Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Visible Science Argan Oil Review and Giveaway

I've used quite a few argan oils before, but I've never used one quite like the one made by Visible Science.  Theirs is a unique blend of argan oil and other potent ingredients that help nourish and protect your hair and skin!

*Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes.

The Visible Science Organic Argan Oil with Resveratrol is cruelty-free and made with fair-trade, certified organic argan oil.  They purchase their argan oil from local cooperatives in Morocco and part of their proceeds go back into those communities to fund schools, improved access to water, and modernizing agricultural production.  So not only can you be rest assured you're purchasing a quality product, you're also helping give back to the locals who helped create it!

Visible Science's argan oil is also free from sulfates and parabens.  Unlike other argan oils I've tried, this one is not just pure argan oil.  It also contains linseed oil, carrot seed oil, and resveratrol (among a few other ingredients).  It also has an added fragrance, so if you're sensitive to that in your skincare you may want to just stick to using this on your hair.  The resveratrol combination creates an effect that maximizes the antioxidant, protective, and restorative properties of the cold-pressed argan oil.  Resveratrol itself is a powerful antioxidant, and it helps to protect your hair and skin from free radicals.

When I first went to use this oil I assumed that the top would pop off and reveal an air pump dispenser, since that's what I usually see with products like these.  I was wrong!  The cap is attached to a wand applicator, and because I was unaware of this, I flung off the cap with way more force than was necessary and ended up spilling some of the oil everywhere.  I definitely wanted to make note of this so anyone who reads this review doesn't make the same mistake!

Initial mess aside, I like this oil a lot.  It's thinner than other argan oils I've tried, but it's incredibly silky and smooth.  It absorbs into my skin fairly quickly and leaves it feeling nice and nourished.  I especially like using this on my hair.  I applied it to my damp hair before bed and woke up with the softest hair ever!  The slight fragrance was also really nice on my hair (it very lightly smells of floral and vanilla to me).

UPDATE! I am glad to announce that the Visible Science Argan Oil does have a normal air pump applicator!  I must have twisted the entire cap too roughly when I first opened it, because I just went to use it again and flipped the cap off to reveal a totally manageable applicator (see photo below).  So ignore my other comments about the applicator!

Bottom Line: I think the Visible Science Organic Argan Oil with Resveratrol is an exceptional product!  I love that it's cruelty-free and made with fair-trade organic argan oil.  I also love how it makes my skin and hair feel!  If you're in the market for an argan oil that packs an extra punch, I recommend checking this one out!
Visible Science has kindly offered a bottle of their Organic Argan Oil with Resveratrol to one of my readers!  Enter using the Rafflecopter below.  The giveaway is open to U.S. residents aged 18+ and ends at 12 AM EST on Friday, February 20th.  See the Rafflecopter form for full terms and conditions.

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