boxes are a great treat and I've discovered some great brands through Daily Goodie Box!

Be sure to log in to your account after you receive a box to provide feedback on the products. All you have to do is leave a few sentences of honest feedback in exchange for the box.

July's box had lots of snacks inside, which isn't always the case but is something I'll always enjoy. That being said, I still think there was a good variety of products represented here.

  • Davidson's Organics Coconut Vanilla Tea - I'm not a huge fan of coconut but I do like vanilla. This is a USDA certified organic dessert tea with no caffeine. There were two bags included and I'm curious to see how this tastes.
  • Palo Popcorn Premium Cheddar Cheese - I love Palo Popcorn! I know I just said I don't like coconut, but I do like coconut oil, which is what this is made with. It's also non-GMO and made with real cheddar cheese and is just so good! The coconut oil makes it feel creamier to me and I love how packed each piece is with flavor.
  • Watusee Foods Organic Chickpeatos - These were another delicious snack! I got the Zesty Ranch flavor; I'm not sure if everyone got the same flavor but there are three available. These had a ton of flavor and were nice and crunchy.
  • Detox Water in Mangaloe - This is mango flavored (my favorite) but it's called Mangaloe because it's an aloe water. I've had Detox Water before, maybe from a previous Daily Goodie Box (I can't exactly remember), and it's pretty good. The water has ACTIValoe gel flakes to help support the body's immune functions and digestion.
  • Natural Vitality Natural Calm - I really enjoy Natural Calm and have reviewed the supplement on this blog before (read that review here). It's an anti-stress drink with magnesium in it to help balance calcium intake and help you fee more relaxed. It's also vegan and non-GMO. I received two packets of the Raspberry Lemon flavor in this box.
  • Balla For Men Tingle Formula Body Powder - This is made with fine Italian talcum powder and a subtle fragrance to help your body feel dry and comfortable. It has a mint scent and leaves a tingling sensation on the skin. I haven't tried this yet, but even though it's for men I'm going to throw it in my gym bag for some post-workout refreshment.
  • Goddess Garden Natural Mineral Sunscreen Lip Balm - This lip balm is SPF 30 and made with certified organic ingredients. It's also beeswax-free so it's vegan. I appreciate that the SPF is high, usually I find that lip balms are in the 15 range and I feel that isn't strong enough for the delicate skin on your lips. I got the Lavender Mint scent and it's lovely.
  • Curoxen First Aid Ointment - I got to use this right away because my big dumb self somehow got two giant scratches up my leg the day this box arrived. I'm not sure how it happened honestly, but I put this ointment on it right away. It's all natural and organic with no artificial antibiotics or chemicals.
  • Flapjacked Milk Chocolate Protein Smoothie Mix - I don't usually drink protein smoothies because I haven't found one that didn't taste horrible. My post workout snack is usually a glass of chocolate milk, but I was curious to try this because it was milk chocolate flavored and made with greek yogurt. It tasted pretty good and I would definitely purchase more!
  • Honey Stinger Cran-Apple and Walnut Snack Bar - I've tried some other Honey Stinger products before and I liked them. This bar is gluten-free and non-GMO. I plan on taking it to work for breakfast.
Bottom Line: I really liked everything in the July Daily Goodie Box! There were some products I already knew and enjoyed as well as some new ones to try. The Goddess Garden lip balm and Palo popcorn were my favorites!

July Degustabox Review and Coupon

If you love snacks like me, you have to check out Degustabox! They consistently send great foods of all varieties for a really affordable price.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review. Post contains affiliate links.

Degustabox sends at least 10 full-sized foods and pantry items each month for only $19.99 per month. Shipping is free to U.S. addresses. They also have a box for the U.K., but this is a review of the U.S. box.

Each Degustabox is always a treat, literally, because it's packed with great snacks. I have discovered some great new brands and products through this subscription. Here's what was in July's box:

