Saturday, October 12, 2013

September Pretty Box Mini Review

Pretty Box is a subscription service that I've always wanted to try but never have because it was a little bit more expensive than what I'm used to paying for boxes.  The full-sized box is $50 a month, but their new Mini Box is only $15!  When they announced that this box was going to make it's debut I signed up right away.

Pretty Box Mini contains 4 to 6 sample-sized, handmade items.  I found that the assortment in their debut box was nicely varied and well worth the $15.  What I liked most about this box was that I could sign up for only one shipment, which I did, so that I wouldn't have to worry about going back in and cancelling if I decided that it wasn't for me.  I think that option is attractive to a lot of people, especially with a box that's on the newer side.  Here is what was inside:

  • Goldleaf Soap by Amelia Bath and Body - I love handmade soaps.  This one has a light scent and is made in the cold-process fashion.
  • Finishing Veil Mineral Powder from Willow Tree - I haven't tried this because I haven't had good luck with powders like this in the past.  My skin is tan/yellow, and even the most "translucent" of powders usually just looks terrible on me.
  • Chalkboard Stickers from Sprinkled Joy - I think these are so cute and a great idea!  I'm going to save them and use them to label jars to hold toiletries when I move into my own place.
  • Fashion Hair Tie form Chou Chou Beauxtique - I wish these hair ties held my hair in place better, but I've found that my hair is just too thick for them (the hold isn't tight enough).  This is still cute and re-giftable, though.
  • Lotus Dead Sea Bath Salt - I also received these bath salts, but they weren't described on the information card that came with the box.  I don't take baths now, but I'll save these for possible future use.

Bottom Line: I think the Pretty Box Mini is a much more affordable Pretty Box option, and their debut box was certainly impressive.  I will probably buy more boxes in the future when the mood strikes, but for now I won't be subscribing on a monthly-delivery basis.  You can learn more about both Pretty Boxes by clicking here.

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

For more photos of my items, please click the "read more."

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