Wednesday, January 24, 2018

New Subscription Alert: The BUB CLUB!

If you're a cat person like me, then you know about Lil BUB. She's one of the most famous internet cats and her and her dude, Mike, do a lot of good to help other pets in need. Now she's launching a subscription box!

*Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post.

If you're not familiar with internet cats (how dare you!), Lil BUB is a special needs cat from Indiana whose mission is to bring smiles and do good. She has a Big Fund for the ASPCA and a portion of all purchases from her store go to this fund.

I'm a huge fan of Lil BUB. She's so cute and I love following her across all social media. Now, fans of BUB can join the BUB CLUB!It will be a quarterly/seasonal subscription and they hope to start accepting subscriptions in June of this year. The first round will be limited, so sign up for the newsletter here to be alerted when they open.

You can pay up front for an entire year (four boxes) or quarterly, with the option to cancel any time. The price will include U.S. shipping and a contribution to special needs pets. International orders will have a separate shipping cost.

The boxes will feature merchandise 100% exclusive to the club and will be designed and manufactured with love by Lil BUB's friends. Given the quality, exclusivity, and limited nature of the subscription, boxes will be more expensive than what you may currently be used to for subscription services.

There will be THREE subscription levels available (text thanks to Lil BUB's email newsletter):
  • Tier 1 would be "Stationery and Accessories" and  would contain 3-6 high quality cards with envelopes, a sticker sheet, a photo print of BUB, a BUB pen, a BUB notebook, and a  BUB magnet, plus a donation to Lil BUB's Big FUND.
  • Tier 2 would contain a few of Tier 1's items plus a limited edition enamel pin and one or two substantial pieces of merchandise like a t-shirt and a pair of socks, a pillow, a travel mug, a hand towel, etc, plus a generous donation to Lil BUB's Big FUND.
  • Tier 3 would be the "Premier VIP" subscription, and limited to only about 100 subscriptions (or less) to start, and would contain everything from Tier 1 and 2, plus one more really special exclusive piece of merchandise, likely signed and/or handmade like a porcelain wee-tea handmade by my dude's sister, a sterling silver pendant, a watch, or a custom stuffed animal, a personalized and signed photo from BUB to you on your birthday, plus a very generous donation to Lil BUB's Big FUND.
I'm really excited to learn more about the BUB CLUB. The price hasn't been announced yet, but I'm glad they are letting everyone know ahead of time that it will be a higher price point. I think I will definitely sign up for at least one box. I love that the cost will also go towards helping animals in need.
  • Visit Lil BUB's website to learn more about her and browse her shop
  • Sign up for the BUB CLUB newsletter here to be alerted when subscriptions open
What do you think of BUB CLUB? Are you a fan of Lil BUB?

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