Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Graze Box Review

I haven't posted a Graze review in a while, but I've loved all of my boxes so far.  This one that I'm reviewing now is my fifth.  I have no excuse for not reviewing the others other than that I was lazy about it!

I subscribe to the nibblebox option and it costs me $5 per shipment.  You can choose to have them sent as often as every week, or once a month.  Right now I'm receiving monthly shipments.  Each box contains healthier options for snacking, and the nibblebox opens up a wider variety of foods (90 total) you could get.  The other option is the lightbox, which has 50 foods that are all between 50-150 calories.

My first snack was the Korai Chutney, which I was actually talking about with a friend that I had referred to Graze.  She said it was her favorite thus far, but I only just liked it.  It was definitely tasty, but I've had other snacks that I liked better.  It consisted of spiced tomato chutney and baked curry bites.  The chutney itself was spicy/sweet, but a little bit too sweet for my tastes.  The curry bites were much better than the chutney, in my opinion (they were nice and crunchy and had a good dose of flavor).

Next was the Honeycomb Crunch, made up of milk chocolate coated honeycomb, almonds, and raisins. I was interested in trying this mostly because of the chocolate element, and it turned out to be okay.  I'm not the biggest fan of almonds; I'll eat them but I prefer them to be coated with something.  This mixture had an equal ratio of all of the parts, so even though I wouldn't have eaten plain almonds on my own, it all tasted good when eaten together.

My favorite snack in this shipment was the Fruit and Seed Flapjack, a rustic rolled oat flapjack with mixed seeds and dried fruits.  I tried the Honeycomb Flapjack in my first box and I absolutely loved it.  This variety was much less sweet but still very delicious.  The flapjacks are basically soft granola bars, and they're lightly sweetened.  I liked the tartness of the fruit in this one.

My last snack was simply called Florentine.  It was a mixture of dark chocolate buttons, pumpkin seeds, and cranberries.  I think Graze wanted to send me as many chocolate snacks as they could before they became unavailable again (all three of these are only available in the fall), and I'm not complaining.  Much like the Honeycomb Crunch, I found this to be a great mixture when eaten all together.  It was hard for me not to just eat the dark chocolate buttons by themselves, but they definitely were even better when paired with the crunch of the seeds and the tart, chewy cranberries.

Bottom Line: I love food and these Graze snacks are delicious and I don't feel guilty eating them.  I like to take them with me to work for when I get hungry in between breakfast and lunch, since they're easily portable and have good nutrition (as opposed to a bag of chips, which might satisfy cravings but it won't help you feel satiated).  I highly recommend Graze, and I have four invite codes available for anyone who is interested!  You'll get your first box for free, too.

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.


  1. wow, that looks tasty! I would love to try the almond box and the one with pumpkin seeds/cranberries, they look so nice :)

    1. Every snack I've gotten has been really delicious. If you'd like an invite code, send me a message via Facebook: facebook.com/seeshoplove :)


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