Monday, August 28, 2017

Sports Crate August Crate #4 Update

I just received the below email regarding Sports Crate #4, which is supposed to be the August Crate:

So it looks like the BALLERZ figures are being redone to improve their look and articulation and the figure for Crate #4 will ship separately from the rest of the box. The figure is supposed to arrive at Sports Crate at the end of September, so we will most likely not see these until October.

While I know many are upset with Sports Crate for the constant issues (and rightfully so), I'm glad they are at least keeping us updated about shipping issues and are listening to subscriber feedback in regards to the quality of the items.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

July Beauty Box 5 Review

Beauty Box 5 had a delivery issue with one of the products for July's box, so shipments were delayed by quite a bit. But the box is finally here and it had some great products!

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

Beauty Box 5 costs $12 per month for $35+ in deluxe samples and full-sized products. Shipping is free to the U.S. and $3 to Canada. The goodies inside range from skin care to accessories to color cosmetics, and more!

To apologize for the shipping delay, Beauty Box 5 sent everyone an extra brush in their boxes. I received the Crease brush and it's a duplicate from a previous box, but these brushes are well-made and I'm happy to have a spare. I appreciate that Beauty Box 5 included a bonus item for everyone.

The box also featured:
  • Seraphine Botanicals Quince + Crimson Crayon ($24, full-sized) - This gorgeous shade of red can be used on your lips or cheeks with a semi-matte finish. It also has a slight fruity scent.
  • Styli-Style Line & Seal Eye Liner ($6.50, full-sized) - I usually receive eyeliners in colors I won't use (bright blues, etc) from BB5, but this month I got a black shade that I will definitely use (assorted colors were sent, so yours may not be the same as mine). The liner has a gel-like formula for long lasting wear.
  • Manna Kadar Cosmetics Glo Illuminator ($10.88 for .27 fl oz) - I have a full-sized tube of this and I love it. It leaves a very subtle sheen when applied.
  • Luseta Argan Hair Masque ($8.60 for 2.03 fl oz) - This rich mask promotes growth and protects against future heat damage. I'm going to enjoy using this on my heat styled hair.
  • Nanacoco Rio II Nail Polish ($3.95 for .5 fl oz, full-sized) - Assorted colors were sent and I received Copacabana Coral, which is perfect because coral is one of my favorite shades for nail polish. 
Seraphine Botanicals Quince + Crimson Crayon
Bottom Line: The July Beauty Box 5 had a total approximate retail value of $53.93, not including the bonus brush. Even though the box was a little late, I'm still pleased with everything that was included. I'm especially excited to use the Luseta Argan Oil Hair Masque!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Kenra Professional Summer Collection Review

Kenra Professional recently launched their new summer line, including the Kenra Platinum Snail Anti-Aging Collection, Shaping Spray 21, and Heat Block Hairspray 22! I got a chance to try all of these and am excited to share my results with you.

*Disclaimer: These products were sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review via BrandBacker.

Kenra is a professional haircare brand founded in Indianapolis back in 1929. Since then they've worked to develop best-in-class products that deliver superior and reliable results. They have three unique brands: Kenra, Kenra Professional, and Kenra Color.

The Kenra Platinum Snail Anti-Aging line is the first of its kind I've ever seen or heard of. I know snail essence is commonly used in skincare, but this is the first time I've seen it used in haircare. Snail mucin a popular ingredient in Korean beauty and is made up of proteins, glycolic acids, and elastin.

The line is made up of an Anti-Aging Shampoo, Anti-Aging Conditioner, and Anti-Aging 10-In-1 Complete Corrective (CC) Creme. All three are infused with snail essence for a highly concentrated blend of proteins that are proven to provide youthful hair. The CC Creme weightlessly restores and prolongs youth by fighting all 10 signs of aging hair: dulling, thinning, breakage, frizz, dryness, elasticity, porosity, scalp irritation, unmanageability, and coarse texture.

I've been using this line for the past four days and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. The shampoo and conditioner have a light, fresh scent. The shampoo doesn't produce a ton of lather but it still left my hair feeling clean and soft. The conditioner works well to provide nourishment and soft, moisturized hair. The CC Creme smells wonderful and just two pumps were enough to coat my shoulder-length hair. I think this line is great because we often think about anti-aging skincare, but I can admit I haven't put much thought into anti-aging for my hair prior to using these products. I'm all about preventive care, so if these will keep my hair looking healthy and youthful, I'm all for it! Oh and one last note, no snails were harmed in the creation of these products. The snail essence is a byproduct of escargot farms that has been repurposed for hair and skin products.

