Saturday, August 15, 2020

August 2020 Gramma in a Box Review

Gramma in a Boxis a great way to have fun and share time and snacks with your loved ones! This box has been an especially nice treat for me during COVID self-isolation began.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

Gramma in a Box was created by Terry, who was inspired by wanting to share baked goods with her grandchildren after they moved away. The box contains cookie and candy crafts that you can easily make and share.

Here are their pricing options:

  • Monthly: $20 per month
  • Three Months: $60 every three months (automatic 10% off the monthly price)
  • Six Months: $120 every six months (automatic 10% off the monthly price)
  • 12 Months: $240 every 12 months (automatic 10% off the monthly price)

You can also try an individual box without subscribing to an auto-renewal for $22.

Shipping is free to the U.S. and taxes are included. If you want to cancel, do so by the 25th of the month. You can also try one box for $20 without a renewing subscription.

The August theme was "Under the Sea." The box always contains three crafts with enough supplies to make 15 to 20 individual treats. Everything you need is inside as far as the ingredients go, you'll just have to supply basics like a bowl and spoon for mixing.

The info card talks about the monthly theme and the opposite side lists all of the ingredients inside and any possible allergens.

The ingredients are all individually packaged. This month, unfortunately two of the frosting packets had a little tear in them so some got on some of the other ingredients, but since everything else was packaged nothing was ruined.

The first craft was Baby Shark Pops! So cute. To make them, I melted the chocolate discs in the microwave and dipped the sticks into the chocolate, put the stick into the marshmallow, and then rolled them in the graham cracker crumbs. There were enough marshmallows to make six pops, though some of mine got a little melted due to the heat during transit, so a few were smaller than the others. This didn't bother me, though. The last step was to add the Goldfish crackers on the sides.

The second craft was my favorite, the Clams with Pearls. The Gramma in a Box snacks are always so creative, and this one was extra cute! It involved using the rest of the melted chocolate to put in between two Nilla Wafer cookies, then add in the chocolate pearl and eyes on top. Some of the eyes got a little messy for me since I just used my finger to apply the chocolate, but the instructions suggested using a toothpick to make them cleaner (I didn't have any, so I improvised).

The third project is always cookies, and the August were Sea Life Cookies. There were eight cookies total, with three frosting colors and lots of different sprinkles. The cookies are pre-baked and plastic wrapped and I've never gotten them in any state other than completely fresh. It's recommended that you complete the crafts within a week of getting your box to make sure they stay fresh, though.

I liked the simple star, fish, and shell shapes because they were easier for me to frost and decorate. The cookies are a delicious butter/shortbread and are a big hit with my family.

Bottom Line: Gramma in a Box is a great value! Not only do you get to have fun creating the crafts, but being able to share them with the people you love is priceless.