Monday, March 30, 2015

Five Four Club Review and Coupon

My boyfriend, Pete, is like most men in that he doesn't usually think about shopping for clothes.  Services like Five Four Club are great for guys like him because they make it easy and effortless to get stylish, high quality clothes!

*Disclaimer: This box was purchased by See, Shop, Love! Post contains referral links.

Five Four Club is a men's clothing subscription that sends a package of their own brand's apparel valued at $120 or more for only $60 a month.  Their clothing is only available through this subscription and their website.  Shipping is included in the $60 charge, unless you live in Alaska or Hawaii where there is an extra $7 charge.  Shipping to Canada is an extra $25.

Five Four Club works the same way many women's clothing subscriptions do: fill out a style profile and a stylist will pick out pieces to match your preferences.  I wasn't quite sure what Pete would think of this since the clothes I saw on the site weren't exactly what he would normally wear, but we were pleasantly surprised by the first shipment!

The Alden ($60) shirt is perfect!  Pete loves thermal shirts and this one has the perfect design and texture.  It's a bit on the heavier side, but it will be great for transitioning into warmer weather.  It's still only 40°F here in Rochester.  This shirt got a huge thumbs up.

The second shirt we received was the Garnet ($60).  This is a great work shirt and is definitely something Pete could wear to the office or if we ever need to dress up for fancier occasions.  The material is lightweight and the light blue color is appropriate for all types of situations.

Since Five Four Club's clothes are only available through their website you kind of just have to take their word for it when it comes to value, but I think that the prices are fair.  I know that shirts similar to the Garnet retail at Express for $60-$70.  It might be easier to find a cheaper shirt comparable to the Aden elsewhere, but like I said earlier, the convenience of this subscription is what drew us to it.
  • Use coupon code MARSAVE50 for 50% off your first month! Or...
  • Use coupon code MAR15BOGO to get your second month entirely free!
Bottom Line: Pete paid $30 for this first Five Four Club shipment because we had a coupon code, but I think that even at $60 it is a great deal.  They're launching a Marvel-themed shop on April 1st, and since we're both huge Marvel fans we can't wait to see what it'll include!

What do you think of Five Four Club?

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mia Mariu Relax Essential Oil Review and Giveaway

I have a pretty acute sense of smell and I love surrounding myself with relaxing aromas.  I'm interested in aromatherapy for this reason, so when I learned about the Mia Mariu Essential Oils I was excited to give one a try!  I have previously reviewed their excellent skincare line (read that review here), so I knew that their oils would not disappoint.

*Disclaimer: This product was sent to See, Shop, Love! for review purposes.

Mia Mariu's organic therapeutic essential oils are available in Relax and I Feel Good.  I Feel Good is a blend that supports your immune system and overall respiratory health, with oils of eucalyptus, lemon, bay laurel, peppermint, apricot, and macadamia.  Relax is a natural solution for life's daily stressors, and it induces relaxation and reduces nervous tension and anxiety.  It's made up of oils of sandalwood, lavendar, cedar, clary sage, coconut, and almond.  I chose to try Relax because I love a good relaxation product!

Not only does Relax help to relieve stress, it also can soothe discomfort associated with menstrual cycles and support restful sleep.  I was interested in trying it because I've had some difficulty falling asleep recently, and I know that therapeutic oils can help you drift off to sleep more easily.

The oil comes in a 2 fl oz glass jar with a stopper dispenser.  You only need to massage a few drops onto your pulse points per use, so this jar will last a long time.  I love that it's made only with 100% organic essential oils; it's also free from parabens, sulfates, alcohol, and artificial fragrance.  Mia Mariu is also a cruelty-free company.

I've been using Relax for the past few nights and have applied a few drops onto my fingers then massaged the oil into my temples.  I also place just a drop or two onto my pillowcase.  It smells so lovely--the lavender notes are the most strong to me, and I love the balance of the cedar and sandalwood.  Lavender is well-known for its calming qualities, sandalwood promotes healthy skin as well as peaceful meditation, and cedarwood promotes healthy skin and clear breathing.   I think this would also be great to use during yoga.

I truly believe in the powers of aromatherapy and I think that Relax has helped me fall asleep for sure!  It may sound unbelievable, but I find that focusing on the scent and my breathing helps me to drift off quicker.  Even if you aren't looking for a better sleep solution, anyone could use this to help balance out the daily stresses they run into in life.

Bottom Line: I highly recommend the Mia Mariu Relax essential therapeutic oil!  It's made with pure ingredients and is cruelty-free and it has worked incredibly well for me.

