Friday, January 26, 2018

M-Y-O Cosmetic Clutch Review

Whenever I travel I always end up over packing when it comes to makeup and skincare. I have a ton of stuff, and a lot of it is in big, bulky packaging that's not great for travel. The M-Y-O Cosmetic Clutch solves those problems, as it's a stylish way to take your makeup on the go!

*Disclaimer: This product was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

The M-Y-O Cosmetic Clutch is an award-winning, fully-customizable makeup palette. It comes with three M-Y-O Beauty Pods for storing creams or liquid makeup and a magnetic base for any de-potted or individual eyeshadows, blushes, or other products you may need.

The M-Y-O Cosmetic Clutch won the 2017 Cosmoprof Trendsetter Award for its sleek and useful design. I was interested in trying one out because it seemed like a great way to simplify my on-the-go routine.

M-Y-O stands for Makeup Your Own because you can make up your own palette with ease. The compact design is great for slipping in your purse, or carrying on its own.

The Clutch comes in a sharp black color. I love black for clothes and accessories, so it's perfect for me! As you can see in the photo above, the Circlet is a silver on my Clutch. This helps keep it sealed and also allows you to accessories your Clutches. The Circlet is also available in turquoise, fuchsia, and black.

As you can see, the palette isn't much bigger than the current iPhone (which is the iPhone 8 as I type this). It has a snap closure and is the perfect size when closed. The only downside to it being so thin is that you obviously can't fit in something like a mascara tube or anything larger than a pot of eyeshadow, etc.

The clutch comes with the aforementioned Beauty Pods, which are also magnetic, and a two-ended brush. The pods are a great addition and can be used to store pretty much anything: skincare cream, lipstick, or any other cream/liquid product you need. They snap shut tightly and will keep your liquids secure.

I added a few products that I de-potted to show scale. I actually prefer to de-pot my eyeshadow palettes--if you're unfamiliar with the terminology, you pop out the little pots of each shade from the bigger palette. Most have a metal bottom so they attach to the magnetic base of this palette.

If you're not interested in de-potting your current palettes, lots of brands sell individual product pots. One of my favorites is ColourPop, and brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills and NYX also sell individual shades.
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Bottom Line: The M-Y-O Cosmetic Clutch is a stylish and easy way to make your own makeup palette! I think it's perfect for travel. I love that it's hard-shelled and snaps shut securely. I can feel confident that it will protect my products and allow me to take them with me with ease.


  1. Hi Danielle, it's Suzanne Carter, founder of MYO Cosmetic Cases, thank you for reviewing our MYO Cosmetic Clutch! We're super excited to have just launched! Our Clutches come in classic black, like you, our focus groups all voted for black. Our MYO Cosmetic Circlet (safety gasket) is offered in the four different colors - black, silver (which you received), turquoise and fuchsia. This cosmetic circlet works double-time to keep the clutch carefully sealed (saving your purse or bag in the unexpected event of makeup breaking) and comfortable to handle. If you purchase multiple cases, the colors assist to visually identify the use of each case. Thanks again Danielle! With gratitude, Suzanne

  2. Hi Danielle... thanks for updating your post, I'm so thrilled you love our MYO Cosmetic Clutch! You took fabulous photos of the packaging and case, I love them. Would it be ok to link your post to my website? ~ Suzanne : )


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