Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Stocking Stuffer Idea: 7th Heaven Masks!

December is here and I just finished all of my holiday shopping! If you're still looking for ideas, 7th Heaven has a great assortment of face masks that make excellent stocking stuffers.

*Disclaimer: These masks were sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

I received just some of the many 7th Heaven masks to try. They have a bunch of different masks for all skin types, and all of them are affordable, too. They're available on Amazon and at stores like WalMart, KMart, Claire's and Kroger and retail for around $2 each.

7th Heaven is a part of the Montagne Jeunesse family, which is a founding member of Cruelty Free International (formerly BUAV). They've been contributing to various wildlife and conservation efforts for over 25 years; learn more about them here!

So not only are these masks affordable and from a company that gives back, they work great! Don't let the price fool you, these masks are great quality.

My favorite is the Chocolate Mud Masque, which is great for combination and oily skin. It smells just like chocolate and has creamed cocoa butter, cocoa beans, moisturizing Shea butter, and crushed minerals to deeply clean skin. My skin felt soft and clean after using this and I kept getting whiffs of chocolate after I washed it off, which was a plus!

The Creamy Coconut mask is for dry and tired skin and has ground cocoa, coconuts, and shea nuts to deeply moisturize and keep skin clean and blemish-free.

The Hot Spring Sauna Masque is for normal and combination skin. It gently warms and exfoliates with pumpkin, volcanic minerals, and ginger. It self-heats to open pores and has clay to help gently draw out impurities. I love the gentle warmth it creates. This mask is also vegan.

The Passion Peel-Off is for all skin types and has passionflower, pomegranate, raspberries, Vitamin E, and antioxidants to help protect skin. Once dry, peel it off your skin to remove dead skin cells. I know there has been concern about peel off masks being too harsh on the skin, but this one was really gentle in my opinion.

7th Heaven also has a men's line, which includes the Spearmint Deep Pore Cleansing Peel Off Masque. It has dead sea salt, purified water, and spearmint oil and leaves a cooling, tingling sensation on the skin as it dries. I loved how invigorating it felt! Also, I want to note that when I first used this it pretty much dried clear, not bright blue like in the photo above, but I also didn't use enough of it so it dried pretty thin and was a little bit difficult to peel off (if that happens, don't worry -- it also easily rinses off with warm water). I'd advise applying this on thicker than you think you need to make it easier to peel off.
Bottom Line: Treat yourself or someone you love to some 7th Heaven masks for the holidays! They're super affordable and effective. It's a great way to indulge in a simple luxury during the hectic holiday season.

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