Want to win a bottle of Relax for yourself?  Enter using the Rafflecopter form below!  The sweepstakes is open to U.S. residents aged 18+ and ends at 12:00 AM EST on 7 April 2015.  Please see the bottom of the Rafflecopter for full terms and conditions.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Introducing Bestowed@Work!

I have reviewed Bestowed's individual snack boxes many times and I've always been impressed by their curation (read my reviews here).  They always send a great variety of healthy snacks and foods, and now they're expanding to your office!

*Disclaimer: Post contains affiliate links.

Bestowed@Work will deliver nutritious, great-tasting snacks that are hand-picked by Bestowed's team of health and nutrition experts to offices throughout the United States.  Bestowed's founder, Heather Bauer, has this to say about the new program:
Bestowed@Work is a perfect example of a health program that can up productivity and company morale, while minimizing the time wasted by employees running out for their mid‐afternoon snack. Keeping a steady glycemic index is extremely important to keep people performing at their best throughout the day. The snacks we provide through Bestowed@Work are a healthy, tasty way to boost employee health and productivity at a minimum cost to employers.
I would love if my employer purchased something like this for us, and I think I'll take it to my HR department to see what they think!  You can learn more about Bestowed@Work by clicking here (not an affiliate link).

Saturday, March 28, 2015

March PopSugar Must Have Review and Coupon

There was a lot of chatter about the March PopSugar Must Have box and I know a lot of people weren't as happy with it.  I actually didn't mind it and found the items to be pretty useful, but I can understand why others were less than impressed.

*Disclaimer: This box was purchased by See, Shop, Love! Post contains referral links.

PopSugar Must Have costs $39.99 a month (shipping included) and contains over $100 worth of items.  Currently they only ship within the United States.  It's a lifestyle box, so it could contain anything from beauty and skincare to accessories or home items, all of which are full-sized.  I think they have included a good mix of items in their past few boxes.

The inspiration for March's box was "renewal, citrus, spring break, fresh, and traveling."  I want to start traveling a lot more so I was excited to see what they'd include that could help me in my travels.  I know a lot of subscribers were unhappy with the selection this month, but I have to say that I liked this box.  It wasn't as exciting as the past two, but I thought that it had some really useful items that I enjoyed.

  • Wet Brush The Squirt ($4.99) - Okay, I think the name of this product is really weird, but I guess it makes sense.  It's a mini brush to use on wet hair, and it's the perfect size for throwing in your suitcase.  This was one of the items that other subscribers weren't so happy about because they felt it was cheap, but I've heard great things about it so I'm happy to have one.
  • Halfpops Halfpopped Popcorn -($1.69 for 2 oz)  I got the Butter & Pure Ocean Sea Salt flavor and they were so good!  They're exactly what they sound like--popcorn kernels that have only been popped halfway.  At first I thought they might be hard on my teeth, but they were crunchy without being too hard and had great flavor.
  • benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara and POREfessional ($8.00 for 1 oz and $4.13 for .1 oz) - I traded my Roller Lash away because I got it in a previous Birchbox and was not impressed, but I'm glad there was a POREfessional sample included.  Although I no longer purchase benefit, before I realized they weren't cruelty-free I bought a full-sized version of this primer and it works well with my oily skin.
  • Bliss Micromagic Microdermabrasian Treatment ($48 for 3 oz) - This was the first spoiler that PopSugar released for this box and people were freaking. out. about it!  Many were upset because it contains five different parabens, and if you haven't heard, there was a study a few years back that showed parabens inside tumors of women with breast cancer.  While that is certainly cause for concern, the sample size for that study was very small and further research has shown that the results may have been overblown.  Plus, the parabens are the very last ingredients listed (meaning they are the smallest concentration in the mix) and are a common preservative in everything from food to skincare.  I personally have no problem with using this, but I respect other peoples' decision not to use it.  That being said, I was surprised by the uproar.  If I get an item that I don't like/won't use in a box, I just either gift it, swap it, or sell it on eBay.  Oh and this is an exfoliating scrub with vitamin E, volcanic pumice, and aloe.
  • Samudra Pink PiƱa Zip Pouch ($40) - This was a PopSugar exclusive item and the third item that people were the most unhappy with.  I think a lot of subscribers were annoyed by the supposed $40 retail value because it's a basic pink zip pouch, but I never pay too much attention to retail values with these types of boxes anyway.  True, PopSugar promises $100+ value overall and when $40 of it is a zip pouch that's kind of disappointing, but you win some, you lose some.  I think this is actually nice and I'll definitely use it for liquids when I travel.
  • Knock Knock What to Pack Pad ($7) - This was the only item in the box that I didn't really like, but I think it's got a cute design at least.  It's a checklist of things you should pack, but I'm pretty confident in my packing skills so I probably won't use it.
  • Greenmarket Purveying Co. The Archivist Lemon+Cucumber Reed Diffuser Kit ($20) - This was my favorite item in the box because I love home fragrance products.  I usually buy candles over diffusers, so it was nice to get something I wouldn't normally purchase.  At first I wasn't sure if I was going to like the scent, but it's a great balance of sweet and citrus and I think it smells wonderful!
Bottom Line: This box had an approximate retail value of $129.68.  If we completely remove the $40 for the pouch, that's still a value of $89.68, which is more than double the price that I paid for it.  I know I'm in the minority here, but I liked this box!  It certainly wasn't the best ever, but I will use most of the items.
  • Use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 for $5 off your first box!
What did you think of this box?