The Kenra Platinum Heat Block Spray 22 and Kenra Shaping Spray 21 are also unique.

The Heat Block Spray 22 is made with bee proplis, a natural resin that forms a cast around the cuticle of our hair for strong heat protection. This quick-drying, high-hold spray allows for a clean release from styling tools. What I love most about this is that it protects up to 450°F/232°C. Bee propolis is a resinous mixture that honeybees produce by mixing saliva and beeswax with secretions from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources. Bees use it as a sealant to protect their hives, but in this spray it's used to protect your hair cuticle. I used this spray after I had curled my hair because I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be applied before or after. I know it's a heat spray, but it's also a hair spray that provides maximum hold, so it didn't quite make sense to me to apply it before styling. That being said, it did provide great hold. I'll use this before styling the next time I straighten my hair.

The Shaping Spray 21 is the first ever professional alcohol-free hair spray. It provides maximum moisture retention with an extra firm hold and high shine. It's designed to have a wet application to ensure optimal control and working time for endless styling options. I used this after my hair was already dry but will use it again with wet hair to see how that works, too. It provided great hold for my curls.

Bottom Line: The Kenra Professional Summer Collection has really great products! I love that they are all innovative and effective, and also reasonably priced. The Snail Anti-Aging line left my hair feeling very nourished, and the Shaping Spray and Heat Block Spray provided great protection and hold.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

August Daily Goodie Box Review

Daily Goodie Box sends 100% free boxes each month in exchange for short, honest reviews about the products inside. Read on to see what was in the August box and how to get one for yourself.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

It's completely free to create an account on Daily Goodie Box -- no credit card or other payment information required at any time. Creating an account doesn't guarantee a box, but they regularly post on their social media (links below) with chances to get a box.

The August box had more foil packet samples than usual, but I am certainly not complaining about a free box! As always, there was a good mix of product types represented.

  • Balla For Men Original Formula Body Spray - This has a unique oak and musk scent that I really liked. It has natural ingredients, including aloe vera extract and jojoba seed extract.
  • HannahMax Crunchy Cookie Chips - These are so good! I got the Chocolate Chip flavor; I'm not sure if everyone got the same one or if there were different varieties sent. These are nice and crunchy and have tons of chocolate chips in them.
  • Detox Water in Peachberry - This peach and blueberry flavored water is made with real aloe, vitamins, and electrolytes. Detox Water has been in a few Daily Goodie Boxes and I like their flavors a lot.
  • So I accidentally took a photo of the Crunchy Cookie Chips twice. I originally photographed the Balla Body Spray before the rest of the items because I gave it to my brother, and I guess I forgot I had already photographed the cookies with it when I took the rest of the pics!
  • Javazen Organic Coffee Brew Bags - I've never tried a brew bag for coffee before, but this one is made with coffee, matcha tea, and nutrient-dense superfoods to help avoid a caffeine crash.
  • PB Crave Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter - This is made with no hydrogenated oils, sugar, artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup, or gluten. The Chocolate Banana flavor has bananas, cocoa, and organic honey.
  • Yarok Feed Your Moisture Shampoo - This is a non-lathering shampoo made with vitamin-infused water and organic, fair-trade African soap. Organic herbal extracts from argan, coconut, and hemp seed infuse hair with detoxifying and restorative oils.
  • Essential Oxygen Organic Brushing Rinse - There's no SLS, chlorine bleach, fluoride, glycerin, or alcohol in this rinse. It's also cruelty-free. It helps to naturally whiten teeth, soothe tooth sensitivity, bad breath, tartar, canker sores, and toxic morning mouth. I just got over a canker sore and I wish I had this to try during it!
  • Clean Happens All Purpose Cleaner - I prefer to use natural-based cleaners in my home, especially because I have pets, and this one is free from sulfates, petroleum solvent, parabens, ethers, synthetic fragrance, alcohol, ethoxylates, and dyes. It's non-toxic and biodegradable and also cruelty-free. It worked just as well as other cleaners I've used in the past, so I will definitely buy more of this!
Bottom Line: This was another great box from Daily Goodie Box! They always send new brands and products that I haven't tried before and I've found some new favorites through them. It's a lot of fun to receive a box, so be sure to create an account and interact with them on social media.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

July Sports Crate Review - Chicago Cubs

Well, it looks like Sports Crate will just be delayed a month going forward. July's Crate was held up by production issues again, but the contents were well worth the wait.

