Monday, August 28, 2017

Sports Crate August Crate #4 Update

I just received the below email regarding Sports Crate #4, which is supposed to be the August Crate:

So it looks like the BALLERZ figures are being redone to improve their look and articulation and the figure for Crate #4 will ship separately from the rest of the box. The figure is supposed to arrive at Sports Crate at the end of September, so we will most likely not see these until October.

While I know many are upset with Sports Crate for the constant issues (and rightfully so), I'm glad they are at least keeping us updated about shipping issues and are listening to subscriber feedback in regards to the quality of the items.


  1. Only thing is, IT WAS NEVER SENT!

    1. Yeah I haven't received my August BALLERS figurine yet, either :/

  2. Still waiting for the last two BALLERS figurine

  3. I got my August BALLERS (Anthony Rizzo) but still waiting on September and the supposed extra one for Season Pass subscribers. I've kind of given up on ever getting them :(


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