Tuesday, April 16, 2013

RocksBox Review and Unboxing (Box #1)

I received a free six month membership to RocksBox from iFabbo (thanks iFabbo!) and I was super excited to get my first shipment.  I'm not great at accessorizing, so the ability to try unlimited pieces through a service like this was very intriguing.

RocksBox costs $19 a month, but it operates a bit differently than traditional subscription services.  With other subscriptions you pay the monthly fee in exchange for one box, but with RocksBox you can try as many jewelry pieces as you want!  They send you an initial box after your first payment that contains three pieces, and then you can either keep those for up to 60 days, purchase the pieces at a discounted member rate (20% off retail), or send them back for a new set.  I'm not so sure if I'll end up purchasing anything because a lot of the pieces are more expensive than what I prefer to spend on jewelry, but who knows.  The best part for me is that I can try lots of different styles during my six month membership.

I was anxious to see what my first box would contain, and even though I ended up wearing only one of the three pieces, it still was a really fun experience (and I can't wait to receive more boxes!).  The three pieces I received were:

  • Druzy Studs in Black by Margaret Elizabeth, $88
  • Bean Ring by Lucas Jack, $48
  • Cleo's Secret Necklace by Samantha Wills, $130

I loved the necklace, but the ring and earrings weren't my style.  For a more in-depth review of the items, check out my unboxing video below.

My main question after receiving my first box was whether or not RocksBox recycled their pieces from member to member.  In their FAQ I learned that yes, they do, but each piece is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before it's sent out to another person.  I also learned that the membership fees cover insurance on the items, so any minor wear and tear will not be counted against you.  If you severely damage or lose an item, though, you will be charged for it (completely understandable).

Bottom Line: I think RocksBox is so fun!  Even though my membership is free for the time being, I still would pay the $19 a month otherwise.  I love the idea of getting jewelry surprises, even if I don't get to keep them.  Use promo code FABB for 50% off of your first three months of RocksBox by clicking here.

See more up-close photos of my jewelry after the "read more."

*Disclaimer: I received a six month RocksBox membership for free through the iFabbo shop.  I was not monetarily compensated for this review and the honest opinions here are entirely my own.

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