Sunday, January 2, 2022

Winter 2021 Cat Kit by Pusheen Review

I wanted to try the Cat Kit by Pusheen Box  because I love Pusheen but couldn't commit to their regular box for humans, both due to price and because I wanted but didn't need all of the Pusheen knick knacks. I finally subscribed and got their Winter Box as my first shipment.

*Disclaimer: This box was purchased by See, Shop, Love!

The Cat Kit by Pusheen Box is from CultureFly and is an offshoot of the original Pusheen Box. It's a quarterly subscription that sends Pusheen-themed items for your cat.

The box was large with a cute holiday pattern to match the "Holiday Cheer" theme. The cardboard was durable and had sections that popped out, making it an extra item your cat could play with.

My cat, Tully, actually has never been too interested in boxes, so I bribed her to check this one out with some treats. As you can see in the photo above, there's a circular hole in the top and a square one in the side so the cat can enter and poke its head out.

The Cat Kit costs $29.99 per quarter, plus shipping, or $107.96 for a full year (four boxes), plus shipping. Subscriptions renew automatically and you can cancel any time.

The Winter "Holiday Cheer" box came with eight total items, nine if you count each individual plush toy. Not pictured above is the ceramic treats jar, but keep scrolling to see that. Here's everything else that was inside:
  • Fleece Blanket
  • Collar and Charm
  • Treat Jar
  • Cardboard Scratcher
  • Cookie Ribbon Toy
  • Gingerbread Plush Toys

Tully's favorite item was definitely the fleece blanket. She loves all of the cozy blankets I have, and this one is perfectly cat-sized. One side has a Pusheen print with gingerbread, presents, and trees and the other side is a soft white fleece.

The treat jar with scoop was the hero item of the box and unfortunately mine broke shortly after I started using it. The small handle that holds the scoop completely fell off as I was placing the scoop back in, which was disappointing. I fixed it with Gorilla Glue, but I was hoping for better quality overall from this box. I have heard complaints from Pusheen Box subscribers that the items weren't the best quality, and now I can see why.

The collar and charm are so cute but I knew they'd be useless, since Tully doesn't like collars. She's never worn one and I didn't bother trying to get her to wear this, but I'll gift it to one of my fellow cat lovers.

The gingerbread plush toys are so cute and squishy! They have a slight crinkle to them when you squeeze them, which cats love. Tully enjoys bunny-kicking these.

Here's a closer look at the collar and charm.

Bottom Line: Overall, I liked my first Cat Kit by Pusheen Box. Even though the jar broke, I still will stay subscribed for a few more boxes because I think the items are cute and my cat will use most of them. The box cost me a little over $30 after shipping, which I think is a fair price.