  • Wise PopCorn ($.75 each) - There were two bags of each flavor, Sea Salt and Cinnabon. The Sea Salt was lightly salted and the Cinnabon had a really great cinnamon flavor.
  • Vermont Smoke & Cure Cracked Pepper Beef & Pork Stick ($1.99 each) - These are in the Original best-selling flavor of Cracked Pepper and have real spices with nourishing meat protein.
  • Mrs. Thinster's Cookie Thins in Brownie Batter ($2.99) - I love these cookies! The Brownie Batter flavor was new to me and it was delicious. The cookies are very thin but packed with flavor. I especially liked the chocolate chips in them. They're non-GMO and have no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.
  • King Arthur Flour Essential Goodness Everyone's Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix ($4.99) - This mix is made with premium chocolate chips, real brown sugar, and no artificial ingredients. The ingredients are already measured out in the mix so they're ready for baking.
  • KALA Beans in Tropical Curry ($3.99) - I like snacking on KALA Beans because they're a healthier option than something like potato chips. These have a ton of flavor and a satisfying crunch. The other flavor options were Simply Peppered and Sea Salt and Vinegar Crunch.
  • Mutti Tomato Sauce ($2.29) - I make pasta all the time so this sauce will be put to good use. It's made with a creamy puree of tomato skins with Mediterranean herbs and a hint of chili peppers.
  • Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oil ($3.99) - This oil is the winner of the ChefsBest Excellence Award for overall quality. It's derived from the finest Spanish olives.
  • Karma Wellness Water in Acai Pomegranate ($1.99) - I tried one of these waters when I ran a 5k last fall and they're really interesting. The vitamin powder is in the cap, and when you're ready to drink it you push the cap down to dispense the vitamins into the water. The reason for this is because vitamins lose their potency in the water, so this keeps them fresh until you're ready to drink it. The Acai Pomegranate flavor was really good, but it does add a ton of flavor so this more like a juice to me than a flavored water.
  • Waffle Waffle in Buttery Vanilla ($1.79) - This big waffle was full of flavor and was very good. It's made with real pearl sugar and you can definitely tell. It was sweet and delicious.
Bottom Line: All of the products in the July Degustabox were a hit for me! I loved the Waffle Waffle and the Mrs. Thinster's Cookie Thins the most. All of these products would have cost way more individually in the grocery store, so you really can't beat Degustabox's value!

  • Visit Degustabox to subscribe
    • Use this link and coupon code CJSUMMER for 50% off your first box, free shipping, and a FREE bottle of Bibigo Go-Chu-Jang Sauce!

July Something Sweet Undies Review

Something Sweet Undies is a new subscription service that sends premium underwear at a a really affordable price!

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

Something Sweet Undies is based out of Newport Beach, California and they send two pairs of stylish women's underwear for only $11 per month. Shipping is free to U.S. addresses and $10 internationally.

The package ships in a nondescript mailer and the undies are inside of a cute gold package inside of the outer shipping envelope.

There are three style options to choose from: thong, non thong, or one of each. This a review of the non-thong option. Each option is available in small, medium, and large and you'll choose your size when you subscribe. There is a sizing chart on the website and you can change your size at any time by logging into your account page.

I think the two undies I received are really cute and stylish! The styles are comparable to what you'd find at higher priced retailers. They're well made and an excellent value at only $11 per month. I feel like if you went to the mall you'd pay at least $11 just for one pair at some stores!
Bottom Line: Something Sweet Undies is a great subscription at an affordable price. I think this is a much better option than going to the mall, since the designs are high quality and comparable to what you'd find elsewhere for a much better price!

July BookCase.Club Review and Coupon

I know I say this every month, but I always get so giddy when my BookCase.Club boxes arrive! I love getting new books and this subscription makes it easy and affordable.

*Disclaimer: These boxes were sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review. Post contains affiliate links.

BookCase.Club sends two hand-selected books from your genre of choice for only $9.99 per month with $5 shipping. They have plenty of options to choose from:
  • Thrill Seeker - mystery/thriller
  • Strange Worlds - sci-fi/fantasy
  • Teenage Dreams - young adult novels
  • Blind Date - paranormal romance
  • Booking for Love - romance
  • Quarterly Cook Books - two cook books every three months
  • Quarterly Military History - two military history books every three months
There's also a BookCase.Kids option with three cases available for kids of different ages. You'll receive three hand-picked books per month with that box.

This is a review for the Thrill Seekers and Strange Worlds cases. I've gotten so many great books from both of these cases and I'm always excited to see what the next month will bring!

The Thrill Seekers case had some really great titles this month. When I saw the Broadchurch by Erin Kelly cover I said "yeeeeessss!!!" out loud because I loved the Broadchurch TV show. At first I though, "I didn't know this was a book first," but that's because it wasn't. This was adapted into a novel from the TV series, but I'll still read it because I really enjoyed the show. Black Eyed Susans by Julia Heaberlin also sounds like a really great murder thriller

Here is the blurb for Broadchurch, from Amazon:
In the sleepy British seaside town of Broadchurch, Detective Ellie Miller has just returned from vacation, only to learn that she's been passed over for a promotion at work in favor of outsider Alec Hardy. He, escaping the spectacular failure of his last case, is having trouble finding his way into this tight-knit community wary of new faces. But professional rivalry aside, both detectives are about to receive some terrible news: 11-year-old Danny Latimer has been found murdered on the beach.

