Monday, March 23, 2015

March Birchbox Man Review

I bought a Birchbox Man box for my boyfriend a while ago, but we only got that one box because he wasn't really interested in continuing the subscription.  I signed up again this past month because they've been including some great items recently, based on other reviews I've seen, and I figured that even if it comes with something Pete won't use I'll either take it for myself or post it for swap.

Disclaimer: This box was purchased by See, Shop, Love! Post contains referral links.

March's theme was "Boldly Go."  I really like the photo on the info card; I wish the women's boxes came with pretty pictures, too.  Before I get more into the review, Birchbox Man costs $20 a month and is exactly what it sounds like: a Birchbox for men.  It functions the same way as the women's subscription; you fill out a user profile and get a box of skincare and men's grooming products sent to your door.

We didn't get to do sample choice this month because it was our first box, but that's okay.  I subscribed under my email address instead of creating a new account for Pete because that way I get the points for reviewing the products!  Plus I have Ace status, so we get to do sample choice early.

  • English Laundry Royal Aqua ($1.52 for .07 fl oz) - One of my all-time favorite perfumes is English Laundry No. 7 For Her, so I was very interested to see if I would like this as well.  I sprayed it on myself (I'm not against wearing men's colognes) but didn't care for it, but it smells great on Pete.  The info card describes it as a "fresh-air fragrance" and I think that's a pretty accurate description.  It has notes of watermint, basil, ginger, and sandalwood.
  • PRORASO Shave Cream ($.69 for .35 oz) - This is an Italian-made shave cream with eucalyptus and menthol.  I imagine this feels quite tingly when applied.
  • Billy Jealousy LiquidSand Exfoliating Facial Cleanser ($3.00 for 1 fl oz) - This is a Birchbox exclusive item.  I used it before Pete did and decided that I'm going to keep it for myself!  It barely has a scent and has gentle exfoliating particles in it.  I love it and I would totally buy a full-sized version.
  • BareBands Watch ($39.00) - Alright, so we didn't really care what the total retail value of the others samples added up to because this watch more than pays for the box!  The bands are kind of like an elastic hair tie (but rubber) and are form-fitting without being too tight or irritating.  It's perfect for working out, or just wearing around throughout the day if you so choose.
  • DTRT Samples - I'm not going to bother trying to figure out the retail value of these because they're just small foil packets.  They're technically a "bonus" item, made up of the Water Wise Lotion, Dear Matt Lotion, and Bright Idea Serum.  I'm probably going to end up using these myself, and I'm interested to see if the Dear Matt Lotion is any good because it's for oil-control.
Bottom Line: Even without sample choice this box was great!  Pete loves the watch and I think the grooming samples are also great (especially the Billy Jealousy cleanser).  I like that Birchbox man includes bigger items like the BareBands watch and I think that it's well worth the $20 price.  The total approximate retail value here adds up to $44.21.

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  1. The Barebands watch is super-cool! Definitely worth the price by itself.


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