Monday, February 12, 2018

Sacred Mind and Body Therapeutic Relief Review

Sacred Mind and Body creates all-natural hemp oil products for a variety of needs. Their products are made with the finest high quality ingredients. I tried their Therapeutic Relief Balm and Lotion and had great results!

*Disclaimer: These products were sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

Sacred Mind and Body was founded on the belief that everyone should have access to high quality natural products to care for the body. Their products are not tested on animals and are FDA-evaluated and THC-free. Not only do their products promote soft skin, but they also help stimulate circulation, promote cellular regeneration, reduce inflammation, relax muscles, and ease toxins out of the body.

The Therapeutic Relief Lotion and Therapeutic Relief Balm definitely help relax sore muscles! Both relieve aches and pains and help restore motion from stiffness. They're safe for all skin types and help boost healing while reducing inflammation.

The Lotion is available in a 2 fl oz bottle and is a thinner consistency than the balm. It's made with violet leaf infused olive oil, natural hemp seed oil, beeswax, essential oils (myrrh, turmeric, ginger, frankincense), and Vitamin E. It has what I consider to be the standard pain relief lotion scent, minty and strong.

The Balm is a thicker consistency that I prefer, as it's easier to really rub it into the affected area. It still applies smoothly even though it's thicker than the lotion. It's available in a 3 oz jar and has similar ingredients to the lotion: violet leaf infused olive oil, castor oil, ginger root infused oil, meadowfoam sea oil, natural hemp oil, beeswax, essential oils (turmeric, chamomile, lavender, ginger, frankincense), and Vitamin E. The balm has a less intense scent and smells more like lavender/ginger than the lotion.

Both the lotion and balm are great for using before or after workouts or whenever you're feeling sore. I applied these to my neck and shoulders after the gym yesterday and they felt so good. The instructions say to wait 15-20 minutes to feel the effects, but I felt them after only a few minutes. Both give a nice cooling sensation that really helps relax the muscles.
Bottom Line: I'm a fan of the Sacred Mind and Body Therapeutic Lotion and Balm! Both worked really well to soothe my delayed-onset muscle soreness after working out. Both had equal strength relief, so whether you choose the lotion or balm is really up to which consistency and/or scent you prefer.

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