Monday, September 29, 2014

ToiletTree Professional Skin Care System Review

If you haven't yet heard of the benefits of using a facial brush as opposed to manual cleansing, then you've been missing out!  Brushes are much less work to use, and they cleanse so much better--they remove a lot more makeup and other dirt from your skin than washing just with your hands.  But some brushes are also quite pricey...luckily, there are great, affordable options like the ToiletTree Professional Skin Care System out there, too!

The Water-Resistant Professional Skin Care Face and Body Brush System is a great value at only $35.  Not only does it come with two facial brush heads (soft and medium bristles), it also comes with a body brush and a pumice stone!  You're essentially getting four different brushes for the price, which already gives it a leg-up over a lot of more expensive brush systems.  It is battery-operated and comes with 4 AA batteries and is available in six colors: pink, purple, green, blue, gray, and black.

The skin care system works to reduce the appearance of problem areas such as dead skin, oily skin, dry patches, fine lines, blemishes, enlarged pores, and blackheads.  Its gentle exfoliation stimulates skin renewal and improves overall clarity, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth.  It also cleans deeply to remove stubborn makeup.

I do own a different type of facial brush, so I was glad I had something to compare this one to.  Coincidentally, my other brush is the same color as this one (I was sent the purple one to review)!  What I really like about this system is that it comes with a pumice stone.  I get really dry skin on my ankles and it's quite unsightly--the pumice stone head makes it easy to exfoliate my feet and ankles.

I opted to try the soft brush head first since my skin is oily but sensitive.  I can't even put into words how incredibly soft this brush is!  It's also very effective, but using it felt like a gentle massage.  The entire brush head rotates at one speed, and you hold it flush to the skin and cleanse in circular motions.  You can apply your cleanser either to your skin first or to the brush.  Using this brush really felt like a treat; prior to discovering facial brushes, I hated washing my face because it seemed like a chore.  Not that scrubbing manually really exerts that much energy, but using a brush feels like a mini-spa experience and makes it all the more enjoyable.

I also really enjoyed using the body brush in the shower.  It's basically just a bigger version of the facial brush, with the same soft bristles.  It was a little awkward to maneuver at first, but after getting used to how the brush felt while it was rotating I was able to use it easily.  The body brush also felt like getting a massage, and I loved it!  It lathered up well with my body wash, and I loved how it felt on my arms especially.

Last but not least, the pumice stone is an effective exfoliator for trouble areas like the elbows, knees, and feet.  I know most people use pumice stones to remove dead skin on their feet, but I like to use it on the dry patches on my elbows as well.  Even though it's a stone, using this didn't feel too rough on my skin.  Only a few seconds of work on my ankles banished the stubborn dry skin, and it also felt great on my feet.

The brush also comes with a water-resistant strap for hanging after use.  I like this because the brush heads are able to dry more effectively, which keeps the bristles in prime condition.

Bottom Line: The ToiletTree Professional Skin Care System is an incredible value.  With the holidays approaching, I think it would make a great gift for anyone in your life who is looking for affordable luxury (or, treat yourself to one!).  Having used both more expensive brushes and this brush, I can confidently say that this one works just as well as the pricier brands, and it comes with many more brush options!

*Disclaimer: ToiletTree sent me this brush for review purposes.


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