Monday, October 29, 2012

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Aquallure Review and Giveaway [CLOSED]

Aquallure is the newest skin cream from the family of products including RevitaShape and Complexion MD, both of which I have reviewed and given away before.  It's so new that it hasn't even been launched yet, which is why I was excited to try it before it was available to the public.  This cream is not a natural or organic, but I have been assured by their PR representative, Brenda, (who also spoke with the manufacturer) that it is cruelty-free.

According to the manufacturer, Aquallure "is a potent antioxidant rejuvenation cream which works to rehydrate skin and restore its healthy glow. Aquallure contents a powerful blend of antioxidants, moisturizers and peptides to rehydrate skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines. In clinical studies, Aquallure increased skin hydration by 440% in two days and reduced fine lines by as much as 60% in 4 weeks."

The key ingredients listed on the package are a-Lipooic Acid, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide/Oligopeptide, and Hyaluronic Acid, which help protect against free radicals, maintain skin's youthful appearance, and promote skin hydration, respectively.  I would normally prefer to use a product with organic and natural ingredients, but I'm not entirely opposed to trying a product like Aquallure.  The cream's main purpose is to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, but since I don't have any at the ripe old age of 23, I was more interested in seeing if it would moisturize my skin well and cause it to look and feel more firm.

I liked using Aquallure as a moisturizer -- I used it nightly for four full weeks before writing up this review.  As you can see from the photo above, the cream is a tangerine/pink color.  It has a light scent that, to me, smells like a mixture of floral and baby powder.  It's a very thick cream, so the 1 fl oz. jar will last you for quite a while.  I barely needed to use any to cover my entire face and neck.  What I liked best about this cream is that it felt so smooth going on and that it absorbed into my skin quickly.  I felt like my skin was extremely hydrated after putting it on.

My completely unflattering before and after photos!
To be completely honest, I didn't notice much visual differences in my skin after using this cream for a month, but I did notice a difference in how my skin felt.  I think that it definitely feels smoother and better hydrated.  Two of my main skin concerns are redness and flakiness, and my skin was definitely less flaky after using this cream.  I wish I could comment on how well it reduced wrinkles, but judging by the effects it had on my skin I wouldn't be surprised if it helped to diminish those well also.

Bottom Line: I would recommend Aquallure as a potent night moisturizer (or day, especially in the winter) for those who are looking to moisturize and improve the smoothness of their skin.  I was pleased with how my skin felt after a month of use.

As I stated in the opening, Aquallure is not yet for sale to the general public, but you can win a jar of it for yourself here!  Enter using the Rafflecopter form after the cut.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October Little Black Bag

Time for a Little Black Bag unboxing!  I ended up with three items in my bag for October.  At one point I had six, but I combined a few things here and there and on my sixth day I figured it would be better to combine two items for a bag I wanted instead of getting stuck with two that I didn't, so that's how I ended up with three.

The overall value of my bag wasn't very high ($126 according to LBB's retail prices), but that was mostly because I really wanted two items that were worth $20 and $18.  I've wanted the Kikkerland Duck Speaker since the first time I ever opened a Little Black Bag, but I was unable to trade for it that time and ended up cancelling my bag.  When I saw that they brought it back I was going to try my hardest to trade for it!

I love this speaker!  It's so cute.  He's a little smaller than I imagined, but the sound quality is surprisingly good.  It has a rechargeable battery, and when I got it it was charged enough to last through three songs.  I tried recharging it over the weekend but it didn't work, so I'm still trying to figure that out.  The first time I tried plugging the USB into the back of my outlet iPhone charger and with the switch in the "off" position, so I'm guessing that it needs to be in the "on" position to charge.  There are no instructions, though, so I'm not really sure.  Either way, I'm glad I got it.  Most people were probably trying to get $90 handbags, but I just wanted the $20 duck speaker.

The other bird item I got was the Sicura Italian Designs Bird Catchall, which retails for $18.  At first I thought I would take it to work to hold the paperclips and other miscellaneous things floating around my desk, but I ended up putting it on my bookshelf.  It's decently heavy, I just wish the cup was a little bit deeper.  Overall I'm happy with it, though, because it's just so pretty.

