Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Larson Farm Naturals Review

I was lucky enough to win the Holiday Soap Collection from Larson Farm Naturals from a giveaway at Kanelstrand Organic Living. This was the first blog giveaway I had ever won, and I was extra exciting because I love skin care products. Soaps, lotions, body scrubs--I'm all about it. What's even better about these soaps is that they're natural and hand-made!

My package came in the mail in a standard flat rate USPS box, and when I opened it up the soaps were wrapped up so nicely by Larson Farm owner Debbie. I was impressed by the care she put into the package, and really appreciated the handwritten note on top.

The Holiday Set contains four soaps: Snow Drops, Peppermint Stick, Sugar Plum, and Earthy Pine. I first entered the giveaway because not only do I love soaps, but fall- and winter-themed scents are my absolute favorites. I was most excited to try Earthy Pine and Peppermint Stick!

The soaps are a little bit larger than the average bar you'd buy at the store, and they're so much better than mass-produced soaps! First, they smell fantastic. Their scent is very delicate: just the perfect strength of aroma. Snow Drops is very clean with a hint of mint (I think), Peppermint Stick is deliciously peppermint-y, Sugar Plum is nice and sweet, and Earthy Pine smells like a fresh Evergreen tree. I love them all!

I used the Peppermint Stick bar today and I liked that it lathered up really well. Sometimes I've found that soaps don't mix well with my loofah sponge and I don't get enough bubbles. Not the case with these soaps. They are cold-processed by hand and made from all-natural goat milk, olive oil, and herbs, botanicals, and essential oils. You can really tell the difference with all-natural skin care products, I feel like they just work so much better.
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  • Connect with her on the Larson Farm Facebook page
Bottom Line: I'm so impressed with Larson Farm Naturals and I would highly recommend them to everyone! Give these a try, and I bet you'll never go back to mass-produced soaps. The care put into these is so evident, and for me, that's what really sets a product apart from the rest of the pack.  They are really affordable, too ($5 per bar).

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  1. I love to hear about great bath products, soaps, lotions, etc... These are very affordable and I bet they are wonderful. I will have to find out more about them, I've never seen any of them before.


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