*Disclaimer: This box was purchased by See, Shop, Love!

Sports Crate is $39.99 per month for 5-7 officially licensed, team-specific items valued at $80+ total. Crates are available for the following teams: Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, Detroit Tigers, Kansas City Royals, Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets, New York Yankees, St. Louis Cardinals, San Francisco Giants, and the Texas Rangers.

I purchased the Season Pass option for $179.99 for all five boxes (May-September), but this option is no longer available given there are only two months left. If you also purchased the Season Pass, I saw on Sports Crate's Twitter that our extra action figure will be included in the September box.

As I said in the beginning of this post, this Crate was late again due to production issues. Last month I was annoyed because Sports Crate was not very communicative, but this month they did a much better job in my opinion. They sent out a few emails updating us on the progress of the Crates. While it's still annoying, at least this time I knew what was going on and when to expect the box. I also got my tracking email without having to ask for it, which hadn't happened with the previous two boxes.

I think many subscribers are upset with the shipping issues, and rightfully so, but I'm in it for the long haul since I bought the Season Pass and can't cancel. I still like the boxes a lot though so I don't mind the late shipping as long as Sports Crate continues to keep us informed.

Anyway, the July box was themed Round Tripper and had five items. I think this is the best box yet, and I'm glad that they keep getting better each month! Also, mine literally arrived right as Ian Happ hit his 17th home run versus the Blue Jays, so that's good luck, right?

  • Cubs Wallet - This is a 100% genuine leather wallet that came in a nice case. I'm actually surprised that it's real leather because it felt like faux to me. It's a bi-fold with six credit card slots and a nice divider with a see-through slot on either side for your license or other card you want to display. I love the black color and simple design.

  • "Hit the Road" T-Shirt - I really like this shirt! The design is much better than the first shirt we got in the May Crate. I like that it's gray because I live in neutral colors. The design is unique and exclusive to Sports Crate, and there's only a small Sports Crate logo on the left sleeve.

  • Cubs Sun Shade - I don't see many people using sun shades for their cars, but I do. The one I was using prior to receiving this is a Car Full of Cats design from Archie McPhee, and it really does work to keep my car a little cooler and (more importantly) it protects your dashboard from the harmful rays of the sun. That being said, I just tried to put this in my car and it didn't work. A sun shade needs suction cups or something else to keep it attached to the windshield, otherwise it just falls down. I couldn't get this to stay up against my windshield because it has no attachments, unless there is some other way to place them that I'm unaware of. I hope I can figure something else out though because I love the design.
  • Kris Bryant BALLERS Action Figure and Topps Trading Card - I knew they had to do either a KB or an Anthony Rizzo (I'm still hoping for Rizzo in one of the next boxes) BALLERS, since they're probably the two most popular players on the team. I also think this BALLERS looks the most like the real player than the past two. I also like that it's a road jersey design because I love the road grays. The Topps card is also an exclusive to Sports Crate, but the one I got is different than the one pictured on the info card.

The BALLERS figure came with a removable bat and also a glove, so you can pop one of Kris's hands off and attach the glove. He's also a little top heavy. But at least they got his dreamy blue eyes right (lol)!
Bottom Line: This was a really good Sports Crate. I'm still glad I subscribed, even though they have had some pretty disappointing shipping issues. The items are high quality and have been a lot of fun so far. I'm excited to see what the last two boxes will contain.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

August BookCase.Club Review and Coupon

My August BookCase.Club cases are here! I love to read, so getting new books every month is such a treat. If you're an avid reader, too, then I highly recommend this subscription.

*Disclaimer: These boxes were sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

BookCase.Club sends two new, hand-picked books for only $9.99 per month, with $5 shipping. They have a bunch of different cases to choose from, plus a kid's subscription called BookCase.Kids. Here are the case options:
  • Thrill Seeker - mystery/thriller
  • Strange Worlds - sci-fi/fantasy
  • Teenage Dreams - young adult novels
  • Blind Date - paranormal romance
  • Booking for Love - romance
  • Quarterly Cook Books - two cook books every three months
  • Quarterly Military History - two military history books every three months
This is a review of the Thrill Seekers and Strange Worlds cases.

