Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The BUB CLUB Solar Box Review - Quarter One

I love Lil BUB! If you're not familiar, she's an internet cat who became famous for her adorable appearance. Now, her and her dude have launched a subscription box that helps animals in need! As soon as I heard about The BUB CLUB, I knew I had to subscribe.

*Disclaimer: This box was purchased by See, Shop, Love!

The BUB CLUB box has four subscription levels at the following prices:
  • Lil Box: $23 every three months for an exclusive 8" x 8" photo, sticker, postcard, and either a pin, button, magnet, or other accessory
  • Earth Box: $39 every three months for stationery, stickers, and accessories and a $5 credit to the BUB store
  • Solar Box: $59 every three months for all items from the Lil Box, some from the Earth box, and 2-3 exclusive themed gifts such as scarves, hats, shirts, or more and a $10 credit to the BUB store
  • Galactic Box: $115 every three months for some of the merch from the three previous tiers, a signed BUB photo, and a limited edition handmade item such as a necklace, tea cup, or more and a $15 credit to the BUB store
Shipping is free to the continental U.S. With each box, you'll also help donate money for special needs pets as follows:
  • Lil Box: Raises $1.50 per box for special needs pets and donates five bowls of food to homeless pets every quarter
  • Earth Box: Raises $5 every box for special needs pets and donates five bowls of food
  • Solar Box: Raises $10 for special needs pets and donates five bowls of food
  • Galactic Box: Raises $15 for special needs pets and donates 10 bowls of food

All of the items in The BUB CLUB boxes are exclusive! BUB's merch has always been top notch, and it's fun to know you'll be getting items that are only available in the box. One caveat: Since this is the first box, there are some extras available in the shop since they weren't sure what demand would be, but all boxes going forward should be exclusive to subscribers.

This is a review for the Solar Box. I signed up during the presale so my price is $55 every quarter, and anyone else who signed up for any tier during presale are locked into their lower rates for the length of their subscription. New subscribers will pay the prices listed above.

The first box had a space theme and the Solar Box contained seven items, plus a coupon for a free can of Halo cat food.

There was a full page sheet with information about Lil BUB, the box, and all of the items and creators inside. The first quarter of The BUB CLUB has already raised $4,567 for pets in need and donated 2,453 bowls of Halo Pet Food! I love that this box not only gives me adorable BUB items but also helps animals in need. Here's everything that was inside:
  • 8" x 8" Photo Print: This print is by Artsy Couture and features BUB in all her glory. She looks so cozy and adorable!
  • HALO Pet Food Coupon: I'm pretty sure that my local pet store will carry this brand so I'll definitely take advantage of the free can.
  • BUBumper Sticker: This sticker is by Sticker Robot and features BUB's characteristic "YES!" exclamation.
  • Space BUB Button: The button is made by Busy Beaver Button Co. and is nice and big. I think I'm going to add it to my backpack along with the next item.
  • Space Box Enamel Pin: This pin is made by Pinsource and features BUB flying through space in her little box rocket. So cute!
  • Space BUB Sticky Notes: These are made by PrintPPS and have a BUB in a space mask with "Hello, It's Me, Bub" written on top.
  • Sparkly Fridge Magnets: These magnets are made by Busy Beaver Button Co. as well and are really sturdy. I already have them hanging on my fridge (see below photo for all of the designs)!
  • Super BUB Crew Socks: These socks are made by Sock it to Me and feature superhero BUB!

I'm so happy with the first BUB CLUB Solar Box! I think it's a great deal, especially since it is quarterly and not monthly (might get expensive for me at that price point monthly), and considering that part of the purchase goes towards raising money for special needs animals and donating food!
Bottom Line: The BUB CLUB is a must-have box for BUB fans new and old! I think any cat lover in your life will be immediately charmed by the items regardless of whether they've heard of BUB or not.

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