Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Post Pal Club Review

As a kid I always wanted to have a penpal. There's something about writing and receiving letters just for you that's so exciting as a child. Let's be honest, it's still really exciting as an adult, too! Post Pal Club is a great subscription for the young and the young at heart that provides fun, personalized postcards to send to your loved ones!

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Post Pal Club sends four personalized postcards each month that are pre-stamped (for U.S. postage) and ready to send to your friends and family. The designs are geared towards children to help encourage them to write, but I think the postcards are super cute and can be a lot of fun for adults, too!

Post Pal Club costs only $10.95 per month with free worldwide shipping. You can get bigger savings if you subscribe for the 6- or 12-month options, which are $9.95 per month ($59.70 total) for six and $8.95 per month ($107.40) for 12 months.

When I spoke with Olga, the founder of Post Pal Club, she offered me the option to submit a photo of myself for the cards. Unfortunately I don't take a lot of photos of myself, which I know is kind of abnormal in this selfie day and age, so Olga kindly offered to send me cards featuring her beautiful daughter, Eva. As you can see, the cards are highly detailed with wonderful illustrations!

I love how cute these cards are. I would have been so excited to receive a package like this when I was a kid, especially with my own face on it! I eagerly would have sent out the cards to my friends and family every month, and I'm sure my parents would have appreciated that they're pre-stamped.

The back of the cards have ample space for writing and feature your child's face and name.

My Post Pal Club packet also included a personalized bookmark and a special card about a girl named Zamora Moon. On the other side of the card is a picture of Zamora along with her story. She is diagnosed with a rare condition and Post Pal Club offers the option to send one of your cards to her. You can see from the photo above that they've included some tips about writing to Zamora, as well as the address to send the card to. In order to protect Zamora's family's privacy they don't provide her direct address, but they will forward on all of the cards they receive to her. I think this is such a wonderful addition to an already great subscription!

Bottom Line: I think Post Pal Club is a really fun and unique subscription! I've never come across anything like it when it comes to customization. I think kids would love to get cards with exciting illustrations featuring their face every month, I know I would have when I was younger. It's also very affordable and encourages kids to write, so I think this subscription is all-around great!

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