Saturday Thoughts and Link Love

I haven't done a Saturday Thoughts post for the past two weeks because I've been so busy with regular reviews that I couldn't find the time to squeeze one in.  Also, I haven't really had any "thoughts" to write about, so for today I'm just going to go ahead with some link love.

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I hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Friday, March 27, 2015

March Scentbird Review and 25% Off Coupon

I chose Lady Million by Paco Rabanne for my March Scentbird perfume and I was more excited to receive it than usual.  Scentbird has converted me into a perfume lover, so I always look forward to receiving my monthly shipment, but read on to see why I was so eager to get this specific perfume!

*Disclaimer: This subscription was purchased by See, Shop, Love! Post contains affiliate links.

Scentbird sends authentic designer perfumes to you each month for $14.95 (shipping included). I live in New York and state tax applies, so my shipments cost a little over $16.

When you sign up you'll fill out a scent profile, and then Scentbird will recommend perfumes based on your likes.  You can choose to receive any of their hundreds of perfumes, though, and they're always adding more.  They feature brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Chloe, Oscar de la Renta, and more!

This month I chose Lady Million by Paco Rabanne.  I had received a sample of One Million, the men's version of this perfume, with an online Sephora purchase a while ago and didn't realize at first that it was a men's cologne.  I sprayed it on and loved it, so I continued to wear it for the next week or so.  It wasn't until recently that I realized it was a men's scent!  I still wear it, though, because it's warm and spicy and frankly I think it smells damn good on me.  Needless to say, I was still interested in Lady Million since I loved One Million so much.

Unfortunately I do not like Lady Million as much as her male counterpart.  It has notes of honey, raspberry, orange blossom, patchouli, and jasmine, but I think that it's too floral.  The description on Scentbird states that "heady orange blossom" is one of the main notes as well and that's probably what I'm smelling so strongly.  I would like this better if it was less floral and more spicy/musky.

Oh and this month's shipment came with a $25 gift card to Le Tote, but I won't be using it.  I had a really bad experience with them and I don't want to give them my business anymore.  I would post it for swap, but I don't know where it ended up after I took these photos (possibly in the trash, oops).
  • Use coupon code GET25 for 25% off of your first month of Scentbird!
Bottom Line: Lady Million didn't work for me, but I'm glad I was able to try it at such an affordable price!  The atomizer can be sprayed even without the Scentbird travel case, so I'm going to post this for swap.

What do you think of Scentbird? Have you tried Lady Million before?

New Quarterly Clearance: #MSA02 and Coupons!

Quarterly just added more boxes to their spring clearance page, including the My Subscription Addiction winter box (read my review of the box here).  I loved this box, and if you missed it, now's your chance to snatch one up!

Disclaimer: Post contains affiliate links.

The MSA02 box is not on sale, per se (it is listed at the original price of $50), but Quarterly has released two coupons that you can use towards any box on the Best of Quarterly page:
  • Save $25 when you spend $125 with code: GET25
  • Save $50 when you spend $250 with code: GET50
There are lots of great past boxes for sale still.  I might buy one of Pharrell's "Five Senses" boxes.  Click here to get shopping!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Facial Smoothies Wrinkle Removal Strips Review

When I first heard about Facial Smoothies I thought they were a mask made with delicious ingredients like strawberries because, well, smoothies!  Turns out that they do not actually have anything to do with edible fruit smoothies, but they will help your skin stay nice and smooth!