I love a good mystery/thriller and I've gotten some great books from BookCase.Club that I probably wouldn't have picked up before. I find myself getting overwhelmed by all of the titles out there, so having someone else make the decision is nice! This month's case featured The President's Shadow by Brad Meltzer and Pop Goes the Weasel by M. J. Arlidge.

Here's a synopsis from Amazon for The President's Shadow:
To most, it looks like Beecher White has an ordinary job. A young staffer with the National Archives in Washington, D.C., he's responsible for safekeeping the government's most important documents . . . and, sometimes, its most closely held secrets.

But there are a powerful few who know his other role. Beecher is a member of the Culper Ring, a 200-year-old secret society founded by George Washington and charged with protecting the Presidency. Now the current occupant of the White House needs the Culper Ring's help. The alarming discovery of the buried arm has the President's team in a rightful panic. Who buried the arm? How did they get past White House security? And most important: What's the message hidden in the arm's closed fist? Indeed, the puzzle inside has a clear intended recipient, and it isn't the President. It's Beecher, himself.

Beecher's investigation will take him back to one of our country's greatest secrets and point him toward the long, carefully hidden truth about the most shocking history of all: family history.

Pop Goes the Weasel by M. J. Arlidge:
A man’s body is found in an empty house. A gruesome memento of his murder is sent to his wife and children.

He is the first victim, and Detective Helen Grace knows he will not be the last. But why would a happily married man be this far from home in the dead of night? The media call it Jack the Ripper in reverse: a serial killer preying on family men who lead hidden double lives.

Helen can sense the fury behind the murders. But what she cannot possibly predict is how volatile this killer is—or what is waiting for her at the end of the chase....

The Strange Worlds case is also a lot of fun. I've gotten much more into the sci-fi/fantasy genres because of this case and am always interested to see what new tales will be included each month. The August box had Superposition by David Walton and Twelve Kings in Sharakhai by Bradley P. Beaulieu.

Superposition by David Walton:
Jacob Kelley's family is turned upside down when an old friend turns up, waving a gun and babbling about an alien quantum intelligence. The mystery deepens when the friend is found dead in an underground bunker…apparently murdered the night he appeared at Jacob's house. Jacob is arrested for the murder and put on trial.

As the details of the crime slowly come to light, the weave of reality becomes ever more tangled, twisted by a miraculous new technology and a quantum creature unconstrained by the normal limits of space and matter. With the help of his daughter, Alessandra, Jacob must find the true murderer before the creature destroys his family and everything he loves.

Twelve Kings in Sharakhai by Bradley P. Beauileu:
Sharakhai, the great city of the desert, center of commerce and culture, has been ruled from time immemorial by twelve kings -- cruel, ruthless, powerful, and immortal. With their army of Silver Spears, their elite company of Blade Maidens and their holy defenders, the terrifying asirim, the Kings uphold their positions as undisputed, invincible lords of the desert. There is no hope of freedom for any under their rule.

Or so it seems, until Çeda, a brave young woman from the west end slums, defies the Kings' laws by going outside on the holy night of Beht Zha'ir. What she learns that night sets her on a path that winds through both the terrible truths of the Kings' mysterious history and the hidden riddles of her own heritage. Together, these secrets could finally break the iron grip of the Kings' power...if the nigh-omnipotent Kings don't find her first. 

Bottom Line: The August Thrill Seekers and Strange Worlds cases had another great assortment of books! I'm especially interested in getting started on Pop Goes the Weasel and Superposition. I love how affordable this box is; they really do have something for everyone!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

July Sports Crate Spoilers - Box #3 "Round Tripper"

Thanks to MetsHotCorner on YouTube for this unboxing video!

It looks like Cardinals and Mets fans have been receiving their boxes. I haven't gotten my Cubs Crate or a shipping notification email yet.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Book Review: The Tunnels by Greg Mitchell

My favorite subject in school was history and I love a good historical nonfiction book. The Tunnels by Greg Mitchell is an excellent read about events that took place in Berlin during the Cold War.

*Disclaimer: This book was sent via Blogging For Books in exchange for an honest review.

I have to admit that the Cold War is not a conflict I know much about. Of course, I know the basics and the things you learn about it in school, but I never delved deeper into it beyond that. The Tunnels was a great read because I learned about something I didn't know of previously, and any book that teaches you something while still being entertaining and interesting is my favorite type to read.

