Tuesday, March 10, 2015

February Candy Adriatico Review

I was afraid that my February Candy Adriatico box had gotten lost in the mail, but it finally arrived, safe and sound!  There have been so many shipping delays just within the U.S., though, that I'm not surprised that this international shipment got delayed.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! for review purposes.

Candy Adriatico is a new subscription box that launched last month (read my January review here).  They have one-, three-, and nine-month options available at the following price points:
  • Sweet Starfish Plan: One month for $24.08 (€22,50), billed monthly
  • Sweet Dolphin Jump Plan: Three months for $23.54 (€22,00) a month, charge of $70.63 (€66,00) every three months
  • Sweet Shark Bite Plan: Nine months for $22.47 (€21,00) a month, charge of $202.26 (€189,00) every nine months. Includes free gift envelope with extra special treats!
They are also launching a "Try Out Candy Adriatico" option where you can order a surprise package of candy from previous boxes for only $15.52 (€14,50)!

February's theme was, appropriately, "Love Is All Around!"  All of the treats had red wrappers, which I thought was a really cute touch.  The candies included are from Italy, Slovenia, and Crotia, all countries that are part of the Adriatic region.  You can choose to receive treats from all three countries or you can customize your box to include items from only one or two of them.  This review is for a box with all three.

There were nine items total in the box, even though you can't see all of them in the photo above.  Each box also comes with a postcard signed by Nadi, the company's founder.  I love that she hand-writes a note on each postcard for every subscriber!

  • Jadro - These are wafer cookies with milk chocolate and are from Croatia.
  • Dorina Riza - This is also from Croatia, and is a chocolate bar with rice.  The info card says it may contain traces of gluten.

  • Loacker Choco & Milk Cereals - This is a crunchy milk chocolate cookie bar with wheatgerm crispies and a milky cream filling from Italy.
  • Mini Rolada - These bars are from Slovenia and they are so good!  They're the only thing I've sampled so far because I didn't want to eat everything in case I had to take more photos.  They're vanilla rolls with vanilla cream filling and a chocolate coating.  They also had some kind of nuts on them, too.  They reminded me of the American Ho-Hos snack, but better.
  • Truly Amore di Gelees - These gummy candies are from Italy and are made with natural dyes (extracts from paprika and black carrot anthocyanins).  I love gummies, so I'm excited to try these!
  • Zanzibar - This chocolate bar is from Croatia and is chocolate mixed with whole nuts.
  • Ki Ki Chewy Candy - These cute little guys are also from Croatia.  They're a gluten-free candy, and I'm assuming the flavor is strawberry, based on the packaging.
Bottom Line: I am not sure what the total retail value of this box is since the candies are not readily available in the U.S., but that's what I love about this box!  I think it is well worth the $24.08 charge to have access to international sweets and treats like these.  The care that Nadi puts into the packages each month is readily apparent, which is another thing that I truly enjoy about Candy Adriatico!

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