Monday, June 3, 2013

Vine Vera Resveratrol Skincare

Have you heard of resveratrol?  Previous to learning about Vine Vera Resveratrol Skin Care, I was only slightly familiar with it.  I knew it could be found in wine, but other than that I wasn’t too familiar with what it was or what it did for your body.

Vine Vera

I now know that resveratrol is an antioxidant found in red wine and the outer layer of grapes that has been an anti-aging secret for centuries.  The use of resveratrol is believed “to help slow the aging process and retain a timeless youthful appearance,” according to Vine Vera.  Since it is a naturally occurring antibiotic, resveratrol also works to cleanse the body of impurities.  All of these benefits work to maintain skin’s health and elasticity while also preventing new wrinkles from forming.  The antioxidants in resveratrol reduce existing wrinkles and prevent new ones from forming because they eliminate the free radicals responsible for them.

Vine Vera cosmetics is committed to rejuvenating your skin, which is why resveratrol is the key ingredient in all of their products.  They have a fantastic collection with a variety of products.  Their lines include: Merlot, Eyes, Mens, Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc, Chianti, Cabernet, Shiraz Instalift, Pinot Noir, and Malbec DNA.

Vine Vera CosmeticsThe Merlot Cleansing Kit is one product that was especially interesting to me.  It retails for $126 and is made up of the Resveratrol Milk Cleanser and the Resveratrol Balance Toner.  The “How To Use” for the cleanser instructs the user to apply a generous amount to the face and neck using a cotton ball, which is new to me.  Most cleansers are just applied with the hands and lathered with water, so this technique is definitely new and interesting.  You keep applying until you have a clean cotton ball.  The toner’s application is similar; the user soaks a cotton ball in the toner and applies to the face and neck areas to remove impurities and hydrate the skin.  Both of these products are formulated for daily use.  They also pair well with the Resveratrol Merlot Facial Serum, Resveratrol Merlot Refining Peeling, and the Resveratrol Merlot Reformative Mask.

I am pleased that Vine Vera is also a cruelty-free company.  Their stance on animal testing is listed below, taken from the “Contact Us” page on their website:

Vine Vera does not test on animals. The company believes in providing high-quality products as well as high-quality service. You can be ensured that all Vine Vera products are formulated with ingredients that are universally used by the cosmetic industry. All of our products are thoroughly tested for safety and must pass very stringent requirements.

If you have any concern about products' ingredients, please e-mail us with specific information such as name of product and a detailed explanation. We will gladly report back to you within a timely manner.

The prices of the Vine Vera products place them on the higher-end of the skin care spectrum, but if you’re more interested in a bit of luxury and indulgences than I think, these products are a great choice.  I have not tested them myself, but I’m sure that the resveratrol is a potent ingredient for the management and prevention of the signs of aging.

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*Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by XVIO.  All opinions are my own.

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