*Disclaimer: This product was sent to See, Shop, Love! for review purposes.

I'm still in my 20s so I don't yet have any problems with wrinkles; however, a little preventive care can't hurt.  With Facial Smoothies, you can train your skin to stay looking young even if you don't already have wrinkles.

These hypoallergenic strips take control of your skin's contour, like how an iron removes wrinkles.  They actively flatten your skin and hold it that way to train it to stay smooth.  You simply apply a strip to your face with your fingers and let it do the work!

The only way  you can avoid wrinkles is to not move your face, ever.  Just like how manipulating your face can cause wrinkles, the same manipulation can smooth away the crevices caused by smiling, frowning, and the link.  Facial Smoothies offer a variety of strip shapes and sizes, so you're sure to find one that will fit the area you want to target.

A box of Facial Smoothies comes with 120 strips and costs only $15.95.  Since they're reusable (stick them back on the sheet if you wish to save them), you can stretch their value even further!

Now, what you're about to see next may scare you, so I apologize for that!

Ahhh, me without makeup!  But with the Facial Smoothies on!  I have one strip across my forehead and two on my cheeks.  As I said, I don't have wrinkles, but I placed these in places that I know wrinkles can form.  There are also two smaller strips, maybe about an inch long, that I'll apply along my smile lines on the sides of my mouth next time.

The strips are super easy to apply.  You just remove the size you want, hold your skin taunt, and then apply.  Larger strips should be applied starting from the middle and smoothing out.  The instructions recommend that people with sensitive skin put on moisturizer before applying these, so that's what I did: I washed my face as normal, put on my moisturizer, then used the strips.  You should leave them on for 20 minutes for your very first use, but after that you can apply them for as little as 30 minutes or as long as 12 hours if you'd like.  The instructions say that back sleepers can wear them overnight, but they're pretty adhesive so I think stomach sleepers like me could wear them overnight, too.

I was obviously aware that these were on my face but I didn't find them to be irritating.  Removing them was a little bit more annoying because they do stick to your face, but it's about the same feeling as removing a bandage.  They don't hurt to remove, but you are aware of the sensation, if that makes sense.  They didn't leave any residue on my face and my skin felt normal after removing them.
Bottom Line: While I can't speak on how well these smooth existing wrinkles, I can say that I think they're a great affordable product for wrinkle prevention!  I will definitely be working these into my nightly skincare routine in hopes of keeping wrinkles away for as long as I can.

What do you think of Facial Smoothies? Would you give them a try?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March Love With Food Tasting Box Review

This month's Love With Food box was curated by Megan Roosevelt, aka Healthy Grocery Girl, who is a plant-based registered dietitian.  I was excited to see what she chose to include in the box because I'm always on the lookout for healthier snacks that I can find at my local store.

*Disclaimer: This box was purchased by See, Shop, Love! Post contains affiliate links.

Love With Food has three box options:
  • Tasting Box: $10/month, 8+ snacks per month
  • Deluxe Box: $17/month, 16-20 snacks per month
  • Gluten Free Box: $24.50/month, 8-12 snacks per month
    • Get 50% off your first Gluten Free box when you click here
All boxes have free shipping to addresses within the U.S. and its territories. They also donate one meal to a hungry child for each Tasting Box purchase, and two meals per box for the Deluxe and Gluten Free boxes.

When I saw the spoilers for this month I wasn't sure if I was going to like the box too much overall, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised.  As always, it had a good mix of different types of foods and flavors.  I still can't believe this box only costs $10 a month!

