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May Kara's Way Review

As you all know, I'm a sucker for subscription services.  I want to try them all!  When I found about Kara's Way, a brand new monthly service, I was intrigued because it's an eco-friendly subscription.  Each month, for $15 you can receive a box of 5-10 hand-picked natural beauty products.

I contacted Kara's Way to see if they would be interested in sending me a box to review, and much to my delight they were more than happy to send one my way.  I feel lucky to have been able to review this box, and I loved it so much that I'm seriously considering subscribing!  The only thing that's holding me back is whether or not I want to spend another $15 a month, but based on quality alone I would 100% recommend this service.

The first thing I noticed about the package is that it was taller than any other service I've subscribed to, which was a good sign because I figured, that probably means more products!  The box is a normal cardboard box, and upon opening there isn't a second box inside.  I like that because then I only have to worry about breaking down one box to recycle.  Oh and I loved how quickly it arrived--I got my box two days after receiving the shipping notification, and it ships from San Francisco (I'm in Rochester, NY).

I was pleasantly surprised to find a handwritten note sitting atop of the items!  It was a thank you from Maria, who I'm assuming is the founder of Kara's Way, for taking the time to review the box.  I thought that was such a sweet and personal touch (photo of the note to follow).

Another thing I noticed about the packaging is that they used a lot of tissue paper (the dark green section folded out to two large sheets).  That might be off-putting to some, but I don't mind because it's all easily recyclable.  I also loved the green, since it's my favorite color.  The tag in the photo above is printed on seed paper, so it can be planted and will sprout flowers.  I have a bunch of similar papers saved up, but I have yet to plant any of them.

And here are the items!  I was very pleased with the selection for the inaugural box.  I recognized some of the brands, specifically Keeki Pure & Simple, which is one of my favorites.  I was also excited to receive a nail polish, because as you may know I'm slightly obsessed with nail polishes.  If you count each individual item, the box contained 10 total.  I think that is a really good value for $15.  One tiny complaint I have is that there was no card included that described the items, but a day after receiving my box I got an email with descriptions so that voided my complaint.  Here is the list:

  • Naturelle D'Argan Argan Oil Elixir - I have heard so much about Argan oil but had yet to try it for myself.  I've been using this on my hair and it's been pretty effective at smoothing it out so far.  I really like this a lot (in the photo it's the glass bottle with blue tape on the top).
  • Native Touch - Three items were included in a reusable mesh bag, they're at the top of the photo.  I haven't used any of them yet, but I think I'll love them.  There is also a mini-pamphlet about the "green foot challenge," and I love pampering my feet with scrubs and salves.
    • Blue Corn Sugar Scrub
    • Rooting Bear Rub
    • 100% Natural Soap
  • Keeki Pure & Simple Organic Shimmer Stick - I have two Keeki lip balms, but hadn't tried their lip shimmers previous to receiving this one.  It was definitely on my list of items to try, though, so I was super excited to get one.  It's my favorite item from this box!  The color I received was "Sassy," a nude-like shimmer.
  • Beyond Coastal Daily Active Sunscreen - I needed a new sunscreen, so this one arrived just in time!  I haven't used it yet, but it seems promising.  It's SPF 15 and full of moisturizing ingredients.
  • Thayers Cucumber Witch Hazel - I had a bottle of witch hazel that I used a long time ago, but it's not a product I've really used much of.  I don't generally use toners, but I'm curious to try this.  It has a nice, light cucumber scent to it.
  • La Fresh - Two wipes were included, an Oil Free Face Cleanser and a Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover.  I used the cleanser this afternoon and I loved it.  It took off all of my makeup and smelled very fresh and light.  I haven't tried the nail polish remover one yet.
  • Honeybee Gardens Watercolors Nail Polish - This polish is water-based instead of solvent-based, so it can be removed with grain alcohol or rubbing alcohol.  The color I got was "Burlesque," a shimmery red/fuschia.  I tried it on my toes because I had a difficult time removing a similar formula in the past from my fingers.  I left it on for a day and it took some scrubbing to remove with rubbing alcohol, but eventually it all came off.

Bottom Line: I've tried many subscription services, but Kara's Way is truly special!  I'm so impressed by this first box that I definitely want to subscribe in the future.  I like that not only do they feature natural, eco-friendly products, but it's all beauty products.  It's perfect for people who want to try going green, but still want to receive fun makeup, skincare, and haircare!

Two more photos are behind the "read more"
Some of the items came wrapped up in more tissue paper
Maria's handwritten thank you note

*Disclaimer: I received a Kara's Way May box for free to facilitate my review. I was not monetarily compensated for this review and the honest opinions here are entirely my own.


  1. Thanks for reviewing this. I'm intrigued by the idea of receiving random beauty items, but was skeptical whether it would be worth the money. It looks like a fun surprise to receive in the mail each month.

    1. It is a ton of fun and I think it's definitely worth the price based on this box :)

  2. Ohhhhhh I will have to check this out, I love all sorts of eco-friendly products, especially beauty products. I wonder how easy it is to subscribe?
    I was subscribed to Cravebox but I can't figure out the new changes on how to update my payment method (I really don't know why this changed) so I missed out on it this month and a previous month due to changing credit card companies and I doubt if I fool around with them again.
    When I subscribe to something and it becomes a hassle (no matter how
    much I like the products), I'm stubborn and defiant about continuing with them lol.
    Thanks for sharing this company.

    1. I just checked and they're currently not taking new subscribers, but you can sign up for the waitlist. I think they're fairly simple to subscribe to, none of the hassle that Cravebox has created. I agree with you there -- I think Cravebox really screwed up. I feel like there were many other ways for them to assimilate their new members, and the difficulty is going to drive a lot of customers away.

      If you're eager to sign up for an eco-friendly service and you don't want to wait, I highly suggest Conscious Box:

  3. I was initially excited by Kara's Way after seeing this first box. But I signed up and I think they have charged me twice without shipping my first box. That makes me too nervous. Are they charging new customers so early because they are undercapitalized and need the money to keep the business going? Sadly, I just wrote to cancel. Even if the products are great, it isn't worth all the worry over the safety of my bank account.

  4. I don't thik they would charge you twice just to take your money, but the best thing was to email them. I know that Eco Emi faces similar confusion so this situation may be similar: for first time orders, you may get charged twice before your first box because you're paying for the next month's box. Eco Emi ships at the end of the month, so if you buy your first box June 1st you are paying for July's box, and you would be charged again July 1st for August's box before receiving your July box. I hope that makes sense, but then again that is for Eco Emi, I'm only speculating that this is why you were charged twice for Kara's Way.


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