Saturday, February 21, 2015

Devera Naturals Snow Flower Creme Review

Devera Naturals creates wonderful products for naturally beautiful skin.  I have been using their Snow Flower Creme and love how soft it makes my skin feel!

*Disclaimer: This product was sent to See, Shop, Love! for review purposes.

The company was inspired by a meeting the founder, Linda, had with woman named Marilu.  Marilu and her grandchildren made their own natural skincare products based on recipes that were formulated by their Swiss ancestors.  They even infused botanicals from the family's garden into the recipes.  Marilu gave Linda some samples of their products and she was soon hooked on them!

The company is named after Linda's mother, Devera Rose, who passed away in 2004.  Shortly after, Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer.  In 2006, although she was still battling breast cancer, she and Marilu's family teamed up to bring Devera Naturals to the masses.  I'm so glad that she did!

I opted to try the Snow Flower Creme because I was intrigued by the name.  It contains edelweiss plant stem cells, which have been shown to decrease wrinkles by up to 15% in just 22 days.  The cream also contains goji berry extract, which helps to smooth, lift, and firm the skin.  You can view the rest of the ingredients in the photo above or at the product page.

I don't yet have to worry about wrinkles, but a little preventive care can't hurt!  Regardless of whether you are beginning to develop fine lines or not, this cream is suitable for anyone who is looking for a gentle moisturizer.  The texture is silky smooth, and the air pump dispenses just enough product to cover the face (two pumps are recommended if you want to apply it to your neck as well).  I can see this 1 fl oz bottle lasting me for a while.

Bottom Line: I am very impressed with this cream and am interested in trying more products from the Devera Naturals line!  I love that they use natural, botanical ingredients, and I also love the story behind how the company was founded.  If you're looking for an effective yet gentle moisturizer, I definitely recommend giving the Devera Naturals Snow Flower Creme a try!
What do you think of Devera Naturals?  Which of their products would you like to try?

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