Friday, August 3, 2018

Dispatch: On the Run Review - Box 4

If you enjoy puzzles and immersing yourself in a good mystery, then the Dispatch box from Breakout Games is definitely for you! This serialized story sends interactive clues to help solve a case that you're at the center of.

*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

The Dispatch box covers a different story for each series. The On the Run series is the first story and the one you'll receive when you first subscribe. There are 10 boxes total. The story follows the disappearance of your best friend, and you're the main character investigating what happened to him. Each month you'll receive a box from a different location sent to you by your friend as he's on the run.

The box costs $24.99 per month with free shipping. When I input my address in New York, $2 applied for taxes, so they may apply for the state of California as well.

Each box features a different set of highly interactive clues. This box is Chapter 3 in the story, but I'm calling it Box 4 because the first box you receive is an introductory box. You can see a link to all of my reviews at the end of this post.

For this chapter, we're moving to Australia. Your missing friend, James, has sent another box of clues to help you piece together the story to prove his innocence. The reason he's on the run is because he's suspected in the murder of his fiancee, a famous heiress (as you learn in the first box).

The clues can sometimes feel intimidating to me -- they're so detailed that sometimes I don't know where to start! There isn't much instruction other than the info card that lists everything inside, but if you ever get stuck you can submit a query to the detective you learn about in the first box, or chat with other real life players on the Slack Chat forum or on Facebook (search "Breakout Dispatch Members" for that).

Here's a look at all of the clues. I didn't take close-up pictures of every individual item, as that would ruin the surprise when you get the box yourself. But as you can see, everything is really well made and intricately detailed. There are paper files like police and medical reports, as well as physical items like the UV flashlight and playing cards (inside of the white box).

It's a lot of fun to take the time to sift through everything. I honestly find that I have to take multiple sessions to go through everything, because I want to read every detail in the story. Having the chat forums and online help is also great whenever you get stuck!
Bottom Line: The On the Run story continues to be full of intrigue, and I'm excited to see where it takes us next! Box 4/Chapter 3 was again full of interesting and interactive clues.

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