  • Good Boy Organics Sea Salt BOPS ($1.04 for .8 oz) - These chips are really good!  They're baked, so they have that light, airy texture, and I think they had just enough sea salt to be tasty but not overpowering.  I'm going to grab a bag the next time I'm out shopping since they're available at Wegmans.  They're organic, gluten-free, and Non-GMO Project verified.
  • Turbana Lightly Salted Plantain Chips ($.43 for 1.05 oz) - I have had plantains before and I didn't care for them so I wasn't sure what to expect from these chips.  I actually ended up liking them quite a bit!  The texture is good and they had a decent crunch, and they were salted just right. They're vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO.
  • The Good Bean Roasted Chickpeas with Sea Salt ($.59 for .75 oz) - I've sampled these before and I want to like them but I just don't.  The texture is a little weird to me, or rather, the after taste/mouth feel. They're vegan, gluten-free. and non-GMO.
  • Annie's Chocolate Bunny Grahams ($.60 for 1 oz) - Annie's!  I love the Annie's brand; all of their products are delicious!  I've had these Bunny Grahams many times before and they're great for satisfying my sweet tooth. They're vegan.
  • 180 Snacks Nutty Rice Bites with Cranberries ($.67 for .62 oz) - These are so good!  They were sweet without being too sweet and they were light yet crunchy.  I would buy these again for sure. They're vegan and gluten-free.
  • Miracle Tree Moringa Organic Tea ($.32 for one sachet) - I'm not sure if everyone received the same flavor or not, but I got Strawberry.  As the name suggests, it's made with moringa, which after a Google search I learned is a flowering plant native to Africa and Asia.  These teas are USDA-certified organic, gluten-free, and vegan.
  • Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts ($.75 for .5 oz) - I like hemp seeds quite a bit, and the "hearts" are the inside part that's softer to chew (the outside shell is crunchy).  You can add them to a salad, sandwich, or whatever else you'd like, but I'll probably just eat these straight out of the bag.  They're gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO.
  • Two Moms in the Raw Almond Butter Cacao Truffle ($5.00 for 3 oz) - Although it sounds incredibly delicious, I have not tried this yet.  It's made from handmade almond butter, agave, and cacao.  The antioxidants, vitamin C, Omega 6 fatty acids, and serotonin make this better than your average dessert!
  • TruJoy Sweets Choco Chews (value unknown) - Pretty much anyone can enjoy these because they're vegan, organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free.  I think they taste pretty good, although I would prefer it if they were just a tad bit sweeter.
Bottom Line: This is a wonderfully curated box!  It had a few brands that I know and love, along with plenty of new ones for me to try.  Love With Food is one of the best food boxes I've ever tried, and this box reinforced that for me!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March Birchbox Review

Yesterday I reviewed Pete's Birchbox Man, but now it's my box's turn!  My Birchbox boxes have been so-so the past month or two, but this month's was really good.  It actually arrived in a bigger box, the ones they use for larger store orders, because all of the samples wouldn't fit in the regular sized box!

*Disclaimer: This box was purchased by See, Shop, Love! Post contains referral links.

I love the box design this month!  Green is my favorite color.  I think this may have come in a few different colors, but I could be making that up.

Birchbox costs $10 a month, $10.80 if you live in New York State like me.  Each box contains four to five deluxe samples and (sometimes) full-sized products from high-end brands.  You can fill out a beauty profile with your skin tone, hair color, etc., which Birchbox will use to cater samples to your needs and interests.

I mentioned before that my box came inside of a larger box, but I'm just realizing that it wasn't because all of the samples couldn't fit--I think it was because they almost forgot to send me my sample choice.  I chose the amika spray and it was packed separately from my box, and it's not on my box's info card.  I'm glad they realized the error and included it instead of sending me a box without it, though!

  • Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Moisture Masque ($9.00 for 2 fl oz) - This is a really good sample size and I think it will last me for a while.  I really like the Macadamia Natural Oil brand and I think this masque will be perfect for my hair.  The label says it's for medium/coarse hair and that it reconstructs, repairs, and revitalizes your hair.
  • amika Bombshell Blowout Spray ($3.00 for 1 fl oz) - I chose this as my sample choice this month because I love the amika dry shampoo and wanted to try another product by them.  This protects, nourishes, smooths, and volumizes hair for the perfect blowout.
  • Elite Therapeutics Rosemary Eucalyptus Body Creme ($1.19 for .5 fl oz) - I really like this body creme and would probably purchase a full-sized version.  It smells really nice and is silky smooth, plus it's made with 70% organic ingredients.
  • Michael Todd Skin Defender AHA Creme Facial Cleanser ($5.51 for 1.7 fl oz) - I love Michael Todd True Organics so I was very excited to receive this.  It's another pretty large sample size, at least for Birchbox.  It's a whipped cleanser that gently exfoliates with AHAs for fresh skin.  I used it once and loved it, so this is another product I'd purchase a full-sized version of.
  • Smashbox Cosmetics Be Legendary Long-Wear Lip Lacquer ($6.00 for ~.05 fl oz) - I'm guessing on the size of this and also am using the $24 retail price on the Smashbox website (Birchbox has the value listed at $20).  I received the shade Coral, which is perfect for me, but unfortunately Smashbox is not a brand I purchase.
  • Roloxin Lift Revitalizing Facial Masque Treatment ($22 for two .12 oz packets) - A 10 pack of these costs $110!  That is absolutely ridiculous to me.  I tried one out of curiosity and did not care for it at all.  It smelled like mayonnaise, looked like mayonnaise, and was really difficult to remove.  I had to use a washcloth to really scrub off all of the residue.  I don't care how many miracles this works, it's way too expensive and way too difficult to take off.
Bottom Line: My box had an approximate retail value of $46.70, which is excellent considering the box cost me a little over $10.  I loved almost all of the samples I received and was happy that a lot of them were pretty large in size.

