Tuesday, July 24, 2018

PrettyLitter Review

PrettyLitter delivers hassle-free cat litter each month that helps you keep track of your cat's health. I've heard a lot about the litter so I was very interested to try it out.

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PrettyLitter sends a one-month supply of litter to your door every month, and the price will depend on how many cats you have in your household:
  • One Cat: $21 per month for one four pound bag
  • Two Cats: $39 per month for two four pound bags
  • Three or More Cats: $68 per month for four bags (one bag free)
Shipping is free to the 48 contiguous for all of the subscription plans. PrettyLitter also comes with a 30 day guarantee, so if your cat does not like the litter or it otherwise is not working out for you, just contact PrettyLitter.

PrettyLitter changes colors when it detects certain abnormalities in your cat's urine, as pictured above. Anything other than a yellow to olive-green shade is considered abnormal, with a dark blue to dark green indicating high alkalinity, orange indicating abnormal acidity, and red indicating the presence of blood. The litter itself is white, as you can see in the photos, so it's really easy to notice any changes.

I have one cat, and one four pound bag is supposed to last a month. The informational card that came with the litter stated that the litter should fill two inches around the littler box, but since my cat has a large, deep box, I actually had to use about one and a half bags to fill it up to two inches in depth. If you run into a similar issue and one bag does not provide enough depth, contact PrettyLitter and they will take care of it for you.

Another important thing to note is that PrettyLitter is non-clumping. This was new to me, and I wondered why it wouldn't be clumping, since that type of litter is so much easier to clean. The PrettyLitter website states that clumping clay litter often contains bentonite, which expands upon contact with moisture, thus creating the clump when a cat urinates. After stepping out a litter box, cats will clean their paws and the leftover clay may expand within their digestive tract. So non-clumping PrettyLitter is safe and is made with naturally-occurring minerals and no added fragrance.

My cat took to the PrettyLitter right away, but if your cat doesn't like change, try mixing in 75 percent of the PrettyLitter with 25 percent of their previous litter on top to start. Obviously the feces will show up really well against the white crystals, so be sure to clean that every day! And since the urine does not clump, PrettyLitter instructs to stir the litter bottom-to-top and side-to-side to help the crystals eliminate moisture and trap odor.
Bottom Line: I think PrettyLitter is a great product and an easy way to monitor your cat's health, especially since cats are not always demonstrative when they are ill. Even though it doesn't clump, it's easy to refresh the litter by stirring it, and I didn't notice any strong odors coming from it. My cat took to it well and luckily her urine showed up as the healthy yellow color.

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