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Les Cinq Amandes Review

Les Cinq Amandes creates special candy for sweet celebrations, and I was lucky enough to review some of their most delicious treats!

Les Cinq Amandes came to be in 2007, but the creators have been making candies for their friends and family since 1988.  The business is operated by three generations of women, and they aim to cultivate what they call "the art of the five senses" with their confections.  The shapes, colors, textures, and flavors of all of their creations join together for one unforgettable experience!

The English translation of "Les Cinq Amandes" is "The Five Almonds."  In the mid-17th century, European aristocrats celebrating weddings and other special occasions would offer their guests five confectionery almonds, which symbolized wishes for happiness, health, wealth, longevity, and fertility.  Today, Les Cinq Amandes is continuing that tradition with their innovative flavors and colorful dragées.

Originally I thought that I would be reviewing the dragées only, since Les Cinq Amandes requested that those reviewing send them a color palette preference for a custom baguette.  I chose Purple, French Blue, and Light Green because I've always liked how the colors looked together.  The dragées I received were entirely chocolate, which I prefer over the almond variety.  The chocolate tasted like dark chocolate to me, and the candy shells had a nice crunch.  I thought these were really great to snack on!

I was pleasantly surprised to find a variety of other treats in my package, including the caramels and other dragées pictured above.  The caramel candies are called a Cupidon, and they were definitely my favorite of the bunch!  The darker ones had more of a chocolate flavor, while the lighter ones had a wonderfully rich and milky caramel flavor.  Both were absolutely delicious.  The little green candies I can only assume are other varieties of dragées.  I think the bigger ones are the Almond Mondes, and the smaller ones may be the Petite Pistachios?  Les Cinq Amandes did include an informational brochure with my package, but I can't find it at the moment so it may have had the names of the items on it.

When I opened up this pretty little box I was so excited to find that it contained a Tiramisu Seduction mix, because tiramisu is one of my all-time favorite desserts!  The description on the website states that they smaller pieces are crunchy praline covered in dark chocolate, but some of the pieces were also more oblong, so I'm not sure if they had a different flavor or not.  It all kind of tasted the same (but delicious) to me.
  • Check out the Les Cinq Amandes website to view their full line of candies
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Bottom Line: Les Cinq Amandes offers exquisite chocolates and treats for any occasion and I highly recommend checking them out.  I was very pleased with all of the candies I sampled, and I love that there are so many options for customization available.

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Tiramisu Seduction packaging

Tiramisu Seduction candies


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    1. I loved that they let us choose our own colors, it definitely made the experience more fun!


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