Friday, March 13, 2015

TieCargo Review - New Tie Subscription!

Tie Cargo is a new luxury men's tie club.  Each month they send ties from brands like Polo, Giorgio Armani, Brooks Brothers, and more!

Note: Some readers have experienced serious issues with this subscription. Please see the comments at the end of this post! I want to ensure everyone has enough information before they decide to subscribe to a service they see on this blog.

*Disclaimer: This product was sent to See, Shop, Love! for review purposes.

Tie Cargo has four different membership levels, and you can start your subscription for only $1.99!  After that it's $10 per month, but I think that's a great price for brand-name ties.  Here's more information on the different price points:
  • Tie Starter - One tie each month for $1.99 for your first tie, then $10 each month after
  • Tie Three-Pack - Three ties each month for $9.99, then $25 each month after
  • Tie Starter - 12-month subscription for $99.95 per year
  • Tie Three-Pack - 12-months of three ties a month for $199.95 per year
Shipping is included in all of the charges.  They definitely ship to the U.S., and when I went to set up an account to see if there were any shipping restrictions there was a long drop-down menu of countries to choose from, so I would guess that means they ship almost anywhere.

The ties are randomly selected each month, and the tie I got was the Giorgio Armani Cravatte.  The website states that this will be shipping on March 15, so if you want to receive this tie you still have a short amount of time to do so!  Remember, your first tie only costs $1.99!

When I agreed to review Tie Cargo it was with Pete in mind, as he obviously has more occasions to wear a tie than I do.  He really loved this design and was happy to receive an Armani tie, since he normally doesn't buy from labels like that.  The design is perfect for work or special occasions and the craftsmanship is very nice.

The tie is a slate gray with small white dots, as you can see above.  I couldn't find it on the Armani website so I believe it is an older design, but that being said it's still brand new and Armani ties generally run around $275.

Bottom Line: I'm very impressed with Tie Cargo and so is Pete!  He really liked this tie and will definitely put it to good use.  I think this is a great, affordable subscription, especially since most men I know don't enjoy shopping--this way the ties are shipped straight to their door!


  1. Neat idea! My BF wears a tie to work 4 days out of the week, so he would probably like something like this.

  2. I paid the first monthly fee of $10 and was never sent a tie. My credit card was replaced and the next month I received an email from Tie Cargo asking me to update my card information. Why would I update my card information if I hadn't received a tie in the first place? I sent them a message stressing the issue, and only received an email back telling me to update my card information. I sent another email telling them to send my first month's tie or to refund my first payment. The didn't. I waited a week and sent another email... Nothing. So to recap... I sent 3 emails which were never returned, and they sent me 2 asking me for more money. Seems like their pretty concerned about getting paid and NOT about costumer satisfaction. Avoid Tie Cargo.

  3. The same thing happened to my boyfriend and I. We thought this sounded like a great service and a great price. We made our first payment on February 25th. No time came for weeks so we emailed them. Never received a reply and then on March 25th another $10 came out so we emailed them again and there is still no reply. We're unsubscribing. Next time I'm doing more research before subscribing to a service like this.


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