Sunday, March 29, 2015

Introducing Bestowed@Work!

I have reviewed Bestowed's individual snack boxes many times and I've always been impressed by their curation (read my reviews here).  They always send a great variety of healthy snacks and foods, and now they're expanding to your office!

*Disclaimer: Post contains affiliate links.

Bestowed@Work will deliver nutritious, great-tasting snacks that are hand-picked by Bestowed's team of health and nutrition experts to offices throughout the United States.  Bestowed's founder, Heather Bauer, has this to say about the new program:
Bestowed@Work is a perfect example of a health program that can up productivity and company morale, while minimizing the time wasted by employees running out for their mid‐afternoon snack. Keeping a steady glycemic index is extremely important to keep people performing at their best throughout the day. The snacks we provide through Bestowed@Work are a healthy, tasty way to boost employee health and productivity at a minimum cost to employers.
I would love if my employer purchased something like this for us, and I think I'll take it to my HR department to see what they think!  You can learn more about Bestowed@Work by clicking here (not an affiliate link).


  1. Clever idea! I work at home now, but the only "snacks" my former employer had were coffee and creamer packets, lol.

    1. We get cake once a month for birthdays so that's pretty fun, but I'd prefer this!


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