Friday, July 21, 2017

July Emma & Chloé Review and Coupon

I've been working on building up my jewelry collection and Emma & Chloé makes it easy! They send beautiful pieces every month, and July's has a subtle summer theme.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review. Post contains affiliate links.

A quick note about the box's condition: it arrived to me in perfect condition; however, my rabbit got to it before I took the photos so that's why there's a small mark near the bottom left corner.

Emma & Chloé costs $35 per month for a piece of handmade jewelry from an up-and-coming French designer. All of the pieces are valued at up to $200 and are available in silver or gold options. The pieces are handmade with brass and plated with gold or dip-coated in a silver bath.

When you first subscribe you'll be able to request either silver, gold, or both types of pieces and you can change your preference at any time. You'll also receive 20% off everything in their online shop as a subscriber.

The July box features a bracelet from Nilaï. Each month you'll receive your piece in an Emma & Chloé branded drawstring bag for storage, a monthly gazette, and a smaller card with a certificate of authenticity. I love Emma & Chloé's packaging and presentation; everything is so beautiful!

The gazette is a nice touch as well and is fun to page through. There's an interview with the artisan, information about the piece, and other fun articles about styling and other pieces available in the store.

The Summer Cauri Bangle by Nilaï is the perfect piece for July! The design features small cauri shells on either end. The bracelet is adjustable, and I love that it is small and delicate (my favorite type of jewelry).

The inspiration behind the bracelet came from Nilaï's travels in the Maldives. The cauri shell holds special symbolism there and is thought to bring wealth, luck, and travel. Nilaï adds a touch of exoticism to all of her jewelry, which is perfectly on display with this piece!

This is not a piece that I would normally consider for myself, but that's what I love about Emma & Chloé. As soon as I tried it on I loved it, so I'm glad they sent something that was outside of my normal comfort zone! I normally don't wear bracelets because I don't like how they shift around so much on my wrist, but this one stays put really well and isn't a distraction because I can tighten it to fit my wrist snugly.
Bottom Line: The July Emma & Chloé piece is so pretty. I love the simple design and the meaning behind it. This will fit in perfectly with my other bracelets!

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