Tuesday, March 11, 2014

February Nature Box Review

Since I just got my March Nature Box in the mail today, I figured it was about time for me to post my February review.  This was the second box in a row where I had a snack replaced because something was out of stock, which was a little disappointing, and the shipment was also delayed.  I contacted Nature Box because I was worried that it shipped and I still hadn't received it after a week, but they informed me of the delay and gave me a $5 credit toward my next box, so that was nice of them.

This is my third box (see past reviews here); I didn't write a review for January's box because the photos I took weren't great and by the time I realized it I had already eaten all of the snacks!  I tried Nature Box on a whim when they had a Black Friday sale, and after my first box I was hooked.  It costs $19.99 a month for five snacks, but they also have plans for 10 or 20 snacks.

First up is the Homestyle Cheddar Mix, which is my new absolute favorite snack ever!  This was so good, I can't even do it justice in this review.  I ate the whole bag up pretty quickly and I also didn't share it with anyone!  If you're a fan of salty snacks and cheese, this is definitely worth trying.  As you can see from the photo above, it contains cheese-flavored corn chips, corn nuts, and pretzels.  They were all nice and crunchy and the flavor was just absolutely amazing.  I'm absolutely going to order another bag of this in my next box.

I love seaweed crackers and dried seaweed, so I was curious to try the Seaweed Rice Pops.  They didn't disappoint--they have a great flavor that's almost sweet (probably from the soy sauce) that balances well with the seaweed flavor.  They were a bit dangerous, though, because their small size made it easy to just pop a bunch in my mouth at once and snack away!

I love cheese, and I actually had selected the Sourdough Cheddar Pretzels for my January box, but they were out of stock that month (much to my chagrin).  I was going to be really upset if they were missing again from my February box, but I obviously did not have to worry about that.  These were great!  The cheddar flavor wasn't as strong as with the Homestyle Cheddar Mix, but it was still really yummy.

I love guacamole, so the Guacamole Bites were another natural choice.  These were a little disappointing.  They tasted good, but the guacamole flavor wasn't as strong as I was hoping for.  They honestly just tasted like really salty corn chips.  They weren't bad, but I probably wouldn't order these again.

My last snack was a replacement item.  I had requested the Apple Orchards Granola, but it was out of stock so I got the Whole Wheat Apple Pie Figgy Bars instead.  I wasn't crazy about them, but they actually turned out to be a great little snack to take on-the-go (I threw them in my carry-on when I went on vacation a few weeks ago).  They tasted good, but it just wasn't quite what I wanted so I felt pretty indifferent about them.

Bottom Line: Nature Box is my favorite food subscription of the ones I've tried.  I think the portion sizes are great, and I love that I can select which snacks I want each month (there are a ton to choose from).  Overall, this box was a good one!

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