Monday, July 11, 2016

Kusshi Travel Makeup Bag Review

The Kusshi line of makeup bags is fun, stylish, and launches today on Kickstarter! They kindly sent me their BO and BOCO bags to share with you.

*Disclaimer: These products were sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

Kusshi was started by Jess Parker, who wanted to revolutionize the makeup bag. She got the idea while returning from a bike trip through the Rhine River in Germany, where packing for days of athletic activity and nights of nice dinners proved to be a challenge. After drawing up the plans, she paired with master tailor Sophie Alasti to create the prototypes!

The Kusshi makeup bag and brush organizer system solve plenty of common travel woes when it comes to makeup: no more bent brushes, ruined bags from leaks and explosions, accidental spills; and also a fashionable way to carry around your essentials and awkwardly-shaped items like eyelash curlers.

The first thing I noticed when I opened up my Kusshi package was how bright and beautiful the blue color was! The BOCO makeup bag comes in fully washable vinyl (which is what I received) and leather, which has a zip-out, fully-washable interior. What's really neat about this is that when fully unzipped it lies flat so you have easy access to all of your makeup. No more digging to the bottom to try to find everything! It's also super roomy and fits everything I need. It also has snaps on the side with the zippered pocket to attach your brush organizer!

The BO brush organizer is also available in vinyl and leather. It has enough space to fit your cell phone, credit cards, money, and, of course, your brushes! I like how sleek it looks and that it easily folds up to be more portable. The best part is that it snaps into the BOCO bag.

I filled the BO with the brushes I normally take with me when I travel, and as you can see, there was still plenty of room for more!

I'm really in love with the Kusshi makeup bag and brush organizer. I travel often enough and was always annoyed by many of the frustrations that also led Jess to create these bags: having to pack so many separate things, place them in Ziploc baggies, not being able to find anything, with these bags I can just throw it all in and go!

I tested these bags out during my morning trips to the gym. On Mondays and Fridays I go early before work, shower at the gym, then get ready there as well. I was taking a bunch of different small pouches to transport my makeup and haircare products, so the Kusshi bags came at a perfect time. Everything fits in really well, and there's plenty of room left over even after I pack all of my essentials. I snap the brush organizer into the bag, throw it in my gym bag, and I'm good to go!

Bottom Line: I think every girl on the go would love the Kusshi makeup bag and brush organizer! I'm looking forward to taking my next trip with them, and in the meantime I'm loving how convenient they are on my morning gym days.

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