Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December Conscious Box Review

Last month was a little bit rough as far as shipping and some other things for Conscious Box, but they more than made up for it with the December box!  I know that some new members were discouraged by the difficulties they encountered in November, but if you're one of them and you're reading this I encourage you to give Conscious Box another chance.

But anyway, I was really happy with my classic box.  I was going to cancel last month, but I decided not to because I really do love this service and I wanted to stay on for one more month for two reasons: 1. December is my birthday month, and 2. I received my first box last December, so it would mean I'd have been with CB for a whole year.

This box had a lot more variety than the past few, which made me very happy.  Here's what was inside:

  • Truebar - A gluten-, GMO-, and dairy-free bar.  The flavor I received was "Coconut Cashew."  I don't love coconut or cashews, but I'll probably eat this as a breakfast on-the-go.
  • NuturMe Sweet Bananas - This is an organic baby food powder.  I don't have any kids but I know people who do, so I will pass this on to someone who can use it.
  • 7th Heaven Naturals White Thai Mud Mask - I love doing masks and this one was really nice!  I used it last night and it was perfect for my oily skin, though I'm not sure if it would be too tough on sensitive skin.  It had a nice, light scent and my skin felt tingly and refreshed after.

  • Eden Allure Argan Oil - This is the tiny little bottle to the right of the playful wash packet.  I haven't used it yet but I like using argan oil on my hair, so this was a good item to receive.
  • Avalon Organics Lip Balm in Soothing Vanilla Rosemary - I'm a lip balm lover and welcome any additions to my collection.  I probably have way more than any one person needs, but at least I know I'll never run out!  I haven't used lip balms from this company, but I have used other products of theirs and I enjoyed them.
  • Episencial Playful Wash - I love the packaging on this because it has Eric Carle's Very Hungry Caterpillar.  This is a pediatrician-recommended wash for babies with sensitive skin.  Again, no babies for me, but it doesn't mean I can't use this for myself!
  • Lemi Shine Original - This is a cleaner you add to your dishwasher to get out hard water stains on glass and such.  I'll use it eventually, but I'm not in a rush to try it.
  • eBoost - I really hate eBoost.  I just don't like the way they taste and I think they're kind of lame.

  • 18 Rabbits Gracious Granola - Yum, I love 18 Rabbits granola!  All of their products are delicious and I'm sure I'm going to love this one.
  • St. Claire's Organics Ginger Pastilles - I still haven't tried these yet, but I'm planning on eating one or two if I ever get a stomach ache because ginger is great for that.

  • Divine Milk Chocolate with Spiced Cookies - This bar was amazing!  I couldn't wait to eat it and it was as delicious as I hoped it would be.  On the inside of the wrapper there's information about the fair-trade farmers from Ghana that produce the chocolate, which was actually a really interesting read.  I'm definitely going to buy more Divine bars in the future.
  • Weleda Pomegranate Firming Eye Cream - I don't go through eye creams quickly (who really does, though?) because a little goes a long way, so I'm not going to open this just yet.  I haven't tried any Weleda products but I've heard good things.
  • Beanfields Crispylicious! Bean & Rice Chips - These were another yummy snack.  They were nice and crunchy and had a good pepper flavor.  I really enjoyed them and I'm going to look for them in the store next time I'm grocery shopping.

I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do for next month.  I really love Conscious Box, I can't say it enough, but part of me wants to cancel my subscription for a few months just because I've had it for so long, and I feel like I've seen everything that they have to offer.  It's all very good, but part of me wants to use the $20 a month to try other services, and then maybe come back to CB at a later time.  As of right now I'm undecided, so maybe there will be a January unboxing, maybe not!  If you'd like to view my video for this box, check it out below (and please subscribe!):

Bottom Line: After a few so-so boxes, Conscious Box was great for December.  I liked the variety of items and was overall happy to find that most of them were things I would use.

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  1. I've been subscribing to Conscious Box for almost a year myself and am on the fence about continuing. I hope they continue to showcase new brands and products, as there seem to be repeats in some of the boxes. I also am not a fan of the eBoost stuff! I see you have one review for Kara's Way ....any chance you are going to subscribe again or have you heard/read any good reviews?


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