My third item is my "big" item, the $88 Olivia+Joy Swanky Structured Satchel.  I wanted to get a camel/tan bag because I don't have any in that color, and I loved the shape and design of this bag.  I was a little disappointed with it when I got it, though, because I noticed a lot of little imperfections.  It doesn't look like an $88 bag at all; it seems very poorly made.  I'm currently emailing with LBB to see about an exchange, or at least an explanation on the poor quality, so we'll see how that goes.  I mostly just want to know why a supposedly new bag would have so many nicks, cuts, and scratches on it.  It's really a pretty bag from far away, but the more I examined it up-close the more tears I found along the outside.  Aside from that, I do like the bag.  It's the perfect size for me because I like bigger purses, but it's not so huge that I feel like I'm carrying around 10 lbs of things.  The outer zipper pocket is perfect for my phone and my work I.D. badge, and the inside is nice and roomy as well.  I would have been upset if I paid the full $88 for this bag, but even if LBB isn't able to give me an exchange (I noticed the imperfections after using it for a day), I'm just hoping that they might be able to shed some light on the situation.

Edit: I finally made a video!  It's pretty lame compared to other unboxing videos out there, but it'll give you an idea of what the items are like if you prefer videos to photos.  Once I get a better camera (I shot this with my iPhone) I plan to do better unboxing videos.

Bottom Line: I give this bag an 8 out of 10.  I love my two bird items, I'm okay with the handbag.  I still am obsessed with LBB and when it's my trading week I'm glued to the computer.  I'm not allowing myself to open another bag until at least mid-November, but I'm really excited for when that time rolls around!  Want to give it a try?  I'd be grateful if you signed up through my referral link.

Check out more photos of my items, along with some of the imperfections on the handbag, after the cut.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Influenster Relaunch!

I've been a member of Influenster for almost a year now; I signed up to be a member on the site around last Christmas.  If you're not familiar with what they do, they basically are a community of influential people who can qualify to receive free mailings with products to try.  I've received two Influenster Voxboxes in the past.

Influenster recently (finally!) launched a brand new website that is so much easier to navigate than their old version.  The old one was not user-friendly at all and, frankly, I hated it.  This one is much more attractive.  My favorite thing about it is that there is tons more content than there used to be.  There are plenty more products to review, and you can actually view other members' profiles now, something that wasn't possible in the past.

My Influenster Love VoxBox from February 2012

The program is similar to Klout in that your influence is measured by a score.  Your Influenster score is generated by multiple factors: your presence across social media platforms, your participation in Voxboxes, and your participation on the website itself.  You can earn up to five "Expert" badges, so it's important to choose ones that are truly relevant to your lifestyle.  I currently have the Eco, Fashionista, Chowhound, Beauty Queen, and Decorator badges.  You can then increase your score within each of these areas of expertise by adding reviews to products on the site, sharing product pages, and much more.  Basically, the more you do, the higher your score, and the better your chances of being chosen for a Voxbox!

Influenster is really fun, and I love that the new site is so much more interactive than the old one.  I hope to get chosen for a Voxbox soon, since it's been a while since I received my last one.  That's probably the only downside to the site, you never know what the product companies are looking for in regards to demographics, so you can't be sure when you'll qualify for a box.

I believe that Influenster is currently invite-only and I have four invites available.  I'll send them out first-come first-served, so if you'd like one leave a comment on this entry with your email address (so I can send it to you)!

Monday, October 22, 2012

September Vegan Conscious Box Review

The winner of my Vegan Conscious Box giveaway, Bev, was kind enough to provide me with her thoughts on the first-ever vegan box.  Check them out below!

