Friday, March 6, 2020

drift(wood) Subscription Review and Coupon

drift sends quality air fresheners for your car each month in complex, beautiful scents. I tried out their drift(wood) subscription and was instantly hooked!

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drift has two types of air fresheners: drift(wood) and rove. drift(wood) is made in the USA from sustainably-sourced, naturally hand-cut wood. It's soaked in essential and fragrance oils for passive scent diffusion. rove is a sleek, minimal air freshener for your dashboard. The reusable clip has universal vent compatibility and adjustable scent strength and air flow, and the scent lasts for 30 days.

drift(wood) costs $8 for your first package and for the refills thereafter. rove costs $15 for your first package and $5 for refills. Shipping is free for both options.

The drift branding and design definitely caught my eye. The drift(wood) visor clip in my first box was neatly packaged around the drift logo. The scented wood was in a plastic package below the clip.

The February scent was Iris, with notes of iris, cardamom, papyrus, violet, leather, and cedar. What I love most about the drift scents are that they're more complex than your standard air fresheners. I like to have some type of scent product in my car, but most are either too cloying or one-note. The drift scents smell amazing and are not overpowering, plus the drift(wood) design is beautiful.

The Iris scent is much warmer than I would have guessed by the name. I was expecting something very floral, but instead it's blended with rich, spicy notes of cardamom and cedar. I loved the overall scent profile.

Here's what the drift(wood) air freshener looks like in my car. I also received their "mill" scent, which has notes of balsam pine and juniper berry, two of my favorite scents. It smells just like winter to me and is so lovely.

The March scent is Irish Mint, with whiskey, mint, pear, honey, and vanilla notes. I love Irish whiskey, so I can't wait to receive this refill!
Bottom Line: drift has a beautiful, effective product at a great price. I can't recommend their drift(wood) car air freshener enough! Their scents are superbly made and give off the perfect amount of scent throw for a car.

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