Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July Birchbox Man Review

I purchased a Birchbox Man subscription for my boyfriend to try out, mostly because I was curious to see what was included.  We were both pretty impressed with the July box, so I'm glad we gave it a shot.

The packaging is basically the same as the women's box, except the men's is in blue and is a little bit taller (when lying like in the picture above).  I like how the men's box opens, too--the inner container pulls out like a drawer, instead of lifting up from the top like the women's box.  A minor detail, but I thought it was kinda cool.

My boyfriend, Pete, came to visit Tuesday night to stay for the July 4th holiday and the box arrived on the same day.  I wanted to be able to save it for him to open, but I'm impatient so I opened it when I got home from work.  I figured that since I paid for it I could open it before he got here!

A Birchbox Man subscription costs $20 a month, as opposed to $10 for the women's box.  It's a little bit pricey, but I think that's because they might not have as many subscribers to the men's subscription yet.  Here is what was included in the box, along with Pete's thoughts on the items:

  • CoSTUME National Scent Intense - Pete isn't a cologne user, but he still liked this sample because he's interested in trying something new.  The little vial had an atomizer, which I prefer because they're just so much easier to use.  Pete was indifferent to the scent, but I really liked it so overall this was a decent sample.
  • Quirky Cordies - This was Pete's favorite item in the box.  When I saw that it would be included in every July box, I knew that he would really like it.  It's pretty simple in the grand scheme of things, just a rubber gadget that you can slip your cords through to be organized.  He even said something along the lines of, "I know it may seem dumb, but I really like this!"
  • Quirky Wrapster - This is the only item in the box that he said he wouldn't use, so I kept it.  It's something you can wrap your earphones around, but I'm going to use it as a stand for my iPhone instead.
  • BENTA BERRY Super Moisturizing Face Cream for Men - Face cream is definitely not something that Pete would ever think to buy for himself, so I'm glad that this was in his box.  I tried using it myself, only to realize that it's scented for men.  It did smell great, though!  The texture of it is interesting, it's not entirely cream but not entirely serum either.
  • Supersmile Professional Whitening System - This was Pete's second-favorite item in the box.  I've used Supersmile products before and I liked them, and I know he's excited to see how this system works.  He was a bit surprised at how small the bottles were, but I told him that it'll probably last longer than it seems.
  • Jock Soap Bloody Orange Body Bar - Blood orange is one of my favorite scents, but I couldn't really smell anything when I sniffed this.  Pete didn't comment much on it, but it's something he'll use.

Bottom Line: Both of us were happy with the July Birchbox, but I did cancel my subscription after receiving this first box.  We only wanted to try out just one, but based on the items included I would recommend it to anyone who was interested in trying it.  I think it's perfect for guys like my boyfriend who want to try more personal care and grooming items, but just don't have any idea where to start.

I have some close-up photos of the items under the "read more."
BENTA BERRY moisturizer and CoSTUME National cologne

Jock Soap and Supersmile whitening system

Quirky Wrapster and Quirky Cordies

*Disclaimer: I purchased this Birchbox Man with my own money and was not asked to review it.  I was not monetarily compensated for this review and the honest opinions expressed are entirely my own.


  1. Birchbox does a man version???? I had no idea! What a great gift to give to someone!

    1. I was really excited when they started BB Man because I was so curious to see what they'd include in the boxes!

  2. Wow, I would have been happy if the ear bud holder and the cord keeper were in any of my boxes! Maybe I should order the August box, keep the electronics accessories for myself, and give my boyfriend everything else.

    1. Haha yeah, that was pretty much my plan for this one. I think it would be nice if Birchbox included some tech lifestyle extras in the women's boxes, since girls like stuff like that, too.


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