  • Funky Monkey Freeze-Dried Fruit in "Purple Funk" - Didn't like the texture of these, not a dried fruit fan I guess.
  • Happy Squeeze Orange Mango Coconut Milk - This was very good!
  • Artisana Goji & Milk Thistle Nut Butter - YUM!
  • Teeccino Maya Herbal Coffee - One large package and two smaller tea bag sizes, the tea bags were good but I don't have a regular coffee maker to try the larger package.
  • Clean Well Disinfectant Wipe - Just a standard wipe in my opinion, it smelled good though.  I cleaned all the doorknobs in the house :)
  • C3 for Stress - I have tried these in other boxes and don't really care for them
  • Kelapo Virgin Coconut Oil - I added this to a smoothie, added that extra coconut flavor
  • Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer - Didn't really care for this or really have any use for it as I don't use pre-workout energizers
  • Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil - I admit I was afraid to try this.  Spraying something like this on my body seemed odd.  I noticed at my massage last night that they had the same stuff but I forgot to ask about it.
  • Madecasse Chocolates - Two small bars.  These were good, but I think I'm just used to regular chocolates, so for me these had a bitter aftertaste.
  • Vaska Laundry Detergent - I have tried this before and I like it.
  • Hurraw! Coconut Lip Balm - I really like to try different lip balms and this was good, although it didn't have much staying power.
  • 100% Pure Cabernet Grape Nourishing Body Cream - Two small packages.  Love, love, love this stuff!  I could see myself purchasing this.
  • There were several coupons/inserts as well: $5 gift certificate for Core Defender Meal (got one in my regular Conscious Box also), 25% off the Ancient Minerals, $10 credit for, a couple inserts having to do with the founder of Vega, 20% discount for the Madecasse website, and $1 off any Vaska product.

Bev says, "It was like Christmas getting this vegan box and my regular Conscious Box.  I love trying all these new items and finding new favorites."  Thanks again to Bev for sharing her review!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October Conscious Box Review

October's Conscious Box was full of goodies for me to eat.  I like when they send boxes that are mostly edibles because then I can eat them and be done with it and not have more samples hogging up space around my room.

I was more excited than usual for this box because October and November are my favorite months, and I was hoping for some fall-themed items.  I can't say that the items quite fit that idea, but they were an interesting mix.

She's not as miserable as she looks in this picture, her eyes are half-shut because of the flash
Someone came and plopped herself onto my bed to investigate when I brought the box upstairs to open.  It's true, cats love boxes.

So, as you can see, mostly food this month.  I've noticed (and I've stated before here) that every few months Conscious Box will send a box that's mostly food.  I'm thankful that they do, because I do have a ton of samples piling up, and I really just like to eat treats, too!  There were 11 items total, not including the postcard.  I don't ever try to calculate the true value of the items, but in case you're wondering the box costs $19 ($12 and $7 for shipping) total and generally has about 10-13 items.  I think it's well worth the price.

Here we go, in order from clockwise left to right (sort of).  Sorry that the above photo is blurry, guess I didn't focus that one too well.  I was too excited about breaking into the items!  Oh and this month Conscious Box actually included descriptions of the items in the packing list email (they did away with the index card lists last month to conserve), which was much more helpful than just linking to the survey like they did last month.

  • GoodLight Natural Light Candles - I love candles.  This is a nice sized package of six unscented tea lights.  They're paraffin-free and non-toxic.  Now I just have to get a cute owl tea light holder to burn them in.
  • Larabar - I received the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor, and it was okay.  Larabars aren't my favorite.  I was hoping this would be a little sweeter than it was.
  • GeoDeo Natural Deodorant + Detox - I've heard so many people whining about how natural deodorants "don't work," but I think that this one works great.  I got the Island scent, and not only did it keep me feeling fresh all day, it also smells amazing.  I think sometimes people forget that deodorant is not the same as antiperspirant, and if you're sweating like a beast through a workout you're going to smell no matter what deodorant you use.
  • TeaTulia - I have more tea packets than I think I'll ever drink in a lifetime.  This one is "Whtie Tea" and it's USDA organic.  The label says it's "medium-bodied with notes of peach," which sounds yummy.
  • VitaRocks - These came in my box a few months ago and they're really fun.  They're basically vitamins in Pop Rocks form and Lemon Burst flavor.

