Sunday, September 23, 2012

September Little Black Bag Review

After taking a break from Little Black Bag in August, I couldn't skip another month because I have an addiction.  I've accrued a few referral credits (thanks to everyone who bought a bag through my link!), so that's an added incentive to open a bag, too.  I really wanted to trade well this month, but I'm still getting the hang of it.  I now understand that you just have to keep trading up the first few days, and then you can use the high-value items you have to get the stuff you really want.  I ended up with five items this month, including the Benefit extra.

The item I opened with was this Melie Bianco Molly Braided Flap Over Bag.  I like to open with a purse that I really love, that way I know I'm at least getting something I want that I would pay $60 for.  I originally picked the black one to start with, but I traded between the black, taupe, and tan quite a bit before settling on the taupe.  I'm going to be that girl and say "It doesn't match the color on the website at all!"  But it really doesn't.  On the site it appears to be much lighter, and it's really a dark blue/gray.

See what I mean?  The leather also looks a lot softer in this picture.  This bag supposedly retails for $90, but I definitely would not pay $90 for it.  I knew it was faux leather, but it feels like really cheap leather.  If I saw this bag without knowing anything about it, I would guess that someone would spend $30 max for it at a store like Target.  I absolutely loved the last Melie bag I got, so I was a bit disappointed with this one.  I didn't dislike it enough to return it, though.  My only other complaint is that it's difficult to get things in and out of it when I'm out and about because the drawstring closure doesn't stretch well, even when it's loosened all of the way.  This bag is cute, but I still wouldn't truly recommend it to anyone.

The other three items I traded for were all jewelry, and the Benefit bonus I got was the "That Gal" primer.  They also included a Porefessional sample and "Spy Girl" comic book in everyone's order.

  • Carol Dauplaise Peacock Owl Ring - I love this ring!  I'm usually not the type to wear statement jewelry but when they introduced this to the gallery I really wanted it.  I love birds, and even though I know owls are a trend right now I've just always liked them.  It has a stretch band and it seems much nicer than it's $18 price tag.
  • Dream Mullick Silver Peacock Charm Necklace - I kept trying to trade up for this necklace but didn't have much luck in the beginning, but then on my second-to-last day of trading someone finally accepted my offer.  I was really happy because this necklace is totally my style.  It's retail value is $34.
  • All The Rage Wood Collar Necklace - I do not like this necklace in the least.  I accepted it while trying to trade up, but unfortunately I ran out of time and got stuck with it.  I think I might like it if it was more well-made (is that grammatically correct?), but it is really light and just feels cheap.  I highly doubt anyone would buy this for $28 if they saw it in stores.  It's also really scratched up, I have up-close photos further down in the post.  I am going to return this for an exchange credit.
  • That Gal Primer - I like primers and The Porefessional is one of my favorites, so I figured I'd give That Gal a try.  I don't really care for it; I think that The Porefessional is much better.  That Gal feels more like a lotion, whereas TP really gives that silky primer feel.  But including Benefit samples was definitely a fun extra and I hope that LBB includes cosmetics bonuses in the future!

Bottom Line: September's bag gets an 8/10.  I'm a little disappointed with the bag, but I will still definitely use it.  The Wood Collar necklace is a bust, but I knew I was going to return it before I even got it.  I love the other two jewelry items I got, so overall I'm happy (and can't wait to open my next bag!).

Check out more detailed photos of my items after the "read more."

*Disclaimer: I purchased this bag with my own money and was not asked to review it.  I was not compensated for this review in any way and the honest opinions are entirely my own.


  1. Wow! That purse is definitely not the same color as the picture. I signed up for LBB this month and I totally didn't understand the trading window of 7 days and pressed ship my bag... I like all of the stuff, but we will see how it turns out when I actually get the shipment here in a couple days! I'll have to try out the trading next month :)

    1. I hope you like your items! If there are some things you aren't happy with you can always exchange them. You do have to pay the shipping cost to send it back, but you can find some fairly inexpensive options through USPS. LBB will either give you a prorated refund or an exchange credit (they'll place an item of relatively the same value in your next bag). I recommend the exchange credits, but that's up to you.

      And for trading I recommend that you just keep trading "up" the items you have for the first 5 days, i.e. if you start with a $15 pair of earrings just keep trying to trade the value upwards, for an $18 bracelet, then trade that for a $25 necklace, etc. That way at the end of the 5 days you'll have items of really high value, and you can use your last 2 days of trading to get what you really want. Good luck!

    2. Thanks for the advice. I'll definitely keep that in mind for next month.


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