Monday, March 18, 2013

February Little Black Bag Unboxing and Review

I purchased a $29.95 Little Black Bag for the month of February and was able to trade up to a handbag and two other items, which I think is pretty good for only three days of trading.  I usually prefer the $49.95 option because you have a longer time to trade, but the fact that I've been able to get a handbag with all of my $29.95 purchases has made it worth it for me.

At first I wasn't sure if I loved the handbag I got.  It looked really cute on the site, but when I got it in person I considered sending it back.  But since LBB isn't always great with giving equally valued items for exchanges (meaning they might give me a bag similar in monetary value, but it's one of the sale items or just something that doesn't trade well at all), I decided to keep it.  I figure I can always sell it on eBay in the future if I get sick of it.  But anyway, here's the list of what I got:

  • Olivia and Joy Expose Hobo, retail is $88
  • Geranium Leaf Cuff, $14
  • Goose Creek Candle Co Pillar Candle in Burning Oak, $12

I know that for most LBBers this seems like a pretty measly haul, but I'm satisfied with it.  I wouldn't be so thrilled to get only three items with a $49.95 bag, but I'd rather have one big item (a handbag) and a few smaller ones that I'll actually use than five or six jewelry items that I won't wear.  I'm pretty picky about my jewelry and I don't often find a great amount of pieces on LBB that I like.

For a more in-depth look at my items, watch my unboxing video:

More photos of my items are available after the "read more."

*Disclaimer: I purchased this bag and was not asked to review it.  I was not compensated for this review in any way.


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    1. Thanks! I like Geranium's jewelry, it's really cute and affordable.


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