  • Yummy Earth Organics Lollipop - I got the Wet Watermelon flavor and it was delicious.  I've had these before and I love them, I just wish they were a little bit bigger.
  • BumbleBar Organic Sesame Bar - I haven't tried this one yet but I like their packaging a lot.  It's the Original Peanut flavor and it's gluten-free.  Looks like there's some cinnamon in there, too, so I think this is going to be pretty good.
  • Postcard - Conscious Box started sending these a few months ago.  I don't really send postcards, so instead I put a few of them (along with the photos they attach to the inside of each box) into a frame that's currently hanging over my desk.

  • Crum Creek Certified Organic Soy Nut Mix - I'm not a fan of nuts so I might pass this off to my dad or my brother.  But then again I'm looking at the ingredients and it contains organic chocolate chips, so maybe I'll keep it for myself after all!
  • Zarbees All-Natural Children's Cough Syrup - I love the cute little bee on this, too!  Obviously I'm going to save this for when I have a cough/cold.  It's grape flavored and a 100% drug-free dietary supplement.
  • Clandestino Banana Bar - This was also included in a previous box, so I've had it before.  I have mixed feelings about these bars--they're tasty because they're covered in chocolate, but I'm not a huge fan of the taste of banana.  But I think someone who liked banana would really enjoy this.

  • RW Garcia Dippers 3 Seed Curry & Mango - Oh. My. GOD!  I can't even describe how delicious these chips are, but I'll try.  THEY ARE AMAZING.  I opened them up as soon as I got the box (the cat was also interested in them, she stuck her nose in the bag because I think she thought they were treats) and I devoured them.  I mean, really devoured.  Took no prisoners, left no survivors.  I even went to the grocery store later that night and picked up a full-sized bag (not realizing, of course, until after I had returned that there was a coupon for $1 off inside the box).  They are the perfect mix of sweet and salty and OMG I just want them all the time!

Bottom Line: By now you all know how much I love Conscious Box!  Even though I've said in the past that I want to stay a subscriber forever, I've been considering putting my subscription on hold for a few months recently.  It's not that I don't love them, it's just that it is a bit pricier than other services and I think I've seen most of what they have to offer by now.  I might take a temporary hiatus to try out some other services, but I'm not sure about that yet.

*Disclaimer: I purchased this box with my own money and was not asked to review it.  I was not compensated for this review in any way and the honest opinions here are entirely my own.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Chick Nail Polish Collection

Chick Nail Polish has just released a new collection!  I received an email about their new colors and I wanted to share them all with you.

From left to right in the photo above, the new colors are Rocker Chick, Biker Chick, Punk Chick, and Hipster Chick.  The collection also includes a new Horsetail Strengthening Base Coat and Tangerine Ginger Cuticle Oil.  Chick Nail Polishes are big-3 free (no formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate [DBP], or toluene) as well as being vegan-friendly.  Their formula is long-lasting and chip-resistant and has a high-gloss finish.  The brush applicator contains 398 strands for perfect coverage.

Aside from the fact that I just love nail polish, I love that Chick Nail Polish strives to help their customers find ways to live a healthier, eco-friendly life.  They even pack their orders with large cotton balls that you can reuse to remove your polish.  I think these new colors are so pretty, and I'd most want to check out Rocker Chick and Punk Chick.

What about you?  Which colors from this collection do you want to try?  Be sure to visit Chick Nail Polish and check out their full line of polishes!

Friday, October 12, 2012

October Luv My Box Review

Luv My Box is a new adult-themed monthly subscription service, and they offered to send me one of their boxes to review.  You know I'm all about trying new subscriptions, so I happily agreed.  I'm glad I did, because their October box was fantastic!

Since this is an adult-themed box with intimacy products, I'm going to place my review under the "read more."  Keep reading if you want to see what was included.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

September Natural Beauty Box Review

I recently tried an excellent new subscription service, The Natural Beauty Box.  I was really impressed by this box, and I'm definitely going to purchase more of them in the future.

The Natural Beauty Box costs $15 to $20 a month and shipping is included in that charge.  They ship from Canada, so if you're in the U.S. like me it will take about two weeks to get to you.  Mine shipped on the 11th and I received it around the tail end of the month.  I knew there would be a delay in shipping, though, so it didn't bother me.

