Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A-Box Limited Edition Kingsman The Golden Circle Review

I'm a huge fan of the Kingsman movies, and I saw that A-Box was selling a limited edition Kingsman: The Golden Circle box the day after I saw the movie in theaters (on opening night, of course) so I had to scoop one up!

*Disclaimer: This box was purchased by See, Shop, Love!

This was my first purchase from A-Box, which is a monthly nerdy/geeky subscription. The Kingsman box is a limited edition box and one-time purchase, so if you buy this you won't be entered into a recurring subscription.

This box is still available as I write this post and is $39 plus shipping and handling. I think it came out to about $42 after shipping when I purchased. The box promised over $80 in retail value with exclusive items.

A-Box definitely knows how to present a box. It arrived in a black mailer, and inside the box itself was inside of a plain white drawstring bag. It would have been cool of the bag was branded either with the A-Box or Kingsman logo, but since it's white it'll be easier to use it for other things (maybe wrapping another gift in it for the holidays).

The actual box had one of the movie poster promo images printed on it (see first photo in this post) with Harry and Agent Whiskey. Then inside the box was another black box, as seen above. While I appreciate the careful packaging, at this point I was thinking wow, we've got a lot of boxes going on here. Little did I know that inside of the main black box were three more little boxes with items inside. I will say it felt like I was opening up a bunch of little presents, which was fun since I did buy this as a gift to myself!

I was hoping for some wearables and the box contained two. The Eggsy Tuxedo jacket shirt is a replica of the orange suitcoat Eggsy wears in the movie. It's a different material than the regular cotton I'm used to with t-shirts; this one is a bit heavier and more polyester-feeling (if that makes sense). Nothing about this shirt was flattering on me. Nothing at all. It has a boat neck collar and the way it hung on me was just not cute. I honestly don't think this would be flattering on anyone other than Taron Egerton himself. That being said, I totally understand why they chose this design, since it was such an iconic look in the movie. I think it's fun and I'll wear it around the house, but definitely not in public.

Eggsy in the actual orange jacket
I really like the Kingsman Logo Baseball Cap. I've recently started wearing baseball caps and only own Cubs ones, so it was nice to get something different. I like that it's black (my favorite color to wear) and that it has the simple gold Kingsman logo. I'll wear this out and about for sure!

My second favorite item in the box (the hat being the first) is the Secret Service Replica 16GB USB Flash Drive. This is a replica of the one Eggsy uses in the first Kingsman movie when he breaks into Valentine's hideaway and has to connect Merlin to the system. I think it's a really fun item and practical too, even though I don't remember the last time I actually needed a flash drive.

These aren't listed on the info card but they're two sturdy pins, one with the Kingsman logo and one with the Statesman logo. If you haven't seen the movie, the Statesman service is the U.S. version of the Kingsman secret service. I don't really have any use for pins, but these were packaged nicely at least.

The Genuine Leather Credit Card Wallet is a nice black card case with Kingsman: The Golden Circle printed on it. I could smell that it was real leather right away. While this item isn't super exciting to me, it is practical since I hardly ever carry around a full wallet.

Last up is the Kingsman Logo Hardcover Journal. This is a really nice journal with Kingsman printed at the top of each page. I don't journal, but now I feel like I should start to since this is such a nice item. Maybe I'll keep it handy for random notes or when inspiration strikes.
  • Purchase the A-Box Kingsman: The Golden Circle Limited Edition box here
Bottom Line: I have to be honest, I'm a little disappointed by this box. I was hoping for some items that were truly representative of Kingsman: The Golden Circle (maybe some Statesman-branded bourbon glasses?), but I kind of felt that aside from the shirt and flash drive they just took some items and placed the Kingsman logo on them. Overall, everything is nice and I'll use the items, but I guess I was just expecting a little bit more.

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