Thursday, April 17, 2014

March Little Black Bag Review - Bag #1

I shipped two Little Black Bags in March after not having bought one since January.  I was mostly bored and they started having sales (since they're "merging" with Pose, but basically they're going out of business.  Read more about it on their Tumblr).  This bag wasn't my favorite, but it only cost me $26.43 overall.

I ended up with four items total.  It only cost me $15.90 to open the bag, and then I added the rings for an additional $10.44.  I know the photo above has terrible exposure, but the dark black bag and the white other items made it difficult, and I was too lazy to really play around with it.

So the first item, the main item, was the handbag.  It's the Nila Anthony Studded Bucket Bag.  I figured it would be good for summertime, since it has a crossbody strap and is pretty big (but not too big).  This is the perfect type of bag to wear on day trips to the zoo, or any other place where I want to pack a few extra things like sunscreen and a water bottle but I don't want to lug around a heavy bag on my shoulder.

I had been eyeing the Cargo Argentina Lip Gloss Quad for a while and was finally able to trade for one.  I've heard a few horror stories of people getting used beauty products in their bags so I was keeping my fingers crossed that it wouldn't happen to me.  I had also seen some reviews that said this quad was overpriced and not the greatest quality, but I liked the colors and I wasn't paying full price for it anyway so I still decided to ship it.  The glosses themselves are very soft, so don't jam your finger or brush into them.  Aside from that, they give a sheer color that I do enjoy and aren't too sticky, so I'm glad I got this.

I also was able to trade for the SPL Chai Latte Travel Tin candle, another item I had been wanting.  SPL is LBB's brand, and in my opinion all of their items are ridiculously priced.  They put the retail value of this candle at $20, but my question is -- if you're making them specifically for the site (where everything is on discount), isn't the retail value what you're actually selling it for?  Aside from that, this does have a really nice, warm scent.  The quality of the candle isn't the best--I found that it burns down but not all the way to the rim, so you end up with a bunch of the wax still along the sides.

Last, but not least, is the Catherine Stein Designs Owl Midi Ring set, which I absolutely adore!  These were released a day or two before my bag was going to close, so I just added to bag because I wanted them and didn't want to mess around with trading.  I think they're so cute and small enough that I can still wear them to the office and not look too crazy.  Since they're midi rings, they sit above the knuckle instead of below it.  Below is another photo of how the owl one looks on.

Bottom Line: This wasn't the best LBB I've ever shipped, but it certainly wasn't the worst.  I can't complain that I only amassed four items because the entire thing was so cheap overall.  My favorite item was definitely the owl ring!

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.


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