The packaging for the box is so cute!  It's actually a bag shipped inside of a box, and I love the fun zebra print.  The box contains 10-15 deluxe samples, and foil samples may be included as well, but they aren't included in the 10-15 count.  The Natural Beauty Box is a little different than other services because it doesn't auto-renew each month.  If you want a box each month you have to go to their site and order it, i.e. if you pay for September you won't get October's box again if you don't order it.  I like that because I would rather treat myself to a box every few months or so instead of committing to one each month, since I do have quite a bit collection of beauty products already.

September's box contained 13 samples, 14 if you count the fact that two were included from The All Natural Face (the bag with the lime green sheet of paper in it).  It also came with an item list inside of an envelope with my name on a sticker, which I thought was such a nice touch.  I'm not sure if all members get that, or if I got it since I was reviewing the box for the blog.  Here is what was included, listed as best as possible from left to right (clockwise) in the photos:

  • Delizioso Skincare Watermelon CoQ10 Face Mask - I really liked using this mask.  It has enough powder for 10 uses, but I have a feeling it'll last me even longer than that.  You can mix it with any base that you'd like; I used water.  I left it on for about 10 minutes for it to completely dry, and when I washed it off it made my skin feel smooth and refreshed.
  • Kitty Kosmetics Red Raspberries Hand Soap - This soap is shaped like a heart and has a light scent to it.  I love cats so the brand name and white cat on the packaging made me smile.
  • La Mellite Mandarin Espresso Body Scrub - I LOVED this scrub!  It smells so yummy and works really well.  The sample is a really big size, too.  I used it in the shower and the coffee scent was just fantastic.
  • Shea Terra Organics Whipped Shea Butter Creme - This is my favorite product in the box because I love body butters, and I love pumpkin-scented products even more!  The scent is "Gingered Pumpkin" and it's just amazing.  I'll probably end up purchasing a full-sized jar of this.
  • Dr. Emerald Hair Restoration Spray - This spray can be applied to hair to give it volume and a healthy look.  I sprayed some in while my hair was still damp and then did my usual blow-dry and straighten, and it did give my hair some texture.  My hair is naturally thick to begin with, so I don't know that I would really need this product, but it did work well.
  • Dr. Emerald Natural Hand Sanitizer - This is a full-sized product that retails for $5.60 (1 fl oz).  I have to be honest and say I didn't really like this one as much as other sanitizers I've tried.  It's not a very thick liquid, so it poured out of the bottle quickly.  I'm sure it sanitizes well, I just didn't care for the viscosity (or lack thereof).
  • Dr. Emerald Natural Anti-Microbial Hand Soap - This soap is scented "Forest Dew" and it was something I did enjoy.  I love collecting soaps and this one had a nice scent and lathered well.
  • Petal Organics Glow & Shine Facial Primer - I usually use liquid primers, so I was interested in giving this solid one a shot.  It worked well, but it was difficult for me to apply because it didn't apply very smoothly.  I had to really pull it across my face, which I didn't like because I don't want to pull delicate facial skin any more than I have to!

  • Ferro Cosmetics Blush - The shade of this blush was "Desert Rose" and it was much darker than the blush I normally use (I prefer lighter, peach-based blushes).  I was willing to give it a try of course, and it looked nice on my skin, I would just reserve it for a night out or when I wanted a more dramatic look.
  • The All Natural Face Cosmetics - I received a Peach Ice eyeshadow and an eyeshadow primer.  I've tried The All Natural Face's eyeshadows before through other subscription services and I absolutely love them.  They have great color payoff and are really inexpensive.  The eyeshadow primer is awesome, and it came at the perfect time because I just ran out of the one I was using before.  I'm definitely going to be purchase a full-sized primer

  • Temptation Bath & Body Lime in Da Coconut Body Spritz - This cute little body spritz smells really delicious -- more coconut than lime, but I did pick up just a little hint of lime in there.  This is perfect for summer, so I'll probably save it for when warmer weather comes around again.  I sprayed it on my wrists and the scent lasted for about 2 hours.
  • Natural Luxury Rejuvenating & Nourishing Under-Eye Serum - In the photo above this actually got stuck underneath the tea bag (to the right of the Lime in Da Coconut spray), so it's not really visible.  But this is a full-sized product that retails for $32, so with this alone I already received more value in the box than the $21 price tag!  I really like this eye serum because it's a roller ball applicator that goes on very easily.
  • Natural Luxury Relax & Relieve Stress Bath Tea - This is really interesting to me because I'd never heard of bath teas prior to this box.  The item list says that the instructions are "Apply on hands," so I'm guessing you just steep it then soak your hands in it.  It sounds like a great little luxury (see what I did there?) and although I haven't tried it, I'm excited to.

