Sunday, November 30, 2014

November PetBox Review

I have a cat named Sami and I've been wanting to try a pet subscription box for a while, but a lot of them are a little bit too pricey for me.  Not to say that they aren't worth the price, they're just more than I want to spend right now.  PetBox is a really affordable option, and when they offered a three month subscription for less than $9 I quickly signed up!

PetBox has a box for all types of budgets, and I decided to subscribe to the "Snack" box, which is the least-expensive option.  Here's a breakdown of all of the options:
  • Snack - $9.95 a month, includes one bag of snacks plus toys
  • Deluxe - $19.95 a month, includes 2-3 items
  • Premium - $39.95 a month, includes 4-6 items
  • Multiple Pet - $59.95 a month, includes 7-12 items
All boxes can be customized with dog and/or cat items, or you can opt to receive surprise collections.  I didn't realize boxes could be customized at first, so this is a "surprise" box.

I'm guessing that the Snack box is supposed to come with just one bag of treats based on the info at their website, but Sami's box had two small toys as well.  She's pictured above playing with a catnip toy, which she sniffed out right away and quickly became obsessed with!
  • Wellness Kittles in Salmon & Cranberries Recipe - These treats were perfect for Thanksgiving!  I don't think cats really care about cranberries or the holidays, but it was fun to receive them around this time anyway.  Sami is not picky when it comes to any food, so she really liked these treats.
  • Catnip Toy - As I said, this was her favorite thing in the box.  It's just a simple red-and-white striped cloth filled with catnip, but if you've ever had a cat you probably know that they often like the simplest toys.
  • Cat Dancer Interactive Cat Toy - This is another simple toy that was a hit with Sami.  It's made up of a few wooden pieces attached to a wire, and you can make it twist and jump around so that your cat can chase it.  My parents' cat loves to play with old guitar strings because of they way they wiggle around, and this reminded me a lot of that.

I was really happy with my first PetBox, especially because I only paid something like $8.98 for the entire three months.  I'm not entirely sure that the retail value of this would have added up to more than $9.95 (the full price of the box), but I think it would have been close.  The best part about boxes like these is getting surprise toys and treats for my cat, so I'm not so bothered if the items don't add up to a huge retail value.

Bottom Line: Although the sale I took advantage of is over, I still think PetBox is a good deal for any pet owner.  I like that they have options for dogs and cats (and that you can do both in one box if you have both types of pets), and that they have boxes available at a variety of price points.

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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