Do you subscribe to Birchbox? What did you get this month?

Monday, March 23, 2015

March Birchbox Man Review

I bought a Birchbox Man box for my boyfriend a while ago, but we only got that one box because he wasn't really interested in continuing the subscription.  I signed up again this past month because they've been including some great items recently, based on other reviews I've seen, and I figured that even if it comes with something Pete won't use I'll either take it for myself or post it for swap.

Disclaimer: This box was purchased by See, Shop, Love! Post contains referral links.

March's theme was "Boldly Go."  I really like the photo on the info card; I wish the women's boxes came with pretty pictures, too.  Before I get more into the review, Birchbox Man costs $20 a month and is exactly what it sounds like: a Birchbox for men.  It functions the same way as the women's subscription; you fill out a user profile and get a box of skincare and men's grooming products sent to your door.

We didn't get to do sample choice this month because it was our first box, but that's okay.  I subscribed under my email address instead of creating a new account for Pete because that way I get the points for reviewing the products!  Plus I have Ace status, so we get to do sample choice early.

  • English Laundry Royal Aqua ($1.52 for .07 fl oz) - One of my all-time favorite perfumes is English Laundry No. 7 For Her, so I was very interested to see if I would like this as well.  I sprayed it on myself (I'm not against wearing men's colognes) but didn't care for it, but it smells great on Pete.  The info card describes it as a "fresh-air fragrance" and I think that's a pretty accurate description.  It has notes of watermint, basil, ginger, and sandalwood.
  • PRORASO Shave Cream ($.69 for .35 oz) - This is an Italian-made shave cream with eucalyptus and menthol.  I imagine this feels quite tingly when applied.
  • Billy Jealousy LiquidSand Exfoliating Facial Cleanser ($3.00 for 1 fl oz) - This is a Birchbox exclusive item.  I used it before Pete did and decided that I'm going to keep it for myself!  It barely has a scent and has gentle exfoliating particles in it.  I love it and I would totally buy a full-sized version.
  • BareBands Watch ($39.00) - Alright, so we didn't really care what the total retail value of the others samples added up to because this watch more than pays for the box!  The bands are kind of like an elastic hair tie (but rubber) and are form-fitting without being too tight or irritating.  It's perfect for working out, or just wearing around throughout the day if you so choose.
  • DTRT Samples - I'm not going to bother trying to figure out the retail value of these because they're just small foil packets.  They're technically a "bonus" item, made up of the Water Wise Lotion, Dear Matt Lotion, and Bright Idea Serum.  I'm probably going to end up using these myself, and I'm interested to see if the Dear Matt Lotion is any good because it's for oil-control.
Bottom Line: Even without sample choice this box was great!  Pete loves the watch and I think the grooming samples are also great (especially the Billy Jealousy cleanser).  I like that Birchbox man includes bigger items like the BareBands watch and I think that it's well worth the $20 price.  The total approximate retail value here adds up to $44.21.

Stitch Fix Review

I have been wanting to try Stitch Fix for a while but I previously hesitated because the clothes seemed out of my price range.  I got a promotion at work a few months ago and have some extra cash to spend now, so I signed up and couldn't wait to get my first Fix!

Disclaimer: This box was purchased by See, Shop, Love! Post contains affiliate links.

Stitch Fix is a bit more involved than other subscription services.  It is a clothing service where you fill out a Style Profile and then have hand-picked items from a stylist sent to you.  You then have three days to try everything on, and you can choose to keep what you like and be subsequently charged for it, or send everything back for no charge.  You can also sign up to receive automatic Fixes each month, but you don't have to.  I'm going to stick to just ordering a Fix every once in a while for now.

The styling fee costs $20 per box, and if you choose to keep something from your Fix then the $20 is applied towards it.  So, for example, if you want to keep a top that costs $50, you'll be charged $30 extra for it.  If you choose not to keep anything you are not refunded the $20.  Currently Stitch Fix only ships to U.S. addresses.

