Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Hammock Pack Review

After reviewing June's inaugural Hammock Pack, I was so charmed by the service that I decided to join to see what July would bring.  I can't say I love this box as much as I loved the first, but it certainly has its merits.

The premise of Hammock Pack is for $25 a month, they'll send you a box curated to take you away on a "doorstop getaway," so you can enjoy something special without having to leave your home.  I think it's a really great idea, and I felt that all of the items in July's box tied in very well to the theme.

July's getaway was "Garden Party."  I first noticed the gorgeous packaging and the special handwritten note. I can imagine this takes quite some time to put together, so it makes the whole experience feel even that more intimate.

I don't know how the items were able to stay so neatly packaged through shipping, but here's what they looked like when I pulled away the tissue paper (carefully, of course--it's so pretty that I'm going to save it for a future gift!).  My first thought was "oh, no cookies."  The Butter+Love cookies and This Charming Candy lollipops in last month's box were so yummy that I was hoping for another sweet treat, but not this time.

The Garden Party theme is really obvious when you take a look at the items.  While overall I'm not in loving them, I think Hammock Pack did an excellent job of putting together handcrafted wares that really fit the theme.

  • Simple Traditions Lilac Whipped Soap - I love the scent of lilac; here in Rochester we have a Lilac Festival every May and I just love the way they smell!  This soap smells very true-to-life and the texture reminds me of a body butter, so it's wonderfully luxurious.  When I saw that the company is from "Upstate New York" I was hoping they were Rochesterians, but they're located in Chatham (neither of which I consider to be "upstate," by the way; if we're being technical here, upstate is Plattsburgh, Rochester is Western, and Chatham is closer to downstate.  End rant!)
  • Seek First Rosette Necklace - While I can appreciate the care it took to craft this necklace, it is entirely not my style.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, if none of my friends or family members want it I might use it for a giveaway prize later.
  • Indie and Chic Mary Rose Bobby Pin - This is also a cute item, but not my style.  It's pretty basic, a bobby pin with a little rose on top.
  • Tea and Sensibility Chamomile & Lavender Tea - This is the only edible item in the box, and it's really interesting to me.  I've had loose teas before, but never ones that looked like this.  It smells lovely and I can't wait to try it!
  • Angelina Paloma Origami Lotus Lantern - This lantern is just so beautiful!  It's made entirely from paper from around the world and must have taken hours to complete.  There's a battery powered tealight lamp inside that flickers.
Tea and Sensibility Chamomile & Lavender tea

I actually ended up cancelling my Hammock Pack after this subscription, but not because I disliked the service.  I am limiting my monthly subscriptions, and while this one seems incredibly promising, I think it's for people who are more into crafty things than I am.

Bottom Line: If you like unique, artisan items then Hammock Pack would be a great subscription service for you.  I love their themes so far and I think they do a great job of finding items to truly take you on a doorstop getaway!

*Disclaimer: I purchased this Hammock Pack with my own money and was not asked to review it. I was not compensated for this review and the honest opinions are entirely my own.


  1. Great review! I really like the idea behind Hammock Pack. I can see though how it's sort of a niche box. But it'd be a great present for those hard to gift crafty friends and family!

    1. I never considered it as a gift, but you're right, it's perfect for that crafty person in your life!

  2. Have you ever tried The Natural Beauty Box? I think that might be something you might love :) Great reviews.

    1. Thank you!

      The Natural Beauty Box is one I haven't tried, so thanks for letting me know about it. It's definitely one I would be interested in trying.


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