For Ellie it's a personal blow; Danny was her older son's best friend. She can't believe anyone in Broadchurch would ever have harmed him. But Alec considers everyone, even Danny's parents, suspect in his death. It's a living nightmare for everyone involved…even before the press arrive and start stirring up the secrets every town member keeps hidden behind closed doors.

An intimate portrait of a town and the ordinary grievances that have slowly simmered for years before boiling over in an unthinkable crime, this remarkable adaptation of the hit television show Broadchurch tells the story of a shattered family, a reeling town, and the two imperfect detectives trying to bring them answers.

Black Eyed Susans by Julia Heaberlin:
As a sixteen-year-old, Tessa Cartwright was found in a Texas field, barely alive amid a scattering of bones, with only fragments of memory as to how she got there. Ever since, the press has pursued her as the lone surviving “Black-Eyed Susan,” the nickname given to the murder victims because of the yellow carpet of wildflowers that flourished above their shared grave. Tessa’s testimony about those tragic hours put a man on death row.

Now, almost two decades later, Tessa is an artist and single mother. In the desolate cold of February, she is shocked to discover a freshly planted patch of black-eyed susans—a summertime bloom—just outside her bedroom window. Terrified at the implications—that she sent the wrong man to prison and the real killer remains at large—Tessa turns to the lawyers working to exonerate the man awaiting execution. But the flowers alone are not proof enough, and the forensic investigation of the still-unidentified bones is progressing too slowly. An innocent life hangs in the balance. The legal team appeals to Tessa to undergo hypnosis to retrieve lost memories—and to share the drawings she produced as part of an experimental therapy shortly after her rescue.

What they don’t know is that Tessa and the scared, fragile girl she was have built a fortress of secrets. As the clock ticks toward the execution, Tessa fears for her sanity, but even more for the safety of her teenaged daughter. Is a serial killer still roaming free, taunting Tessa with a trail of clues? She has no choice but to confront old ghosts and lingering nightmares to finally discover what really happened that night.

The Strange Worlds case has increased my interest in sci-fi and fantasy novels quite a bit. I've always appreciated the genre but never really got to into it, but the books selected by BookCase.Club have been excellent.

This month's case features Proxima by Stephen Baxter and The Fold by Peter Clines. Both sound like they have great stories, but I'm especially interested in The Fold. The plot reminds me of my all-time favorite sci-fi book, Dark Matter by Blake Crouch.

Proxima by Stephen Baxter:
Mankind’s future in this galaxy could be all but infinite.

There are hundreds of billions of red dwarf stars, lasting trillions of years—and their planets can be habitable for humans. Such is the world of Proxima Centauri. And its promise could mean the never-ending existence of humanity.

But first it must be colonized, and no one wants to be a settler. There is no glamor that accompanies it, nor is there the ease of becoming a citizen of an already-tamed world. There is only hardship...loneliness...emptiness, even as war brews in the solar system.

But that’s where Yuri comes in. Because sometimes exploration isn’t voluntary. It must be coerced.

The Fold by Peter Clines:
The folks in Mike Erikson's small New England town would say he's just your average, everyday guy. And that's exactly how Mike likes it. Sure, the life he's chosen isn’t much of a challenge to someone with his unique gifts, but he’s content with his quiet and peaceful existence.

That is, until an old friend presents him with an irresistible mystery, one that Mike is uniquely qualified to solve: far out in the California desert, a team of DARPA scientists has invented a device they affectionately call the Albuquerque Door. Using a cryptic computer equation and magnetic fields to “fold” dimensions, it shrinks distances so that a traveler can travel hundreds of feet with a single step. The invention promises to make mankind’s dreams of teleportation a reality. And, the scientists insist, traveling through the Door is completely safe. Yet evidence is mounting that this miraculous machine isn’t quite what it seems—and that its creators are harboring a dangerous secret.

As his investigations draw him deeper into the puzzle, Mike begins to fear there’s only one answer that makes sense. And if he’s right, it may only be a matter of time before the project destroys…everything.

Bottom Line: All four books in both the Thrill Seekers and Strange Worlds cases from BookCase.Club are great! I don't know which one I'm going to start reading first. I am consistently impressed with the books they send and I think this subscription is an excellent and affordable option for all book lovers!
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