One aspect of the style profile that I really like is that you can link to a Pinterest board, and I highly recommend that you do.  I already had a pretty in-depth style board on Pinterest, so it was nice to be able to show my stylist examples of my dream wardrobe.  On the info card that came with my box my stylist (Megan B.) stated that she picked pieces that were diverse that I could mix and match easily, but I disagree.  She also stated that she saw a "good amount" of stripes on my board...keep reading for more on that.

The first item I pulled from the box was this Look by M Taila Ombre Wrap Scarf ($34 to keep).  I love scarves, and I love the material this one is made with, but I don't love the color.  It looks more pastel in the photo above, but it was actually quite bright and almost neon in my opinion.  I sent it back.

I noted in my style profile that I like classic, clean styles but that I was also willing to step outside of my comfort zone to try something new.  I also like blazers a lot, which anyone could see from my Pinterest board.  Megan B. said that she saw a good amount of stripes on my board, and she definitely sent me stripes.  Too many stripes.  I like stripes, but I do not think that there are a ton of stripes on my board (view it here).  Not enough to warrant the amount she sent me, at least.

But anyway, back to the actual clothes.  I did not like this Market & Spruce Torin French Terry Stripe Blazer ($72 to keep) at first glance, but I always try something on just in case it looks better on me than on the hanger.  That was not the case with this.  Aside from it being a bit too small, I didn't care for the color or pattern.  This got sent back.

Ah, more stripes!  I thought that the Market & Spruce Nic Striped Dress ($64 to keep) was really cute and I did like how it looked on, but I didn't love it enough to spend $44 more dollars to keep it.  The material was soft and lightweight and I could see this being a great dress for spring/summer, but I could also probably find a similar style at a much cheaper price elsewhere.

I don't have a better picture of the Fate Dennison Button Front Cardigan ($54 to keep) because the one I took came out blurry, and by the time I realized it was a bad photo I had already sent the clothes back.  Here's a photo of what it (kind of) looks like.  The picture makes it look longer and looser than it was; mine was nipped in at the bottom and quite short.  I would have been tempted to keep this, but it didn't fit me perfectly (it was a bit too small), so I sent it back.

Last up are the Just Black Dean Ankle Zip Skinny Jean ($78 to keep).  I normally only buy jeans when they're on sale at Old Navy, so even though I know $78 is cheap in comparison to what some people pay for jeans, it was a bit of a shock for me!  I noted in my style profile that I would prefer "the cheaper, the better" for pants, but Megan acknowledged that they were a high price point, but that denim is a good investment.  Megan was right!  These fit me so perfectly, which is hard to find since I have an inseam of 28", and they were so incredibly comfortable that I ended up keeping them.  I also loved the zipper detail at the bottom.

  • Visit Stitch Fix to learn more and sign up for a Fix!

Bottom Line: So my first Stitch Fix was not a runaway hit, but I did get a great new pair of jeans out of it.  When I wrote my feedback I made sure to point out that I don't love stripes that much, and that in the future I would prefer to see more diversity in my Fixes.  Megan wrote that she included diverse pieces, but three out of the five were stripes!  This was my first ever Fix, though, and I know that it can be hard to pick out someone's style perfectly on your first try.  I'm definitely going to order my Stitch Fix boxes in the future and I look forward to building my wardrobe with some great pieces!

What do you think of Stitch Fix? Have you ever gotten a box from them before?

Sunday, March 22, 2015

March Beauty Box 5 Review

Getting my monthly Beauty Box 5 is always a treat.  I find that they often include brands that I've never heard of before, which is fun because I view that as the whole point of subscriptions: to be introduced to new products.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! for review purposes.

As the name suggests, Beauty Box 5 sends five deluxe samples and/or full-sized products to your door for $12 a month.  Shipping is free within the U.S. and an extra $3 to Canadian addresses.  The items included can range from cosmetics to skincare to hair care, and even accessories!

