Sunday, May 13, 2018

May Ellebox Review

Ellebox is a box for women that sends organic period supplies and other goodies, all in time for your time of the month, every time.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review. 

Ellebox sends 100% organic pads and tampons with personal care goodies in two different monthly options:
  • Essentials Box: $10.99 per month for 16 organic pads/tampons
  • Comfort Box: $29.99 per month for the Essentials plus two surprise goodies, tea, and a healthy snack or chocolate
You can choose a plastic or cardboard applicator if you choose tampons. The organic pads and tampons have no chlorine, bleach, pesticides, synthetic fibers, or crude oils.

There's also a monthly Tween Box for $20 that has 15 pads, five pantyliners, two surprise gifts, and educational content for girls to help them and their parents/guardians be prepared for their first period and make it a little less stressful.

Shipping is free to the U.S. and the FAQ page says there is a small fee for shipping to Canada, though it doesn't say exactly what the fee is. They do say that they are actively working to remove the Canadian shipping fee.

This is a review for the Comfort Box. I love the simple but stylish packaging, especially the sticker of the female reproductive system that holds everything together. I like that boxes like these destigmatize a woman's period and provide products to help you prepare for and pamper during that time of the month.

I chose to receive 16 pads, as I don't use tampons, but you can customize your box to include up to 16 of whatever type of product you need.

There's a nice foldout info card that lists everything in your box, plus period tips and other information. This month's card has information about Menstrual Hygiene Day on May 28th. I like this added information, because although I was lucky enough to have a lot of resources available when I got my first period, not all girls and women have access to this and the box is an easy way to share valuable information.

The surprise goodies this month were excellent! Here's what was inside, aside from the pads:
  • Element Botanicals Natural Deodorant ($10) - I received the Flora scent, which is a light, gentle floral. The deodorant has a hefty dose of bacteria-killing, moisture-absorbing, and naturally effective ingredients to keep you feeling fresh.
  • Element Botanicals Alchemist Serum and Cleansing Oil ($18) - I love cleansing oils, and this one is 100% natural. It has highly concentrated botanicals and extracts to deliver intense nourishment to balance your complexion. It can also be used as a leave-in serum to improve elasticity, clarity, and promote cell renewal and repair.
  • Truffle Pig Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar ($2.74 USD/$3.50 CAD)- This bar was delicious, and the chocolate was shaped like three little piggies! I probably should have taken a photo, but I ate it shortly after taking these photos and didn't think about it until after. It's made with 47% cacao, which is a great source of fiber and can reduce inflammation. 
  • Tea Sparrow Japanese Treasures Green Tea ($12) - I love a good cup of tea, especially to relax during that time of the month. These can be made hot or iced.
This month's extra goodies have a retail value of $42.74 which is well above the price of the box, and that isn't including the value of the pads/tampons.
Bottom Line: I think Ellebox is a great way to treat yourself during your period, and I love that they send 100% organic supplies with organic and natural goodies! The Tween Box is also a great option for young girls to get comfortable with their period.

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