Sunday, October 29, 2017

Introducing the MiaMia Beauty App!

MiaMia Beauty is a new app that makes saving and sharing your favorite beauty products and looks easy and fun!

*Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post.

MiaMia is a personalized social beauty platform that lets you discover and create looks and save, share, and purchase your favorite beauty products. The app is currently only available on in the Apple iOS App Store, but they're planning on building an Android and web app as well.

MiaMia was built to be an all-in-one beauty resource. You can discover new products and share your looks, plus follow other users and get recommendations and inspiration.

My favorite feature on MiaMia is their huge catalog of products! I'm always looking for new beauty products to try, but sometimes it seems like there are so many out there that it's overwhelming and I end up finding nothing. I like that, with this app, I can find looks that I like that others have created, as well as the products they used to make that look. Then it's easy to save that product to my Loves for future reference. You can also click "Buy" and you'll be redirected to a place where you can purchase the product. For example, I added the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray to my Loves and when I clicked "Buy" the app took me to Barney's to purchase.

Many of MiaMia's users are "hi-low" shoppers, meaning they have favorites from all types of brands. Maybe your favorite foundation is by NARS and you get your favorite mascara from the drug store. I know I shop all over the place for beauty so I fall into this category of shopper, and now MiaMia makes it easy to get all of my products in one place!

When you first download MiaMia you'll create your account. You can sign up through email, Facebook, or Instagram. Then you'll fill out a short four question survey (see screenshots above) so MiaMia can learn a bit more about your skincare and makeup needs and preferences.

After that, start exploring! You can find friends or bloggers and beauty influencers to follow, browse their looks, and start adding favorite products to your Loves.

I really like the layout of the app and the design aesthetic. Everything is clean and fun. The app is easy to navigate; the menu is along the bottom of the screen (as you can see in the screenshot above, on the right). I had a great time scrolling through all of the looks for inspiration. You can add your own to share with the community, too!
Bottom Line: If you're a beauty enthusiast then you should definitely check out the MiaMia Beauty app! I thought it was a lot of fun to use and I will be using it to log my favorite products and find inspiration for hair and makeup looks in the future.


  1. Hi Danielle - Thank you for writing about us! We love your feedback on the app and would like to feature your beauty Looks once you've had a chance to create them on MiaMia.

    Founder, MiaMia Beauty


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