Friday, October 29, 2021

Charlie Curls Heatless Curls Review

I heat style most days, even during the pandemic, because I like to at least blow dry my roots, but this unfortunately leads to a lot of heat exposure. The CharlieCurls kit lets me curl my hair without any heat tools, letting my hair take a break from heat styling.

*Disclaimer: This product was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

The CharlieCurls heatless hairstyling kit works with the structure of your hair to create bouncy, beautiful curls. The kit contains one CharlieCurl, a carrying bag, one hair mist sprayer, and one wooden comb. The CharlieCurl is available in teal, black, purple, and brown. My kit had the teal color.

All three elements of the kit can also be purchased individually, but getting them all together in the kit is a great value and the best deal, in my opinion.

The kit contains instructions on how to use the CharlieCurl: first you mist your hair with water using the misting bottle, comb through with the wooden comb, and then twist your hair into an updo with the CharlieCurl.

The misting bottle creates an even mist that is easy to apply throughout all of your hair. It's best to use the styler on dry second or third day hair (not freshly washed) and then mist with water. The wooden comb is made from 100 percent bamboo and reduces frizz because it doesn't conduct electricity.

The CharlieCurl can be worn several ways and the box includes instructions on how to do the Traditional Roll. They also have videos on their website for other types of rolls, including the Low Bun, Unicorn Roll, Princess Roll, and Double Roll.

You can also have a free consultation with the CharlieCurl team if none of these methods work for you. Every person's hair is different and they will work with you via video conference to find the best way to use CharlieCurl with your hair.

I have thick, layered hair that is a little bit past my shoulders. The Traditional Roll didn't work that well for me due to my multiple layers, but I found that the Low Bun was most effective. The Princess Roll is also recommended for layered hair, but you need two CharlieCurls for that and I only had one.

It took me a little while to get used to using the CharlieCurl. I'll admit I'm not the best at styling my hair (outside of using a flat iron) and I got a little frustrated while trying to use it at first. Since my hair is so thick, it didn't feel very secure at first and I had to keep playing with it to get it in the right position. Once I was able to find a hold that worked for me, though, I left it in for the recommended three hours. I did use it on freshly washed hair, but I still think the results came out nicely! I'll continue to try different methods and use it again when my hair isn't as newly washed.

Bottom Line: The CharlieCurl Kit is a fun way to get volume and curls without using heat products. It's effective for all types of hairstyles and textures and can be worn a variety of ways. I'm excited to learn more on how to use this to best fit my hair type.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

HANK Skincare: Botanical Ingredients for Men

The team at HANK Skincare creates healthy skincare products for men backed by plant-powered evolution. Their botanical ingredients and holistic approach means high quality products that work to enhance skin health.

*Disclaimer: These products were sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

HANK Skincare is cruelty-free and organic. Their mission is to expose more men to the beneficial effects of roots and flowers, instead of toxins, to better their skin.

I received the Shield Hair and Beard Balm, Primo Cleanser, and Bhang Face Treatment to review. My boyfriend helped me out with the review and I'll share both of our thoughts here. We're both Korean, and as you may or may not know, Koreans take our skincare seriously! I knew he would be interested in trying out this line.

The HANK Skincare packaging is simple but eye-catching. I would reach for this on the shelves and my boyfriend said he would, too.

The Primo Cleanser comes with a turnkey inside the top of the box to ensure you get all of the product out of the tube. This is a nice touch that I haven't seen in other skincare products before.

The cleanser has a mild pH ideal for maintaining the proper balance on the acid mantle, a thin layer on the skin composed of lipids (fats) and amino acids from sweat that keeps moisture in and bacteria and pollution out. The cleanser is gentle enough for every day use and won't harshly irritate skin but is still effective.

The texture is light and creamy and the cleanser doesn't foam up much when mixed with water. This isn't a bad thing, though. I liked how gentle it was and that it didn't leave my skin feeling dry after use. My boyfriend also enjoyed the feel and that it was unscented.

The Bhang Face Treatment is an oil/serum consistency that fights the effects of stress and fatigue on the skin, such as dry, pale skin and redness or inflammation. The natural plant compounds in the treatment protect against free radical exposure from the environment.

This treatment is great for use after cleansing and can be used as a moisturizer. A little goes a long way and it absorbs quickly into skin. I added a few drops to my palms and patted the treatment onto my skin. My boyfriend said that the treatment was nice but he prefers a cream moisturizer.

Here's a look at the texture of the Primo Cleanser (left) and Bhang Face Treatment (right).

The Shield Hair and Beard Treatment was created as a multipurpose treatment. It contains the antibacterial properties of Palo Santo and New Calendonia Sandalwood to keep hair in perfect balance. It's ideal for keeping hair smooth and hydrated with a light hold.

The Shield Hair and Beard Balm was my favorite product of the bunch. It has a wax-like texture but isn't heavy. A small amount (about dime-sized) warmed between the palms was enough for my boyfriend's short hair and it gave the perfect amount of hold. It made his hair look polished but still had movement. I didn't take any pictures of the final look because he's shy about having his photo posted online, but I promise that it looked great!

Here are the ingredients lists for the three products:

Shield Hair and Beard Balm

Primo Cleanser

Bhang Face Treatment

My boyfriend and I both enjoyed using the HANK Skincare products. Even though they're marketed towards men, I think people of any gender would enjoy them. I like that the products are gentle and effective and made with natural botanicals. I especially enjoy that they're unscented, making them great for anyone to use.

Bottom Line: The HANK Skincare products we tried were all high quality and felt great on our skin (and his hair!). I think they do a great job of creating products with natural ingredients that keep skin looking healthy.