  • Eslor Introductory Collection - Second Edition ($17.91 for four .17 fl oz packets) - This packet contains four foil samples, one each of the Eslor Chlorophyll Lifting Mask ($3.80), Firming Collagen Day Cream ($8.50), Soothing Refiner & Cleanser ($2.38), and Botanical Peeling Gel ($3.23).  Eslor uses the HPT System (hydrate, protect, and treat) to transform skin and effectively increase overall skin health.
  • Elite Therapeutics Rosemary Eucalyptus Body Creme ($1.19 for .5 fl oz) - I actually got a tube of this in another subscription this month but I'm happy to have a spare!  It smells great and is made with organic oils and healing aloe vera.  I love how silky smooth it feels.
  • Scandalous by Nanacoco Thickening Mascara ($4.99 for .33 oz, full-sized) - Nanacoco seems to pop up in Beauty Box 5 a lot, but I haven't tried any of their mascaras before.  It features a silicon ball brush to magnify lashes.
  • Laugh Out Loud by Nanacoco Lip Gloss ($3.99 for .22 fl oz, full-sized) - I got the shade The Lift and it's a pretty pink shimmer, but it looks very pigmented in the tube.  I kind of feel like the shade would be appropriate for a tween or teen, but I would still probably wear it.  The info card says it has a sweet smell too, but I haven't opened it yet to see.
  • Styli-Style Line & Seal Twist Mechanical Eyeliner ($4.99 for .01 oz, full-sized) - It seems like whenever I get an eyeliner from a subscription box it's always some shade of blue (this one is called Lapis).  I rarely wear eyeliner, and when I do it's black, so I most likely won't use this.  It has a creamy texture for smooth application and a twist-up design that stays sharpened.
Bottom Line: The total approximate retail value of this month's box is $33.07!  The box contained three full-sized items, and even though the Eslor samples were foil packets, the products are quite expensive so they have a high retail value.  I enjoyed this month's box, especially the Elite Therapeutics creme!

What do you think of Beauty Box 5?

March Bestowed Box Review and Coupon

I've always like Bestowed's boxes because they provide me with healthier snack alternatives.  I'll never not be a snacker--I just like to eat way too much and I find myself munching on little things throughout the day.  I'm also not the best at keeping myself on track with eating healthy snacks, so Bestowed is a great way for me to discover new brands and remind myself that there are better options out there than potato chips.

*Disclaimer: This box was purchased by See, Shop, Love! at a discounted rate. Post contains affiliate links.

Bestowed sends 7 to 10 healthy snacks, beverages, and lifestyle items to your door for $20 a month, shipping included.  Every item they feature is selected by their team of experts, which is headed by nutritionist and founder Heather Bauer.

  • Jolly Oak Granola - This granola is baked with extra virgin olive oil, flaxseed, and Khorasan wheat, which is an ancient grain that's rich in fiber and protein.  Aside from being made up of the aforementioned superfoods, it's also lower in sugar, calories, fat, and carbs than other granols.
  • Ocean's Halo Seaweed Chips - I wanted so badly to like these because I love seaweed!  Seaweed snacks, seaweed salad, seaweed in sushi....but unfortunately these were not great.  The minute I opened the bag they smelled like a dirty fish tank and they didn't taste much better.  Anyway, if you find that you enjoy these, they're gluten-free, non-GMO, and high in protein.
  • tera's Organic Protein Blend - This is a USDA-certified organic whey protein blend made from ethically-treated cows from Wisconsin family farms.  It provides long-lasting energy and hunger control.  I got the Bourbon Vanilla flavor and I think I'm going to blend it into my next smoothie.
  • Nutiva O'Coconut Treat - I've had these pop up in other boxes before and I just don't like coconut.  They're made with organic, fair-trade coconut and contains 1.5 teaspoons of coconut oil.  They're also fair-trade and non-GMO.
  • Stash Tea Organic Gold Cup Chai - This is my favorite item in the box because I love chai!  It's naturally caffeine-free and is combined with turmeric, which is great for the immune system.
  • NoGii High Protein Bar - I got the Peanut Butter and Chocolate flavor.  I've actually reviewed NoGii bars before, but I've never had this flavor.  I'm going to eat it pre-workout.  It's certified gluten-free and has an ideal balance of protein, fat, and carbs.
  • Hooray Puree Spinach - Oh man, this weirds me out.  Pureed spinach?  I'm willing to give it a try, though.  It's 100% organic and can be added to "virtually any snack."  I have no idea how to use this so I'll have to do a little more research on it.
  • Hello Fresh $40 Gift Card (not pictured) - I probably won't use this, so I posted it for swap.
You can sign up for a Bestowed subscription at their website, and if you use coupon code MARCHYUM you can get 20% off of a three month membership!  The coupon expires March 29th.

Or, get 10% off of any subscription with coupon code LOVEHEALTHY.  This coupon has no expiration date.

Bottom Line: Bestowed's boxes are always well-curated and have a good mix of different products to try.  This box wasn't my most favorite one, but there are still some good snacks for me to try.

What do you think of Bestowed?