The Tunnels begins in the summer of 1962, the year after the Berlin Wall was constructed. A group of West Germans risked prison (or worse) by digging tunnels under the wall to help liberate friends, family, and strangers from East Berlin. It also talks about two documentaries funded by NBC and CBS about these daring escapes, and how President John F. Kennedy wanted to silence them so as to not spark any kind of confrontation with the Soviets.

What I loved most about this book is that even though it's nonfiction it read like a fiction story. By that I don't mean it seemed fake, but just that author Greg Mitchell did an amazing job of weaving the facts into a captivating narrative. I felt invested in the stories of the people who were involved with these tunnels and enjoyed learning about them, their motives, and their lives under Communist rule in East Berlin.

The book also had maps of Berlin and the tunnels at the beginning, as well as a section in the center with black and white photographs of the people involved. It was a fascinating read and really comprehensive.
  • Learn more about The Tunnels and purchase a copy here
  • Learn more about Greg Mitchell at his author page
Bottom Line: The Tunnels is an excellent book for history buffs and newbies alike. I think it was an accessible read and it really pulled me in from the get-go. If you're looking for a great story of real-life events, definitely pick this book up!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

August PostBox by Postmark'd Studio Review and Coupon

The PostBox by Postmark'd Studio is a new stationery subscription and I'm totally charmed by their boxes! August's box is Farmers Market themed and has so many cute items.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

PostBox costs $25 per month with $5.95 shipping for four handcrafted artisinal cards, one postcard, stamps, and an "artsy doodad," which may be a pen, pencil, or other knickknack. Each box is curated around a theme.

There are discounts for longer subscription lengths (these prices include the $5.95 shipping):
  • Three months at $85.35 prepay
  • Six months at $163.20 prepay
  • 12 months at $240 prepay
There is also a reward for 12 month subscribers, you'll receive free shipping and a free 13th box. The 13th box ships upon payment of the 12 month subscription.

The July box shipped in a cardboard mailer, but this month's box was packaged in an actual box. The packaging is beautiful and simple, as you can see from the photos above.

All of the items are neatly packaged with string, which adds to the handmade charm of the box. The Farmer's Market theme is apparent right away!

Postmark'd Studio took the "farm to table" concept and adapted it to "letters to mailboxes" for this box! I think it's such a cute idea and the cards and postcards are equally adorable. I love how bright and colorful everything is.

  • Everyday I'm Brusselin' by Meeschmosh - Artist Michelle LaRocca is a graphic designer based in Long Island, NY whose inspiration comes from random thoughts and everyday life. I love the wordplay on this card!
  • I'm All Ears by Farmwood Press - Farmwood Press is located in Atlanta, GA and is run by husband and wife duo Chris and Katie Torres. Their presses are an extension of them and their family and even have names! The whimsical corn design on this card is too cute.
  • A Bushel & A Peck and A Hug Around the Neck by 1canoe2 - Fellow musical theater fans will recognize the Guys and Dolls reference here. 1canoe2 is located in Fulton, MO and is n illustration and letterpress studio that roots their work in life's natural beauty and a pursuit of curiosity.
  • You Are One in a Melon by Alexis Mattox Designs - Husband and wife team Paul and Alexis from Springfield, UT created their company after meeting their first day in college. Their works showcase their passion for design, laser cutting, and paper.
  • Tomato and Carrot Seed Packet Postcards by Found Image Press - Found Image Press from San Diego, CA carries over 35,000 images derived from vintage postcards, photographs, and illustrations dating from 1890 to 1945. The seed packets pictured in these postcards are from the Card Seed Co. from Fredonia, NY and were originally printed in my hometown of Rochester, NY by Genesee Valley Litho Co! I love the hometown connection here.
Bottom Line: I'm again impressed by the high quality, beautiful cards and postcards in the PostBox from Postmark'd Studio! Everything matches perfectly with the theme, which is a great one for August. I especially love the Found Image Press postcards.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Maple Holistics Tea Tree Oil Shampoo Review

I have a naturally oily scalp which means I have to wash my hair every day. So many people are quick to say, no! You shouldn't wash your hair every day! But I know my hair, thanks, and I do have to! Luckily there are gentle and effective shampoos like the Maple Holistics Tea Tree Oil Shampoo to keep my hair clean and healthy!