So there you have it, folks--The Natural Beauty Box for September!  I am so incredibly impressed and I can't wait to purchase another one in the future.  If you're interested, check them out using the links below.  Another nice feature they have is that you can earn points that can be used as currency at their online store by reviewing products on their website, writing a blog post, making a video review, etc.  The only thing I was disappointed in with this service is that blog posts earn you 6 points, while YouTube reviews get you 10.  I think that's a little unfair because basically they're saying that even if you're a high-powered blogger (I'm thinking someone like Jen from My Beauty Bunny, who draws tons of pageviews and unique visitors), your review isn't worth as much as a random YouTube user who may have less than 1000 subscribers.  But oh well--I'm still thankful that they allowed me to review their service, because I loved it!

*Disclaimer: I received this box for free to facilitate my review. I was not monetarily compensated for this review and the honest opinions here are entirely my own.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Badger Seabuckthorn Hair Oil Review

A little over a month ago I did an introductory post for Badger's new hair oils, and I mistakenly wrote that I was going to try it out for a week before writing a review.  I went back and re-read the information that I had been sent, though, and realized that they wanted me to use it for a month before writing up my review, since it's recommended that the oils be used once a week.  So I did, and here goes the review!

I'm familiar with hair oils, but it wasn't something I used until recently (when argan oil became such a fad).  I still don't use them on a regular basis, but when I was sent a sample of Badger's new hair oils to try I jumped at the chance because I love all things W.S. Badger Co (and I've professed my love on multiple occasions here on this blog)!  I received a 1 fl. oz sample of their Seabuckthorn Apricot & Pomegranate Antioxidant Hair Oil, which is suitable for all hair types.  It contains 10 ingredients total, nine of which are USDA certified organic:

I've used this a total of four times since I received it.  The first time I put it in before bed and left it in overnight, the other three I put it in an hour before showering.  I didn't notice much of a difference between letting it set for an hour or overnight.  If my hair could talk, it would probably say "I hate you.  Why are you so mean to me?" because I heat style it almost every day (blowdrying and straightening).  I like the idea of using this hair oil because it penetrates deeply to moisturize really well.  I have an oily scalp, though, so I didn't apply it close to my roots.

One thing that I really love about Badger is that they're Leaping Bunny certified as cruelty-free; you can see the Leaping Bunny logo in the photo above.  This means that they've passed the highest standards of cruelty-free certification, which is something that's very important to me.

But back to the review -- like I said, I used this product for a month and I was pleased with the results.  I applied it, let it set, then washed it out using my regular shampoo and conditioner as instructed.  Some nights I let my hair dry, others I used a blowdryer.  The night that I left this in overnight was a night that I let my hair air dry, and when I woke up I noticed that it felt much softer than normal.  I also applied a little bit too much because I wasn't sure how much I needed at first, which caused my hair to be weighed down a bit.  But no matter, because most importantly I could tell that this was a hair oil that worked.

My hair felt much softer than it usually does after I used this hair oil, and I plan on continuing to use it for quite a while.  My sample size was 1 fl. oz, but a full-sized bottle will cost you only $18.99 and is twice the size (2 fl. oz).  I have a lot of hair, so I use two full pumps, but I still think that a 2 fl oz bottle would last you for months.

Bottom Line: Badger's Seabuckthorn Apricot & Pomegranate Antioxidant Hair Oil is yet another Badger product for me to love.  I am a bit biased because they're one of my favorite brands EVER, but I still think that anyone who gave this hair oil a try would love it!

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