Thursday, August 3, 2017

July RamenPak Review and Coupon

Ramen has become pretty popular as more than just a broke college student food and I love it because it really is a great soup. RamenPak is a new subscription that sends ramen from all around the world!

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

RamenPak sends six delicious packs of ramen every month for $25. New flavors and brands are sent each month from Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, and more! Shipping is free worldwide.

The box was much bigger than I was expecting, width-wise at least. It's a shorter box with a longer length and each ramen pack was lied flat in the box. It also came with a pair of metal chopsticks. I don't own any metal chopsticks so these were nice to have (I only have wooden ones).

Right away I noticed that all of the packages were bright and were (mostly) from brands I hadn't heard of before. I think everyone has had the standard brands you can find at stores like WalMart during college, so getting different international brands is a fun treat.

The RamenPak website says each box will have six packs, but mine had five packs of ramen and one pack of seaweed snacks. I love seaweed snacks so I didn't mind, but I'm not sure if everyone's box will have five instead of six for this month.

There was no info card included so I'm not sure exactly what the brands and flavors are here, so I'll describe them going clockwise from top left:
  • Jin Ramen Spicy: This was my favorite of the bunch! I call this "Asian spicy," aka spicier than your average "spicy" food. It had a spicy sweet flavor, which is my absolute favorite, and was really delicious.
  • Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen: I haven't tried this one yet but I'm hopeful that it will be nice and hot. Chicken flavor ramen is my preferred flavor. I can tell this one is Korean because I recognize the hangul, but I don't actually read the language so I can't tell you what it says.
  • Nomgshim Black Ramen: I ate this one first because Nongshim is the one brand I've had before. You can't really tell from the photo above, but they have these cute little characters on their packaging. This one also had great spicy flavor.
  • Mi Goreng: These are an Indonesian noodle and were eaten without broth. There were packets of chili paste, soy sauce, and another flavored sauce inside plus onion crunchies and the flavor powder. They tasted so good and I wished that the serving size was bigger.
  • My Kuali Penang White Curry Noodle: I haven't tried this one yet either but it sounds great. I've never had White Curry before.
  • Gourmet 555 Seaweed: Seaweed snacks! If you've never had them and think they sound weird I highly suggest you give them a try anyway. If you like sushi you'll like seaweed snacks. They're just dried pieces of seaweed with some flavoring added and are really good.
Bottom Line: $25 per box may seem expensive for ramen, but this isn't your standard ramen. Assuming future boxes will have six packs, that comes out to about $4 per pack, which I think is fair considering the flavors are different and are from international brands. Plus there was a nice set of chopsticks in the box, too. If you're a ramen enthusiast like me then you should definitely give this box a try!

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