Saturday, October 6, 2012

September Natural Beauty Box Review

I recently tried an excellent new subscription service, The Natural Beauty Box.  I was really impressed by this box, and I'm definitely going to purchase more of them in the future.

The Natural Beauty Box costs $15 to $20 a month and shipping is included in that charge.  They ship from Canada, so if you're in the U.S. like me it will take about two weeks to get to you.  Mine shipped on the 11th and I received it around the tail end of the month.  I knew there would be a delay in shipping, though, so it didn't bother me.

The packaging for the box is so cute!  It's actually a bag shipped inside of a box, and I love the fun zebra print.  The box contains 10-15 deluxe samples, and foil samples may be included as well, but they aren't included in the 10-15 count.  The Natural Beauty Box is a little different than other services because it doesn't auto-renew each month.  If you want a box each month you have to go to their site and order it, i.e. if you pay for September you won't get October's box again if you don't order it.  I like that because I would rather treat myself to a box every few months or so instead of committing to one each month, since I do have quite a bit collection of beauty products already.

September's box contained 13 samples, 14 if you count the fact that two were included from The All Natural Face (the bag with the lime green sheet of paper in it).  It also came with an item list inside of an envelope with my name on a sticker, which I thought was such a nice touch.  I'm not sure if all members get that, or if I got it since I was reviewing the box for the blog.  Here is what was included, listed as best as possible from left to right (clockwise) in the photos:

  • Delizioso Skincare Watermelon CoQ10 Face Mask - I really liked using this mask.  It has enough powder for 10 uses, but I have a feeling it'll last me even longer than that.  You can mix it with any base that you'd like; I used water.  I left it on for about 10 minutes for it to completely dry, and when I washed it off it made my skin feel smooth and refreshed.
  • Kitty Kosmetics Red Raspberries Hand Soap - This soap is shaped like a heart and has a light scent to it.  I love cats so the brand name and white cat on the packaging made me smile.
  • La Mellite Mandarin Espresso Body Scrub - I LOVED this scrub!  It smells so yummy and works really well.  The sample is a really big size, too.  I used it in the shower and the coffee scent was just fantastic.
  • Shea Terra Organics Whipped Shea Butter Creme - This is my favorite product in the box because I love body butters, and I love pumpkin-scented products even more!  The scent is "Gingered Pumpkin" and it's just amazing.  I'll probably end up purchasing a full-sized jar of this.
  • Dr. Emerald Hair Restoration Spray - This spray can be applied to hair to give it volume and a healthy look.  I sprayed some in while my hair was still damp and then did my usual blow-dry and straighten, and it did give my hair some texture.  My hair is naturally thick to begin with, so I don't know that I would really need this product, but it did work well.
  • Dr. Emerald Natural Hand Sanitizer - This is a full-sized product that retails for $5.60 (1 fl oz).  I have to be honest and say I didn't really like this one as much as other sanitizers I've tried.  It's not a very thick liquid, so it poured out of the bottle quickly.  I'm sure it sanitizes well, I just didn't care for the viscosity (or lack thereof).
  • Dr. Emerald Natural Anti-Microbial Hand Soap - This soap is scented "Forest Dew" and it was something I did enjoy.  I love collecting soaps and this one had a nice scent and lathered well.
  • Petal Organics Glow & Shine Facial Primer - I usually use liquid primers, so I was interested in giving this solid one a shot.  It worked well, but it was difficult for me to apply because it didn't apply very smoothly.  I had to really pull it across my face, which I didn't like because I don't want to pull delicate facial skin any more than I have to!

  • Ferro Cosmetics Blush - The shade of this blush was "Desert Rose" and it was much darker than the blush I normally use (I prefer lighter, peach-based blushes).  I was willing to give it a try of course, and it looked nice on my skin, I would just reserve it for a night out or when I wanted a more dramatic look.
  • The All Natural Face Cosmetics - I received a Peach Ice eyeshadow and an eyeshadow primer.  I've tried The All Natural Face's eyeshadows before through other subscription services and I absolutely love them.  They have great color payoff and are really inexpensive.  The eyeshadow primer is awesome, and it came at the perfect time because I just ran out of the one I was using before.  I'm definitely going to be purchase a full-sized primer

  • Temptation Bath & Body Lime in Da Coconut Body Spritz - This cute little body spritz smells really delicious -- more coconut than lime, but I did pick up just a little hint of lime in there.  This is perfect for summer, so I'll probably save it for when warmer weather comes around again.  I sprayed it on my wrists and the scent lasted for about 2 hours.
  • Natural Luxury Rejuvenating & Nourishing Under-Eye Serum - In the photo above this actually got stuck underneath the tea bag (to the right of the Lime in Da Coconut spray), so it's not really visible.  But this is a full-sized product that retails for $32, so with this alone I already received more value in the box than the $21 price tag!  I really like this eye serum because it's a roller ball applicator that goes on very easily.
  • Natural Luxury Relax & Relieve Stress Bath Tea - This is really interesting to me because I'd never heard of bath teas prior to this box.  The item list says that the instructions are "Apply on hands," so I'm guessing you just steep it then soak your hands in it.  It sounds like a great little luxury (see what I did there?) and although I haven't tried it, I'm excited to.

So there you have it, folks--The Natural Beauty Box for September!  I am so incredibly impressed and I can't wait to purchase another one in the future.  If you're interested, check them out using the links below.  Another nice feature they have is that you can earn points that can be used as currency at their online store by reviewing products on their website, writing a blog post, making a video review, etc.  The only thing I was disappointed in with this service is that blog posts earn you 6 points, while YouTube reviews get you 10.  I think that's a little unfair because basically they're saying that even if you're a high-powered blogger (I'm thinking someone like Jen from My Beauty Bunny, who draws tons of pageviews and unique visitors), your review isn't worth as much as a random YouTube user who may have less than 1000 subscribers.  But oh well--I'm still thankful that they allowed me to review their service, because I loved it!

*Disclaimer: I received this box for free to facilitate my review. I was not monetarily compensated for this review and the honest opinions here are entirely my own.


  1. Do you know if all the products, besides being natural, are also cruelty-free? Thanks :)

    1. Hi Vicky -- I would assume that all of these brands would be cruelty-free in conjunction with being natural, since I've yet to find a company that was Earth-friendly but tested on animals. But that being said, it's never safe to assume so I did some research and found that every one of these companies/products is cruelty-free, per their pages on The Natural Beauty Store's shop (the company that runs The Natural Beauty Box):

    2. Thank you very much for the info!

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  3. Thanks for the review, I was just wondering if I should get a box from them or not, which is how I found your blog. This helped a lot, so thanks a lot :)


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