*Disclaimer: This product was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

I've reviewed the Maple Holistics Witch Hazel Toner before (read that review here) so I was already familiar with this great brand. They craft all-natural, cruelty-free skincare and hair care that's made in the U.S.A.

I wanted to try their Tea Tree Oil Shampoo because tea tree oil is amazing for dandruff and oily scalp, of which I have both. This shampoo improves hair and scalp health while promoting hair growth and even slowing hair loss! It's suitable for men and women of all ages and is also free from GMOs, parabens, and gluten.

Here's a look at the ingredients list. Along with the tea tree oil, this also has jojoba, argan, lavender, and rosemary oils. The lavender and rosemary give the shampoo a soothing scent that I really enjoyed. I like to shower at night so a nice lavender lather to help relax me before bed is a nice little treat!

I used a dime-sized amount on my short hair and it lathered quickly against my scalp. After rinsing my hair felt clean and nourished but not overly-dry. My scalp felt clean as well. I'm definitely going to work this into my hair care routine and use it as my weekly clarifying shampoo.
Bottom Line: I love the Maple Holistics Tea Tree Oil Shampoo. It smells lovely and lathers well and left my hair and scalp feeling clean and soothed. I'm looking forward to using this more and seeing how it works to balance my oily scalp.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

August Degustabox Review and Coupon

Degustabox is a pantry/snack box that's always packed with great full-sized foods. The August box has a fun assortment of summer snacks!

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

Degustabox is $19.99 per month with free shipping for at least 10 full-sized items. The foods range from snacks like chips and cookies to other cooking items like sauces and spices.

I'm always excited to open up my Degustabox because I love food! I love what a great deal it is, especially since many of the items are ones that I'd pick up on my regular grocery trips. August's box had 11 items and one sample-sized gift.

  • Pasta Snacks Meatball Parm Pasta Bow-Ties ($3.99) - I love these chips! I've had them before and they're so flavorful. The bow ties are light and puffy with lots of seasoning.
  • Goya Tostones Chips ($1.29) - These are crunchy like potato chips but made from tostones, or fried plantains. I haven't had these yet but I do enjoy plantains so I'm sure these will taste great.
  • Pasta Chips Rosemary Pasta Chips ($3.99) - These are made with real semolina flour and seasoned with fragrant rosemary. They're also non-GMO.
  • Sharwoods Indian Cooking Sauce in Creamy Coconut ($3.99) - This classic sauce has coconut with cream, tomatoes, and a hint of cardamom. I think I'll use this witch chicken.
  • Hummustir ($3.99) - This is an organic, preservative-free hummus that's uniquely packaged so that it stays fresh without refrigeration. Once you open it and stir it up, though, if you don't finish it it will need to be refrigerated.
    • Use coupon code FRESH020 on Amazon for 20% off Hummustir
  • Dole Gel in Peaches in Strawberry Gel ($2.79) - This has Dole peaches in a refreshing fruit gel. It's made with non-GMO ingredients.
  • Perky Jerky in Tasty Teriyaki ($2.99) - This is a turkey jerky that's high in protein, gluten-free, and 90 calories per serving. I've never had turkey jerky before so this will be interesting.
  • Welch's Fruit Rolls in Berry ($2.99) - These are a new product from Welch's made with real fruit. They're available in Berry, White Grape Strawberry, and Tropical Punch. The Berry ones are really good!
  • Sunspire Sun Drops ($7.69) - These candy-coated chocolates have no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. They taste great and are a nice alternative to more processed candies.
  • NuttZo (gift) - This is an organic hazelnut butter made with non-GMO ingredients. It's gluten-free and high in Omega-3 ALAs and protein. It's also vegan, non-dairy, and soy free. The flavor is Chocolate Peanut Pro.
  • Goya GOlden Maria Sandwich Cookies ($.89) - These cookies have a chocolate cream filling and are nice and light!
  • Nature's Bakery Fig Bar ($.67) - I got the Blueberry flavor. I've had these fig bars before and they're pretty good. They're non-GMO verified, vegan, and kosher-certified as well as free from dairy and soy.
Bottom Line: The August Degustabox had a good mix of sweet and savory snacks. I especially enjoyed the Sunspire and Welch's candies and the Pasta Chips!

  • Visit Degustabox to subscribe
    • Use this link and coupon code CJOFFER17 for 50% off your first box (valid through August 31, 2017)