Monday, August 13, 2012

NYX Cosmetics "Lucky Kit" for $13.50 Today!

My intent for this blog was always for it to be a beauty blog, but I know I've strayed off that path in the past.  I'm still going to post all of my subscription service unboxings here, but I want to really focus on bringing you cruelty-free beauty options otherwise.

To start things off, you can get the NYX Cosmetics "Lucky Kit" for only $13.50 today as part of Lucky Magazine's "Deal of the Day" promotion.  NYX is a great and affordable cruelty-free brand who is certified by PETA.  The kit includes a 10-color eyeshadow palette, a  five-color lip gloss palette, and two brushes.  To get this deal, enter code luckydaily1 at checkout.  After 10:59 AM EST tomorrow, August 14th, this deal will be over and if you want the kit it'll cost you the full $27.  So grab yours for 50% off while you can by clicking here!  You can also subscribe to Lucky's daily email list to receive their daily deals in your inbox each day.

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