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April My Imagination Mail Playcademy Review

My Imagination Mail is a new subscription for preschoolers that sends games, toys, and other enrichment activities to encourage imagination and learning! Their Playcademy box is one of three subscription options and I have their April box to share with you.

*Dislcaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

My Imagination Mail has three different types of subscriptions with four package options. This is a review for the Playcademy box. Here are all of the options:
  • My Fairy Tale Weekly Postcards: $9.99 per month for once weekly personalized postcards from a character like the Easter Bunny, Mother Earth, etc.
  • Fairy Tale Preschool Playcademy Mini: $24.99 per month for a mini version of the box
  • Fairy Tale Preschool Playcademy: $27.99 for the full box
  • Fairy Tale Preschool Playcademy PLUS: $32.99 for the Playcademy box and My Fairy Tale Weekly Postcards
The Playcademy box features a personalized letter, seasonal toys, crafts, stickers, a character activity calendar, and more!

The April box is centered around Earth Day (which will take place April 22nd) and has a letter to your child from Mother Earth.

There are a few paper inserts that come with the box. One is the Character Calendar for April and May, which has fun notes for most days of the month (e.g., April 18th is Animal Crackers Day).

There are also inserts for parents/guardians, including a list with the box's contents and suggestions on how to use them. There's also a skills assessment checklist that can be used to follow your child's progress with different learning skills.

There are lots of adorable Earth-themed items in this box!
  • Love the Earth Cutout - This has a hole in the top that can be used to display from the ceiling or in a window of your child's room, or wherever else they may want to hang it.
  • Faber-Castell Grow a Little Star Kit - This is so cute! This has everything you need to grow little chia sprouts in a star container, just add water. It helps with scientific interest, responsibility, nature and nurture lessons, cause and effect, and observational skills.
  • Pick Up Snakes Game - This game helps with hand-eye coordination, visual motor skills, pincer grasp, and problem-solving.
  • Globe Super Bounce Ball - This is another toy that's fun, but also helps develop hand-eye coordination, motor control, and gross motor skills.
  • Sands Alive! Sand Box - This has reusable sand that helps with muscle development, pre-writing, creativity, and imagination. 
  • Sands Alive! Jungle Friends Mold Set - Use these molds with the Sand Box to help with muscle development and give your child a sense of confidence when the molds are successfully used to create shapes.
  •  Spring Garden Sticker Book - I loved stickers as a kid, so this would have been my favorite item in the box for sure! They help with fine motor skills, visual perception, pincer grasp, handedness, hand strength, and muscle development.
  • I Love Rainy Days! Book - Reading this with your child will help bolster pre-reading skills, print motivation, print awareness, vocabulary, letter understanding, and pre-phonics.

Here are close-ups of some of the stickers and a page from the book.

  • Blank Cards and Envelopes - There are five blank cards and envelopes to make and give. These can be used in unlimited ways and definitely encourage creativity!
  • My Fairy Tale Conversation Cards - These cards have one question on each side that can be used as conversation starters at the dinner table. They help with verbalization, curiosity, confidence, group dynamics, listening, taking turns, explanations, and clarifications.
  • Markers and Collectible Pin - The markers can be used to decorate the blank cards or other coloring activities. The pin is a little white rabbit for Easter/spring time.
  • Earth Mosaics Craft Kit - This kit helps with matching, assembly, patience, manual dexterity, visual organization, colors, and hand-eye coordination. 

A closer look at the pin and one of the conversation cards.
Bottom Line: The My Imagination Mail Playcademy box is a great way to engage your preschool-age child in fun activities that also help develop important skills. I think kids will have a blast opening the box each month and discovering the goodies, plus you'll be able to bond with them as you complete the activities together!

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