Thursday, November 30, 2017

Hasbro Gaming Crate Review and Coupon - Party Crate

I feel like game nights are coming back into popularity, and the Hasbro Gaming Crate sends a quarterly shipment of new, exclusive games for a fun night in!

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

The Hasbro Gaming Crate is game night delivered. They have to options: the Family Crate and the Party Crate. The Family Crate sends kid-friendly games and the Party Crate is geared towards adults. This is a review for the Party Crate, but you can read my review of the first Family Crate here.

The Crate costs $49.99 plus shipping (dependent on your location) and is shipped every three months. It ships to the U.S., Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and APO/FPO boxes.

The second Party Crate is themed the Binge Gaming Crate and contains three addictive party games. The first game is Coinhole Touchdown, a special edition tabletop coin-bouncing game with three gameplay options. It's great for tailgating or playing at home.

There are two game boards with a coin for each. Gameplay is simple: bounce the coin into the hole to score points. I think a mini version of cornhole is really creative!

The game also folds up into a carrying case with a rope handle on top, making it easy to take with you to the game or a friend's house.

The second game is called Hold That Face and it's got a unique premise: try to get your team to guess what you're reacting to based only on the face you make!

There's a big mirror board for you to practice your face on before showing your team, and then a bunch of cards with different situations for Sad, Mad, Happy, and Scared.

There are a bunch of funny and weird situations for you to react to. I think it would be difficult for me to come up with varied faces for these, but I guess that's the funny part of the game!

Last up is 21st Century Problems, a tongue-in-cheek card game. You can publicly shame your friends (and yourself) with this funny card game where you have to guess the other players' first world problems.

There are plenty of cards with a bunch of different first world problem situations, as well as marker pieces for you to rank the problems.

My friends and I joke about "first world problems" all the time, so this game is definitely relevant!

The Party Crate also contained two bonus items: a deck of Magic: The Gathering cards and Monopoly pieces.

I've never played Magic before but I've always been interested in it. This is a good starter deck, and there's an insert with information on how to start playing as well as links to other resources to learn the game. This is a great bonus item!

The Monopoly pieces are so cute! They're little tokens inspired by the Hold That Face game and are crying with laughter, smiley face, winky face, and kissy face.
Bottom Line: The Hasbro Gaming Crate is a great value and a really fun way to add exclusive games to your collection! Each of these games are only available through the Crate, so you know you'll always have something fun and new to share with your friends.

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